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    Re: Wanted: Gibson Jam Master F

    Good choice! I have Jam Master Number 12 and I love it! Mine is never for sale, but keep looking! They are amazing instruments.
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    More 'Cello Power at 2019 CMSA!

    Fabio Giudice just shared two more pictures from 2019 CMSA. Here we have the whole Mandocello section about to walk on stage.


    And a fabulous pic of Commander Fabio overseeing his troops...
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    Re: Most Mandocellos at CMSA

    I bought it here on The Cafe, and it came tuned CGDA and I never questioned it. I’ve replaced the strings with standard mandocello strings a few times. It plays just fine!
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    Re: Most Mandocellos at CMSA

    I'll never forget being in the middle of that many mandocellos! Here is a picture of one of the sectionals from my stand:

    And here is a pic of me with my stand partner at the concert (and...
  5. Listen to CMSA playing "Magnificent Mountain" at the convention!

    The composer of "Magnificent Mountain", Robert Lunn, posted the audio to the premier performance by the Classical Mandolin Society of America last week. Hearing it on this link is amazing--sitting in...
  6. Re: KC area Luthier suggestions for 3" crack/ top of my Northfiel

    I second all of the above. Plus I trust my mandolins only to Matt Harmon at Mass Street. He did a stunning job refretting and rehabbing my 1921 Gibson. And he is also good about telling when you...
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    Re: CMSA Newbie: Advice Needed!

    I think I'll definitely try to bring some binders with our Mandolin Orchestra of Kansas City tunes. Might even bring my banjo (been learning claw hammer style) and see if anything Bluegrass or Old...
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    Re: CMSA Newbie: Advice Needed!

    You're the main person I want to meet at CMSA! I've enjoyed your music for so many years--be glad to finally meet you in person!
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    CMSA Newbie: Advice Needed!

    This will be my first CMSA. How do I prepare--what do I expect.

    I'm in touch with Jim Imhoff about some mandocello activities. I'm signed up for the mass orchestra and have downloaded my parts. ...
  10. Re: Long Island Mandolin Orchestra Looking for new Members

    Radim is da' bomb! Congratulations from a member of the Mandolin Orchestra of Kansas City!
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    Re: New member in Kansas City need tips

    Welcome to KC from another KC mandolin player!

    Glenn Bradford of The Fret Shop is always a terrific resource. His site is:

    I play in a weekly advanced jam. Our site...
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    Re: How do you clean your mandolin?

    I've been using our own Dave Harvey's Jubilee Polish for years. It really cleans up my mandolins, and I big time trust Dave to formulate something that is good for a mandolin.

    Here is a link to...
  13. Re: Kaufman Kamp 2019--Who's Going? Need Advice?

    That was me! I've been rooming with Brad Burkhalter for 9+ years. We met up with Warren Calvert and Sam White several years ago and have managed to get a suite together at Beeson the last several...
  14. Re: Mandolin Practice group in Kansas City

    Make sure and let your members know about The Mandolin Orchestra of Kansas City . We're starting rehearsals again on Wednesdays in mid August and are always looking for more...
  15. Re: Steve Kaufman Bluegerass Week - Maryville/Alcoa, TN

    Heading out for it tomorrow morning!
  16. Re: Kaufman Kamp 2019--Who's Going? Need Advice?

    Of note--three of our instructors are coming back this year as old married men: Andy Hatfield in October, Nate Lee in March, and David Benedict TODAY! Welcome to the club, guys!
  17. Kaufman Kamp 2019--Who's Going? Need Advice?

    Kaufman Acoustic Kamp is coming up on June 16th. Who's coming?

    This year's Mandolin Team:

    Andrew Collins
    Andy Hatfield
    Bruce Graybill
    David Benedict
    Jordan Ramsey
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    Re: how do you clean your instrument?

    I also really like David Harvey's Jubilee Polish. Use it on all my mandolins. Works well, and I figure Dave knows what he's doing.
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    Re: All Band-in-a-Box users...

    I'm all for it! I use Band in a Box a lot as a practice aid. Many thanks!
  20. Re: Best Online Instruction - Subscription or Free

    I've had a great experience with Matt Flinner's online group lessons--several times. I highly recommend him:
  21. Re: Kansas City Mandolin Orchestra Looking For Members!!!

    New and much better rehearsal space: Starting with our rehearsal on Tuesday, September 25th our rehearsal location is moving to the Center for Spiritual Living, 1014 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111....
  22. Re: Kansas City Mandolin Orchestra Looking For Members!!!

    The web site was down--back up now. Check it out!
  23. Kansas City Mandolin Orchestra Looking For Members!!!

    The Mandolin Orchestra of Kansas City (MOOKC) is starting it's second season! Come be a part of us!

    Ability to read notation is a plus, but we can work with you to learn your part. We need...
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    Winfield 2018 Winners!

    Only 10 contestants this year, but all still top notch!

    Scott Pearson
    Holten Doucette

    3rd Ethan Batan
    2nd Simon Dunson
    1st Solly Burton (I think that makes 3?)
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    Your "Go To" Song to Demo Your Mando

    Last night some folks came over and, when they saw my mando collection, wanted me to play them something.

    I'm always a bit thrown by that. I do very little solo stuff. Mostly I play in jams and a...
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