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  1. Re: Left hand exercise keeping one finger stationary

    You could also try Schradieck's School of Violin Technics. I haven't even gotten past the first page and it's made my left-hand technique so much better!
  2. Re: Wohlfahrt: Studies for the Violin, Op. 45

    Glad to hear it, and thanks for the kind words! These Wohlfahrt etudes are certainly a lot of fun to play, and a great way to learn the fingerboard.
  3. Wohlfahrt: Studies for the Violin, Op. 45

    Hey classical mandolin fans! I've been practicing Wohlfahrt's violin etudes on mandolin for a while now, and I've just posted a video of a couple of these short pieces on YouTube. This is my first...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    My first YouTube upload! Playing Wohlfahrt violin etudes on my Eastman.

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    Re: Jazzy tunes with good melodies

    All of Me
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    Re: Just tuning. Will it make things better?

    I wanted to chime in here since I'm also a pianist, and I recently dove into the world of unequal temperaments. This video helped a lot in terms of understanding the subtle differences between...
  7. Re: Where can a classical/Italian player find a non-bowlback mand

    I'm also mainly a classical player. I got an Eastman MD504 last September, and it works great for that repertoire. It has plenty of sustain and oval hole gives it a nice, deep sound. Also, it's well...
  8. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    I've been playing mandolin for several years, but much more intensely in the last year (for obvious reasons). I come from a classical piano background, and I mostly play classical and Irish music on...
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    Re: First Mandolin Choices

    For under $600, I would look at the Eastman MD304 or MD305 (A-style oval hole and A-style F hole, respectively). If you're willing to stretch that to $750, I would take a look at Eastman's next step...
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    Re: Eastman 505 vs 505CC

    My understanding of binding is that it is more an indication of craftsmanship than serving a functional purpose. That's not to say it's purely cosmetic; I mean that it proves the builder is competent.
  11. Re: Mandolin sheet music in standard notation only: where is it?

    Totally agree w Louise on the instrument-agnostic approach of Baroque composition. I've been working on Telemann violin and flute fantasias, as well as the second movement of the Bach Italian...
  12. Re: Any modern(cheaper) mandolins with a Gibson model A 1924 soun

    For a less expensive option, I would definitely look to Eastman. My 504 is much louder/punchier than the Gibsons of that era, though.

    Others in this thread have mentioned the 404, which has...
  13. Bourgeois Guitars getting into the mandolin business?

    OK so this is kind of old news, but I just found out about it. Apparently, Bourgeois Guitars is planning on rolling out mandolins at some point in 2021. They've also been partnered with Eastman for...
  14. Re: Finding a teacher when you have very specific musical interes

    I pulled the trigger on this one and I've watched/played along with the first few videos. It's really great so far, and definitely worth the money.
  15. Finding a teacher when you have very specific musical interests

    Background: I bought my first mandolin about 8-9 years ago, learned my way around the fretboard on my own, then finally signed up for private lessons almost a year ago (early quarantine). My...
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    Re: Your Wegen Pick

    I've tried the M100, M150, M200, and Dipper in 1.2 mm. I like the asymmetrical design of the Dipper, because you have both a sharp point and a more rounded point on the same pick. I plan to order the...
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    Re: Pick Thickness

    Yeah, to add to Medley12's comments, I would say shape, edge, and material are all just as important as thickness. Try a bunch, and if you change what kind of strings you're using, try em all again!
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    Re: ? about Dunlop Primetone picks...

    I'll have to check out that Acrylux; I hardly ever stray from Dunlop.

    I had a similar reaction to the Americana. What a bizarre pick! It is quite thick, but then it tapers off substantially. The...
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    Re: Mandolin armrests - Yes, No, Type?

    I picked up one of the basic Cumberland armrests recently, having never used an armrest before. I play seated and use my forearm to steady the instrument. Going in, I thought the armrest would...
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    Re: The Joy of an OM

    I've been curious about octaves for a while now. I play mostly classical/baroque, and I would love to try out some cello transcriptions on an octave. (Why OM instead of mandocello, you didn't ask?...
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    Re: ? about Dunlop Primetone picks...

    I just tried the Wegen Dipper in 1.2 mm, and it's pretty great! I'll probably try it in 1.4 as well.

    I've also tried all three thicknesses of the Wegen "mandolin" picks (M100, M150, and M200), but...
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    Re: ? about Dunlop Primetone picks...

    No need to buy packs of three. I order individual picks through Strings by Mail.

    I've tried out a lot of different picks, and every time I try new strings, I go through all my picks again to get a...
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    Re: String comparison forthcoming...

    I'm almost finished with this first round of strings, and I decided to broaden the scope of my comparison. I took into consideration some of the recommendations made here (i.e. Curt Mangan...
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    Re: Classical mandolin album library list

    Not a mandolin album, but I think MCers will appreciate this one:


    I revisited it this morning, and I was just blown away. It's a really good time :)
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    Re: Telemann - Con Tenerezza from TWV 41:D3

    Do you have any recommended texts on realizing basso continuo parts? There are so many pieces written for melody + bc, and it would be fun to try those out as a mandolinist with a keyboardist,...
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