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  1. Re: Classical mandolin album library list

    Duo Zigiotti-Merlante -- Calace: Complete Works for Mandolin & Guitar -- Tactus
  2. Re: I'll See You In My Dreams - Django transcribed for mandolin

    man, what you do is magic, almost witchcraft ... it is as if I were listening to django playing the mandolin ... thank you, a delicious pleasure to hear you! :mandosmiley:
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    Spanish Site

    I am sure that many in this forum will take advantage of this site. All are arrangements for stringed instruments ... I invite you to explore it.:mandosmiley:
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    Re: Learning to read music for Mandolin

    you can use these as a guide:

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    Domra Sheet Music

    Sheet music for domra, classical and folk music. Useful for mandolin too... :mandosmiley:
  6. Re: Score for Slavator leonardi: Souvenir de Sicile?

    ¿Can I ask you for a copy for me too?:mandosmiley:
  7. Re: Score for Slavator leonardi: Souvenir de Sicile?

    Margora: the score you have comes with the guitar or piano accompaniment? I have the one that is part of the advanced course of classic mandolin of artistworks, only for mandolin. My brother plays...
  8. Re: “Free” vrs “metered” tremelo

    I also thank all the participants and their interesting comments ... being the mandolin cafe a forum on mandolin, it is obvious that the issue of tremolo has been dealt with countless times. I...
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    Re: Repertoire suggestions?

    You can watch the Italian 'ballo liscio' thread, with lots of music for guitar and mandolin, and most importantly, beautiful music!
  10. Re: Cherokee Shuffle feat. The pickin' critters

    Some musicians make hundreds of videos with dull and boring music ... with a few videos and this one in particular, you show so much talent and especially musical joy! Thanks! :mandosmiley:
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    Re: Hector the Hero

    excellent music and excellent mandolin playing Crisscross...Martin Jonas, excellent video as always...:)
  12. Re: Forty progressive studies for the mandoline, Op. 50 - G Hucke

    My intention is not to demerit your work, but there is already a free pdf file of these Forty progressive studies by Hucke in Mandotopia, the site of John Goodin, for quite some time...
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    Re: French ABC tunebook

    I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but in this site there is quite a lot of Asturian, Galician music, etc.:
  14. Re: Right Hand Practice Workbook - Mando Mike

    If your first post since 2017 is to talk about the wonders of a book, it must be extraordinary ...:mandosmiley:
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    Re: Bickford Mandolin Method

    It is understandable that people who have found and bought copies of these hard-to-find methods now want to make some money with them, but how much money can they make with them? Here in coffee the...
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    Re: Bickford Mandolin Method

    The pdf that Jim Garber posted about copyright is quite clear on the matter, especially if someone wants to read and understand the legal gibberish...

    At the moment I would like to mention what I...
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    Re: Bickford Mandolin Method

    Yes, the 4 books of the Bickford Method are sold on that site, but (as August Watters wrote) since they are in the public domain, if anyone has them why not put them on IMSL or

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    Re: Bickford Mandolin Method

    2019 and still the 4 Bickford books are not available to download for free, neither those of Pettine, nor those of Ranieri, etc ... I hope someone finally put them on, IMSLP! :)
  19. Re: Astor Piazzolla, Verano Porteno - Summer - Jacob Reuven Mando

    ¡Bravo, Maestro!
  20. Re: Margola Sonatina for mandolin and guitar

    I have this file, Sonatina per Violino e Chitarra, Franco Margola 1981. If it's the one you're looking for, I can upload it for you!
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    Re: Mandolin Software

    This link works (The Tomky Tool):
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    Re: Don't go Gregory

    I do not know if this can help, but our Martin Jonas played a version that, according to my ears, is the same melody that Michael Reichenbach plays (Martin Jonas as usual, makes a good introduction...
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    Re: How do you speed up the left hand?

    I'm working with The Complete Mandolinist, by Marilynn Mair. It has a section devoted to the technique of the left hand: a lot of exercises with fingerings, etc...then a section dedicated to the...
  24. Re: What would you like to be published?

    For people who do not live in the USA or Europe, buying books is quite complicated and expensive ... so the ebook format is a good alternative ...:mandosmiley:
  25. Re: What would you like to be published?

    I would vote for number one too ... I'm finishing the first level of classical mandolin in Artistworks, so having Calace (with exercises) as a one-year project would be ideal ...:mandosmiley:
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