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    Re: '77 D.Wm Halsey F5

    I have a similar theory about the name Paul Smith guitars.......didn't sound too exciting until he added the "Reed" in the middle......;)

    Good looking mandolin, by the way...............!
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    Re: Electric Mandolin Buzzing

    It sounds like a ground wire. Same as on an electric guitar. The easiest way to test is with the instrument plugged into an amp and then use a wire with an "alligator" clip at each end (these were...
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    Re: Odd headstock repair

    I always start simple and see if that works. I would wait a week, then string it up as it sits and see if it holds. It may be fine.

    Otherwise, you have a nightmare instrument as far as a...
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    Re: Once in a Lifetime Mandolin Find

    That is a wonderful conclusion to a long journey, George. I'm glad you got it and that it is everything you hoped for!

    On a similar note, I have a friend I played music with who wanted a vintage...
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    Re: To Cafe Members on the US West Coast

    Every year we have a version of this discussion, it seems. Just like the yearly flooding of the Mississippi river in certain areas and regular hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico and...
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    Re: recommend me an acoustic bass

    My mind went back to being a kid a seeing an early 60's Popular Mechanics magazine article picture of an NBA player (forget which one, the point being he was 6'10" or so in height) and he drove the...
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    Re: recommend me an acoustic bass

    How do you get to $200? Washtub is $24 or less at the big box stores, a used broomstick (free), and some kind of line (free or almost free)....looks like $35 should make one on the high...
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    Re: Well set up beater mandolin??

    Our puppy (6 years ago, now a good dog) chewed everything in sight -- chair legs, books, screwdriver handles, shoes, remotes, well, the list is too long -- she would also bite anything approaching...
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    Re: recommend me an acoustic bass

    You mention it is just for noodling.............

    There is a pretty steep learning curve if you haven't played an upright bass before, IMHO. Even as an experienced guitarist, the upright bass is a...
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    Re: Calton Cases - in pictures

    Many years ago at a party I met a young doctor who was a police scientist working with blood spatter analysis. Trying to make conversation, I mistakenly, I kept calling it "blood splatter analysis"...
  11. Re: Need Help!!! Dating a Vintage Fender "Mandocaster"

    Nice payment for a days work! :grin:
  12. Re: May Bell mandolin on Pottstown PA craigslist

    Great site, Mike! I know Slingerland is considered one of the very first companies to make an electric guitar with a Spanish style neck, 1930's, I believe.

    I had a small 30's May-Bell flat top...
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    Re: Gibson String Height

    I hear "as low as you can go without buzzing" from most people....................:redface:
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    Re: Cortez Mandolin F-Style

    Just for fun I did a Google search for "Kasuga mandolin" and got quite a few results including some old threads from Mandolin Cafe, as well as images!
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    Re: Cortez Mandolin F-Style

    I have an early 70's made in Japan Cortez Les Paul Goldtop electric guitar. It is good, but not great quality, IMHO. My guitar was said to come from the Matsumoku factory, according to online...
  16. Re: Help Finding Chris Thile Tab: Leading Off

    As a kid in the 60's I ordered a Jimi Hendrix songbook in hopes of learning his technique with all the flair, panache, and zeitgeist.....

    unfortunately, it only showed me where the notes...
  17. Re: Banner headstock Gibson J-45 at Goodwill, bidders go nuts

    Notice how it suddenly looks smaller now that is doesn't say J-45...............................:whistling:
  18. Re: Banner headstock Gibson J-45 at Goodwill, bidders go nuts

    Guys, help me out! What am I missing? I just don't see $3600 worth of fun here. As an academic exercise, sure, it is an interesting guitar. As a bargain, it is certainly NOT!

    TOP CRACKS. Hard...
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    Re: Yet another...Mystery Mandolin

    I would say that is a safe bet. And, you have to give Carter credit for having the "nerve" to make a case for such an asking price. Or maybe it was the consignor's idea to ask such a price. ...
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    Re: Cafe versus Craigslist

    I've observed that, also. I think it is a generational thing that younger people do. I define younger as those under 60. It does seem they prefer a more impersonal means of communication. My...
  21. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations

    Festival Express, 1970 doc about a train crossing Canada with musicians, includes Grateful Dead, Janis, the Band, and many more. Excellent!
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    Re: Stolen Mandolin

    Imagine the nerve of some people! :disbelief:
  23. Re: Banner headstock Gibson J-45 at Goodwill, bidders go nuts

    I agree, "riveted" is just the word the internet seems to have adopted for describing wartime Gibson tuners. I think "pressed in" might be a more accurate term -- all this was supposedly to save a...
  24. Re: Banner headstock Gibson J-45 at Goodwill, bidders go nuts

    John Thomas - the shopgoodwill Banner Gibson appears to be spruce with a traditional Gibson sunburst and single binding -- very different from your guitar. Would you say the shopgoodwill guitar is...
  25. Re: Banner headstock Gibson J-45 at Goodwill, bidders go nuts

    Interesting, but.............REGARDLESS -- mahogany top, x-braced, maple, etc. -- does any of that make it worth almost $5 grand? That sounds like top retail to me for a small-bodied Gibson --...
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