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    Re: Some Questions on New Purchase

    I've seen that scale length described as a baritone mandolin. I don't know if that helps but I believe that some stores will sell a set of strings under that moniker.
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    Re: Mandolins in the works

    That is a 23" scale tenor guitar which will host dual P-90s from Pete at Almuse. It will also have a tunematic bridge on it but haven't quite decided on a tailpiece yet. That will be going in to the...
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    Re: lacquer problem

    I've had that cracking and contributed it to the shellac. I use an off the shelf shellac and I think it was too old. A new can resolved the issue. I was unable to fix it with anything less than...
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    Re: Mandolins in the works

    That is the prototype for my E series. It will be going to Martin at If you want one then you will need to order through him. It will have the E from his webpage on the pickguard. I'm...
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    Re: High action - is this fixable?

    If you dont own it yet then I wouldnt be making an adjustment to the truss rod. I would express my concerns to the seller, ask to either take it to a luthier for an inspection or ask for an approval...
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    Mandolins in the works

    I haven't posted all that much for awhile but I'm starting to make a dent in my backlog so I thought I'd post some photos of whats going on in the shop just to let everyone know I'm still around.
  7. Re: Rough and ready ... quick and dirty, electric conversion.

    I have two hanging in my shop right now and three more in process. Must not be looking hard enough. :)
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    Re: Help please re. EM200

    Feel free to make me one at the same time.

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    Re: 8 string solid body playability

    In my opinion, paired string instruments with magnetic pickups are problematic on many levels. The instruments on the lower end of the market suffer from a lot of things like inferior electronics,...
  10. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    That's your problem. Don't use the Cafe PM to communicate. Email him through his website. I'll send him a note too.
  11. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    That's why I bought a CNC too. I've seen a couple luthiers slow down, and simply retire, because of hand problems. Trying to work smarter now. Looking forward to seeing what you two put together.
  12. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    I think that you could ask a guitar builder in the UK to build one that is familiar with the design of instrument that you are interested in. You'd just need to provide an awful lot of information...
  13. Re: If your spouse just green-lighted an electric mando ...

    Shameless self promotion but there will be about 6 instruments, currently on the shop page in the white, posted on the for sale page. Just saying. :)
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    Re: 10-20 drum sander abrasive roll tip

    I buy mine from Sandpaper America. They'll make whatever you want and they've always been a fraction of the cost of anywhere else. They will also make the conveyor belt.
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    Re: exploring an idea

    Depends on scale length coming from and going to. The bridge location is pretty fixed but you may be able to move it back a bit to allow for a longer scale and/or shim the neck forward. I have put...
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    Re: Bridge for a solid body mandola

    I'm not trying to promote myself, but there is a reason that bridge is listed on ebay for $6.96. I sell a lot of bridges that are going towards replacing those on mandobirds. Eastwood switched from...
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    Re: Rio Grande Mock 4 Pickup for Gibson EM200

    Email Pete at Almuse. He'll set you up with a humbucker that will drop right in. He has come up with a design that eliminates the weak E string issue. Keep the original in the event that you sell...
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Pick Thread?

    True, but I have seen people use the search resources you mention, comment on a thread from a couple years back only to get the response, "David, do you not realize that this thread is over four...
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    Re: 10 string solid body Octave Mandolin?

    Basically a five string guitar with 1 3/8 inch nut.
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    Re: Eastman ERM El Rey

    It is a chambered body. It has a block running down the center. I've used this style of construction for years. Reduces weight but still gives you some support. Notice they don't have a control...
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    Jerman Mandolins

    I haven't posted in a bit. Couple people emailed me wondering if I was still building. Not as much as in the past but picking up since my son went off to college. I have these in the spray booth...
  22. Re: StewMac Spray Lacquer over Rustoleum Spray Lacquer Problems

    I had that issue once and put a coat of shellac on it to seal it before going with lacquer. I ended up stripping it, as I didn't like how the color came out, and ended up using reranch product as...
  23. Re: Almuse replacement pickups/pickguard kit for Eastwood Mandoca

    I just got back in to building replacement parts for electric mandolins since Tom Morici's passing. Despite my best efforts, modification may be necessary and the amount will vary from instrument to...
  24. Re: New electric build, tone pot volume problem

    Audio vs linear pot-Choosing audio (log) vs. linear depends on what you will be using the pot for. You should always use audio pots for volume control, otherwise you will find that the volume does...
  25. Re: Who makes an affordable full custom 5-string electric mandoli

    By no means am I trying to be offensive here but more about educating people that may want to commission a build. From a builders perspective, this statement "I don't have all the details figured...
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