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    Bach -- played on a WHAT?

    Does anybody besides me find this cover photo to be somewhat sad?

    Cheapo mandolin. Electric. Foam packing material under the bridge. I mean, really, where is the wa-wa lever?
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    Re: Article on Chief O誰eil

    While researching the origins of the tune Sgt. Early's Dream, I learned that Chief O'Neill hired quite a few members of the Chicago police force primarily because of their love of and ability to play...
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    Re: Article on Chief O誰eil

    The following is from

    FYI, in O'Neill's 1850 it is listed showing an attribution to "Cronin".
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    Re: Sight read tab?

    If I am reading from a TablEdit screen showing both tablature and the dots, I tend to read the tablature. But with short fiddle tunes, memorization is my preliminary goal and I think the tabs help me...
  5. Re: Long term planning for 1st mandolin and uke GDAE in the meant

    I don't know much about the uke-mandolin transition but I know that one of my wife's nephews (in his early teens) crossed over to our side of the fence about a year ago and the last report I had was...
  6. Re: Helpful hint for those with Ashton Bailey or similar tailpiec

    Neat! Now I'll have to dig around in my junk drawer to find those grommets that I no longer use. (I use a piece of leather lace).
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    Re: D'addario strings (Consistent breakage)

    I have an anecdote. Might even be called a data point. Whatever.

    Early on in my mandolin journey I frequently broke E strings. Usually when tuning. Sometimes at the tuning post; sometimes at the...
  8. Re: Two Hornpipes: Rights of Man and Off to California

    Nice job Dave. I like those two in a set.
  9. Re: Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    Dennis, I look forward to seeing you in the new shop. My MAS is acting up again and you have the antidote.

    All the best for a speedy recovery.
  10. Thread: Pick Quick

    by HonketyHank

    Re: Pick Quick

    Here is a nice video on tremolo technique:
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    Re: Online Mandolin Lesson suggestions

    For free canned video lessons, Baron Collins-Hill is hard to beat at

    For inexpensive canned video lessons, check Brad Laird and Banjo Ben Clark

    Those are the ones I have used...
  12. Re: How can I convert unsearchable PDF files to searchable PDF fi

    After dropping that file into a hex editor, I can verify that the text in the submitted pdf does not exist as such in the file itself. The explanation for that seeming paradox can be found here:...
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    Re: New kind of to site

    Hi, DJ, nice to have you back with us.

    A wider nut might help, but not a lot. A typical wide nut is only 1/16" wider. Divide that by three for the amount of "help" you can expect. The real answer...
  14. Re: Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    Happy Birthday, Dennis. All the best to you, today and in the future. I, and the rest of us in the peanut gallery, are cheering for you.
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    Re: advice on purchasing a Mandolin

    I am a big fan of Bruce Weber's mandolins. If you are patient, you can probably find a used Weber Bitterroot or Gallatin in good shape for that price. You might have to do a little bit of bargaining....
  16. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations

    Thanks for posting that, Beanzy. I really enjoyed watching it. But I couldn't figure out how to make it go fullscreen. Later, I went into the source code for this page and found the direct link to...
  17. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations

    Butch Robins' recollections and commentary on the history of bluegrass as he saw it and as heard from Bill Monroe. It is a series of five videos, produced by Radford University. Here's a link:...
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    Re: Newell mandolin

    Unless you paid two arms and a leg for that, you have a winner. Keith Newell tried to break into the mandolin business but never had the market power to compete successfully with the Webers,...
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    Re: Newbie from Texas says Howdy

    Hi again, Bill. I just left you a note over in the Newbies group.
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    Re: This Masquerade

    Pretty darn good there, Mark!
  21. Re: HOLY BEANBUCKETS! The Colonel's Mandolin Band LP AUTOGRAPHED!

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone recognize (or admit to being) one of the "pickers" or "strummers" listed on the back cover?
  22. Re: Hello All. I'm new here, first post. Loving the mandolin.

    Welcome, Jetson! Glad to have you on board.
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    Re: Making a Measuring Wheel

    Hey thanks! A couple years ago I whittled this doodad from a piece of hard maple. It has served as a kind of soothing adult pacifier for me ever since. But I have often wondered what it really is....
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    Re: Theory: "cheat sheet" for Western modes

    Nice work. I like it.
  25. Re: Question you致e all answered a million times

    See my sig for how to get Rob Meldrum's setup book.
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