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  1. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    Haven't studied "music theory" since junior high, but have picked up enough through 50+ years of playing, to give me some insights that are useful to someone who's basically a by-ear musician. ...
  2. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I've played mandola for about 35 years now (holy cow -- that long?!). I own several: a Washburn bowl-back from the late 1890's that I use in historical programs (and as a phony "lute" at one Ren...
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    Re: John Cohen 1932-2019

    First saw John with NLCR at Eliot House, Harvard, 1962 or thereabouts; this was the old Tom Paley/Mike Seeger/John Cohen version, and some of that concert (who knew someone was taping it?) showed up...
  4. Re: The Guitars (and Mandolins) of Ken Burns' Country Music

    When the Monroe Brothers broke up, one of the sidemen Charlie Monroe hired was Curly Seckler on mandolin. Charlie insisted on calling Seckler "Smilin' Bill" which, according to Seckler's bio Foggy...
  5. Re: Rochester NY Mandolin Orchestra debuts Sept. 14

    Well, the debut performance at the North Winton Festival was quite successful!

    Here are some photos and live recordings.
  6. Re: Bucolo Mandolin. Where can I find info on the model

    Yeah, Ern, I'm well aware of the name similarity -- as well as another Allen Hopkins, apparently a broadcaster of soccer games. I'm pretty far down the pecking order of "Famous Allen Hopkinses."
  7. Re: National Tenor Tri-cone Resonator Guitar

    Brozman's book puts Ser.#305 as 1928, first year they were manufactured. Price is competitive, IMHO.
  8. Re: What's the origin/lyrics of this song: All Around the Mountai

    Somebody loaned me a CD by a Midwestern singer with All Around the Mountain -- a tune I first heard at Fox Hollow Folk Festival (Troy NY) in the early '70's, sung by a band called Sweet Corn -- and...
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    Re: Tenor ukulele for a CBOM player?

    Where's "around here?" Eight-string tenors are getting pretty common, as far as I can see; bunches of them on the internet. I have one, a '30's Regal, which I used to call a "taropatch," but I've...
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    Re: Regal Wendell Hall Guitar?

    Hah! Bob Carlin's book Regal Musical Instruments, 1895-1955, has a pic on p. 256 of Wendell Hall playing a very similar instrument, described as a "top-of-the-line Regal tiple," except that it...
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    Re: Cleaning up an old bowl back

    Couple things to consider: it's rare, but there were "canted top" mandolins where the bridge was placed "south" of the bend in the top (some Vega instruments were set up that way). Not unheard of,...
  12. Re: Bucolo Mandolin. Where can I find info on the model

    Well ––

    1. It definitely is a "bouzouki," if by that we mean a long-necked mandolin-like instrument, whether the original Greek bouzouki -- which had six strings, in three courses -- or the...
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    Re: Gibson A5-L unsold for 15 years

    A new inventory item that sits unsold for 15 or more years, is evidence (IMHO) of a pricing mistake.

    If the mandolin had been sold at the wholesale price to a customer, the day it was received,...
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    Gelas mandolin family at Bernunzio's

    OK, am I shilling for John Bernunzio, one of our local vintage dealers? Definitely not, although there's a super-graphic on one of his store windows, depicting me brandishing a Polk-A-Lay-Lee...
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    Re: Potential USA Recesssion?

    The "business cycle" will trend downward, sooner or later. People with advanced degrees and many publications, who spend their lives studying economics, disagree on "when" and "how much," but I...
  16. Re: Can anyone tell me anything about this banjolin?

    Hmm... Looks British, kinda/sorta; "W" could be "Windsor," British maker, though I've not seen a Windsor with an inlaid "W." The brackets holding the resonator are similarly formed to those on some...
  17. Rochester NY Mandolin Orchestra debuts Sept. 14

    Over the past year, Tom Napoli here in Rochester has turned a series of impromptu Saturday sessions at Bernunzio's Uptown Music, into an organized and rehearsed ensemble, with membership varying from...
  18. Re: looking to move, but I have no clue where ?.

    Rochester NY:

    Plus: Great medical facilities; U of R/Strong Hospital is one of the best in the country
    Easy access to a wide variety of mandolins etc. -- Bernunzio's,...
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    Re: Always surprised how people send stuff

    And if you have a local music dealer, ask him/her to save for you one of the shaped instrument boxes that factories/distributors use to ship to his/her store. You can re-use it, with proper packing,...
  20. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Maybe like this guy?
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    Re: comparing Eastman Mandola's

    When I bought my MDA 615 (since traded on my Stahl), I played an 815 and decided the 615 sounded better, though it wasn't as fancily appointed. As CES states, you need to get one of each and do a...
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    Re: what is the best selling mandolin.

    Tony, "best selling" usually means the highest number of sales. No data exists as to what mandolins Cafe members own. Rule of thumb is that less expensive instruments outsell higher-priced ones --...
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    Re: beside the mandolin.

    I try to play anything with strings that you don't play with a bow. So: mandolin family (piccolo mandolin through mando-bass), guitar (six and 12-string), 5-string and tenor banjos, resonator guitar...
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    Re: Disappointment

    It would say, "Who the hell put these crappy tuners and funky-a*s bridge on me? And where's my tailpiece cover? Hey, I'm a respectable mand'lin, jus' tryin' to get a couple G's an' a new owner, and...
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    Re: Uh oh THE Gibson may have a problem

    This recurring "issue" of "Ohio State University" vs. "the Ohio State University" has just puzzled me. I guess it has something to do with athletic designation...?

    Beyond that, who cares? ...
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