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  1. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    David, dang your video library has a wealth of very cool music!
    i see where i'll be spending a lot of time for a good long while.
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    Re: Old F-Case Repair. Handle?

    this may not be what you want, but Deering banjo company offers a leather replacement handle that has a leather(its real leather not vinyl or fake) buckle type fastening. they offer two kinds, one...
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    Re: Bela at Carnegie Hall

    the best of the best right now. would be an amazing concert. hope those of us who cannot attend can find it on YT later.

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    Re: Bela Fleck and Chris Thile

    thanks for posting this. now i'm going to sell everything musical i try to

    those guys are sooooo far up the playing tier, its beyond being human.

    Bela is so good at...
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    Re: Silverangel custom green 2-point

    very very cool mando!

    i've always thought i would like a green mandolin after i saw i think a Girouard in green when i first started.

  6. 1923 Gibson "Lloyd Loar" F-5 Mandolin-Storied Sounds Demo

    this is a neat place to hear the story of an instrument, and then hear the actual instrument.

    *take note of comments regarding this mandolin below the video (T Ellis and Don MacRostie)

  7. Re: What are your thoughts on Deering Tenor Banjos

    i would suggest checking out Bob Smakula's shop in WVa also. a well regarded shop that does rehab on old instruments and it gives you something with built in mojo, but plays as nice as a modern made...
  8. Fun and excellent interview. I've enjoyed taking...

    Fun and excellent interview. I've enjoyed taking Sharon's mandolin classes at PegheadNation for about 2 yrs now. At times I will start back at the beginner course and work thru again and I'm...
  9. Appears John Ramsey is building mandolins again

    Has the looks!
  10. American Strings: An Evening With Sarah Jarosz

    just found this, checked search and didn't find the title, so if it has been posted, sorry, enjoy fully, its worth the hour.

    first 31 minutes Sarah shares insights into the music/production/moving...
  11. This is going to be good. Very. d

    This is going to be good. Very.
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    Re: Flat Tops, Waterloo and others

    thanks for posting this, i thought it sounded amazing. never heard of the maker so this is fun to explore and learn about.
  13. Re: How fun, I met my mandolin instructor - Sharon Gilchrist

    neat story and picture. i also take her mandolin classes at PegHead and she just has a way to easily reach you with understanding, keeps it fun, and smooth progression. i love Peghead classes, they...
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    Re: Hamlett Two-Point Review

    that outdoor sound was swell Kevin, i love 2 points and that thing just has it all, thanks for updating with excellent video, this is fun to watch and hear the changes
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    Re: Sarah Jarosz

    Seen her live a couple times, always a great time well spent with an amazing artist. prepare to fully enjoy yourself.
    give us a report back when you settle down.

    and if the husband doesn't seem...
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    Re: Nut Size on an Octave Mandolin

    i would ask them to remeasure, or to lay a ruler under strings and against the nut, flush with the side that the ruler starts and send you a picture(zoomed up and in focus). you'd be surprised at...
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    Re: Weber Gallatin faded leather look

    those come up for sale every now and then, i would check places like Themandolinstore,gregboyds, fiddlersgreen, that shop in NC that i cant remember at the moment. these are fine mandolins and at a...
  18. Re: do you own/have experience with a Martin Style 5 Terz?

    thanks for posting, this is very interesting about tuning like an octave mandolin so the fingering positions would be immediately familiar. i do have some questions. on those tunings, the only Terz...
  19. new ownership for Artistworks, announcement via Bluegrass Today

    at first, the title grabbed my attention and i thought Sierra Hull was starting the new course we've read about-AND-was the new owner of Artistworks. i thought, "yea, you go girl".
    upon reading the...
  20. Re: do you own/have experience with a Martin Style 5 Terz?

    wow, this was great to watch. i remember this when i was very very young, had forgotten about it for decades, the video was so neat.
    thanks for posting
  21. Re: do you own/have experience with a Martin Style 5 Terz?

    no prob, i appreciate the link and info. gives me more options to look around.

  22. Re: Considering a trade - is it me or the mandolin?

    i come from a fingerstyle guitar background-with a preference for wide nut width guitars. when i started mandolin, i was advised to start with a wider nut width. i purchased and traded into 1 3/16"...
  23. Re: New Artistworks Bluegrass Mandolin with Sierra Hull!

    this will be an amazing course. i have the dvd homespun(i think) put out when Sierra was 14 yrs old(or something like that), even at that early age, it was an excellent video and had a lot to offer. ...
  24. Re: do you own/have experience with a Martin Style 5 Terz?

    thanks for posting this, i didnt know they made these. i like the neck specs a lot of this Pono also-especially the 2 1/4" saddle string spacing(Martin has 2 1/8" and i was on the fence line about...
  25. Re: do you own/have experience with a Martin Style 5 Terz?

    Thank you for all this info, so far I'm not finding a lot of info unless it's from someone who owns/plays one.
    Such a cool little instrument.
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