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  1. Re: Jams and "traditional" bluegrass in Austin, Texas

    Thanks for these comments, OlDanTucker, Joseph5234, and John Van Zandt. We'll definitely check out Butterfly Bar, and the barn dance also sounds good. Being from the Northeast, I've had some contra...
  2. Re: Jams and "traditional" bluegrass in Austin, Texas

    Sweet. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to checking this out.
  3. Re: Jams and "traditional" bluegrass in Austin, Texas

    Thanks for these great tips. I'll look into these folks. We visited Barton Springs during a June visit to look for housing. Awesome spot. Very... aromatic. My dog will love "Barking Springs" as well....
  4. Re: Jams and "traditional" bluegrass in Austin, Texas

    Bumping this thread because we are, in fact, moving to Austin. I just wanted to see if anyone else might pop up with more ideas. I checked out the jam at Oscar Blues brewing on a recent visit. Nice...
  5. Re: Jams and "traditional" bluegrass in Austin, Texas

    Thanks for this info. Pearl seems not too far away for a monthly deal.

    Yeah, this is kind of what I'm afraid of. What's rather incredible about the Boston scene is that there are a ton of pros...
  6. Re: Jams and "traditional" bluegrass in Austin, Texas

    Thanks. I've seen that page, and it has some good links. Curious about the inside scoop, though, if anyone would like to share.
  7. Jams and "traditional" bluegrass in Austin, Texas

    I'm looking to get some info on the bluegrass scene in and around Austin, Texas. By the scene, I don't mean just the places to take in a professional show, although I'm into that sort of thing, of...
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    Re: Picking in Rochester, New York?

    Thanks for these great suggestions, Allen. Is the Johnny's bluegrass night just a show, or is there picking, too?
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    Picking in Rochester, New York?

    I will be in Rochester for the month of September and possibly longer and am interested in learning about picks in the area. There are previous posts on this forum inquiring about Rochester, but it's...
  10. Re: Cultural Action, the Art of Tone and Sonic Brokerage: An Inqu

    He does, and very well. He knows a tremendous amount. I met through a mutual friend shortly after I began playing, and he spent two hours just showing me basics. I suggest you all check out his...
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    Re: Joe Walsh - Sweet Loam

    This whole album is wonderful. I love Joe's ear for space. His music breathes to an extent that mandolin playing, even really good mandolin playing, rarely does.

    As good as the whole package is,...
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    Re: Beyond Bluegrass Mandolin

    Thanks, John, for the additional info. Is it available in brick-and-mortar stores (maybe Music Emporium, 'round these parts)? Or will a preview be available on amazon? It would be helpful to flip...
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    Re: The Andy Statman Interview

    Huge fan of Andy. A wild man on the mandolin, who comes by it honestly. Steeped in every tradition, and a creator of his own.

    I played Flatbush Waltz for my parents' 30th anniversary. They were in...
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    Re: David Grisman will now take your questions

    What has always distinguished your music in my mind is your remarkable skill as both an improviser and a songwriter. I don't think anyone in improvised acoustic music is even close to your equal when...
  15. Re: Butch Baldassari and Van Manakas - Leavin' Tennessee

    Wonderful news. Butch's style is inspiring, and Scott Vestal is one of my favorite five-finger players. I don't know Van Manakas's playing, but Butch would not cut a CD with just anyone; and, of...
  16. Re: What song is this? (Tyler Abdah at Old Time Fiddler's Champ.)

    Thanks Jeremy. Looks like whoever uploaded the video to youtube got his name wrong.
  17. What song is this? (Tyler Abdah at Old Time Fiddler's Champ.)

    I chanced upon this video today, and I was so impressed, I immediately had to transcribe the tune. I have no idea who Tyler Abdah, the musician, is, and google isn't helping out. This video and...
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    Re: Adam Steffey's New CD is Very Good

    Let me get this straight. Posting a mild criticism of a work of art is suddenly some kind of sin, so unsavory that it demands a public shaming on the front page of the site? Is there a rule somewhere...
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    Re: A little tribute

    That is a great pic of Dawg and Frank Wakefield.
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    Re: Sarah Jarosz Grammy Nomination

    You can hear the full version with Mike Marshall's trio here. This is as much chamber music as country, but there's no "new acoustic" category at the Grammys, so country it is.

    I recently saw Mike...
  21. Re: Anybody Know Where I Could Get Some Info On Bluegrass Allianc

    There's a relevant chapter in The Bluegrass reader.

    rnjl: Please do share the BU issue number, if you get a chance.
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    Loar migration

    Last February I attended the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival outside Boston and had the good fortune to hear Dry Branch Fire Squad play a rousing set. Ron Thomason and Brian Aldridge also hosted a panel...
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    Re: Rock-n- Roll tunes Bluegrass style

    This could be The Dillards as well. They have a very fine version of it on Back Porch Bluegrass / Wheatstraw Suite (I forget which, but the discs usually come together).

    I don't like most of what...
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    Re: Talent vs. Work

    There was an excellent article on this subject in Scientific American a few years ago. At this point, if you're not a subscriber, you'll have to get it from your library, but there's also an...
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    Re: Idyllic Setting

    A few weeks back I woke up in a cabin on a lake in Maine after a day of hiking a small but grueling portion of the Appalachian Trail. I went out onto the dock, coffee in-hand, and picked the mando as...
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