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    Ignatius Sancho Minuets

    I found out about Ignatius Sancho recently after watching the BBC documentary "Black Classical Music: The Forgotten History" and discovered that he had composed music for violin, mandolin, German...
  2. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    I agree with Woyvel, trying unfamiliar stuff works.
    I also sometimes dramatically reduce practice time. I'll do just 3 - 5 mins each day but with complete focus. This stops me getting frustrated and...
  3. Re: Favorite websites, books and YouTube channels

    Hi Jim, I've found Simon Mayor's books useful. They have a nice balance between technique exercises/advice and tunes. They come with stereo backing tracks which have the melody on one channel and the...
  4. Re: What did we play on Mandolins 100 years ago in the USA?

    The cadenza is another magazine from the early 20th century containing mandolin sheet music.

    The Cadenza
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    Re: Tremolo technique

    Thanks for the video - I found it very helpful. Looking forward to the next ones.
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