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    Re: Plectrums

    SignorNic, seems to me that finding a teacher familiar with the various international schools of thought on mandolin technique might be helpful to you. (Not an advertisement; I'm not presently taking...
  2. Re: Mandocello in the 21st Century at CMSA

    Thanks to Jim, for putting together this collection of ideas of repertoire ideas for mandocello! I'm looking forward to hearing the mandocello music you've been collecting, and for your thoughts on...
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    Re: Need help valuing mandolin.

    That looks like Yvette, who played with the Providence Mandolin Orchestra over a period of decades. But she passed on a few years back. That mandolin is indeed a gem, as I recall: loud, clear, easy...
  4. Re: Stringing a 1910's Gibson non-truss rod mandocello

    Just by feel and sound both -- it was a clear improvement. Evidently I had a little more than optimal tension, because lowering the string tension slightly was enough to allow the instrument to be a...
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    Re: Vega mando type model publication?

    I seem to have found a more complete version of the Vega numbers, by searching the Internet Archive. It includes Paul Ruppa's numbers above (post #10), but also both earlier and later numbers, as...
  6. Re: Stringing a 1910's Gibson non-truss rod mandocello

    In addition to Jake's excellent advice, I'd add two considerations in favor of lighter strings: 1) right-hand technique and picks have also changed in 100 years. You don't have to load up to "just...
  7. Re: Identification of roundback mandolin with star & moon inlay

    Looks like a Bauer. Inlay configuration is right, and it has that carving at the heel of neck. Probably a very nice mandolin.

    Similar to this one.
  8. Re: Article: New Solos for Classical Mandolin: Concert Repertoire

    Thanks, Scott. News: I have posted new recordings of some pieces, with more to come. The permanent recordings are well on their way now, and should be finished within the next few weeks. I'll post...
  9. Re: Looking for a US luthier that does bowlback restoration

    I've seen Jake's work too, excellent.

    Chris Pantazelos (Spartan Instruments, Lowell MA), mentioned in Jim's post above, has done some excellent bowlback repairs and restorations for me. Top-notch...
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    Re: Learning to read Rhythm

    On learning to read rhythms: Reading Contemporary Guitar Rhythms by Mike Szymczak is an excellent resource. Guitar has little to do with it; the book is really a systematic exploration of...
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    Re: Zeidler in the ads

    Ah yes, that's Yoshihiro (Hiro) Arita, long-time friend and musical partner of John McGann. John's Zeidler's mandolin was passed on to Hiro, as I recall, and this looks like it, so I'll assume that's...
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    Re: Mandocello "strum along" chords

    Although some mandolin chord fingers transpose well to mandocello, I think some do not work well, because they are either 1) so low that they sound muddy, or 2) too difficult to play. In general, I...
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    Re: Italian Bowl back case

    I have one of the Dogal cases -- carried it everywhere, many airplane miles, with hardly any wear. Found it to be sturdy and light, and fit my Italian concert mandolin well. The hygrometer in mine...
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    Re: Sight read tab?

    Since John McGann's advice is still generally revered on this forum, and since he spoke extensively and eloquently on this topic, and since his views have not yet been represented in this discussion:...
  15. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    Perhaps that's because the guy who plays jazz piano probably begins by relating all the notes--by sound, and not by spelling--to the key. Not by thinking about note names, and memorizing all names of...
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    Re: Le Cygne

    I posted more extensive comments in the “Exploring Classical Mandolin” group, but will summarize here in case it’s helpful to anyone else:

    Such a beautifully-thought out adaptation! It falls...
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    Re: Holding the pick

    Very interesting, thanks. This three-finger grip also looks a lot like that used by some of the Israeli players, such as Jacob Reuven.

    We can dissect how this or that player holds the pick, but I...
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    Re: Holding the pick

    Yes. I find it more helpful to think in terms of traditions and schools of thought. The "standard" (in the west) grip with the bent index finger is not universal by any means. I use the "standard"...
  19. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    Holding the bowlback mandolin is part of the technique of playing it. It's easy once you learn it, but the technique might not be obvious if you haven't had occasion to be around it.

    Here is Ugo...
  20. Re: Good mandolin choice for woman with small hands

    I think this is a great way to go. The "standard" Gibson scale length is not a universal standard, after all, other than for Gibson-style instruments. I taught a lesson to a woman with small hands,...
  21. Re: August Watters - two books arrived today

    Thanks to all who posted. Since there have been questions, I’ll give a bit more background on the two mandolin books.

    The main goal of “Exploring Classical Mandolin” is to introduce the music and...
  22. Re: Need help identifying and valuing inherited old bowlback mand

    Sorry to be agreeing with these guys ( :) ), but in addition to their comments, I'd point out that there are two marks on the back of neck, not just the one. And although it's difficult to tell from...
  23. Re: ETSU Mandolin Orchestra - Remote recording

    Nice playing, good writing. Can you say more about the tune?

    I don't think the audience for this music is so limited. I think these kinds of ideas -- digging deeper into the historical roots of...
  24. Re: What is the "Must Have" Mandolin Book(s)?

    Since different folks have different stylistic interests, I'll leave out books that are style-based.

    I second these -- are all great books, helpful for understanding how today's mandolin music...
  25. Re: Anyone have information on this very unique bowlback?

    Yes, lest anyone be mislead by understatement, let's put it out there: this appears to be off-the-charts fabulous. This is the mandolin we hope for, every time someone mentions they have their...
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