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    Re: Modern Oval Holes

    I've got a Weber oval hole and a Pomeroy. They are both keepers and have great sound. The Weber is older (Montana build) than the Pomeroy but both have a great sound. I bought the Pomeroy after...
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    Re: 1976 Epiphone BG440

    I had one of those Ibanez mandolins back in the early 70's. It might have been solid wood but it was thick and sounded like it.
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    Re: Mandolin to Violin

    The Devil didn't make the violin, he made the bow.
  4. Re: New release by ETSU mandolin orchestra, on Bandcamp!

    Wow, we know one of the players here. He is also a dance caller we did a tour with once. Great sounding material here too.
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    Re: Weber Yellowstone Experts

    Weber's oval hole mandolins are killer good. Enjoy! We have two at our house, different models but both sound great.
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    Re: Chris Thile Europe solo tour

    That's a lonely road, touring solo.
  7. Re: How is Tuning Drift with Rubner Tuning Machines

    I agree with the above comments. I have a mandolin with the Golden Age tuners, which I hold in low regard), but after much work they hold tunings pretty well even if they aren't the smoothest on the...
  8. Re: Resale Value - Mandolins from Small Builders

    Some builder's work sits in plain sight and then all of a sudden you hear one of their mandolins an wow they sound good to you ears. You play one and it fits you. I've tried many mandolins and was...
  9. All the best in this venture. Look forward to...

    All the best in this venture. Look forward to seeing the line continue and get even better.
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    Re: Cost for refret

    I've got a guy in Flatrock NC that will refret for a lot less than that. He did a banjo and a mandolin for me. The work he does is amazing as well.
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    Re: Bog Street Picks?

    At 20 bucks a pop I'd like to test drive before buying.
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    Re: Pandemic based inflation

    We are in a paradigm shift. Changes are churning and those that like to monetize advantages are making hay. That and the uncertainty in China don't bode well for cheap imports. Although companies are...
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    Re: Pandemic based inflation

    A mandolin shaped object = Rover.
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    Re: DO I need a better mandolin?

    I had a student with a fine sounding Micheal Kelly mandolin that was surprisingly good. I played a funeral yesterday with a fellow who played a fine sounding Washburn Jethro Burns model. Have I heard...
  15. Re: Tone differences between Yellowstone A and Yellowstone 2 poin

    Bruce Weber told me that his 2 point has the largest resonating capacity of all of his mandolins. I agree with HonkeyHank, they are mellower than Collings. I really like their oval hole mandolins a...
  16. Re: My First Mandolin- A Keeper or keep looking?

    What Mark Gunter said. Get it set up and evaluated. That is really nothing to spend for a playable mandolin. Look around here and you will see that mandolins can go for exorbitant fees. Are they...
  17. Re: What Are Some Good Options in the $2-3k range?

    I'd stay away from the Weber Absaroka unless you find one with an oval hole. I found one and thought it might play in but ended up selling it. It just did not have the tonal characteristics I'd hoped...
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    Re: Old Beech Wood

    I had a banjo with a beech neck many years ago and it was a darn good sounding banjo. Great straight grain the entire of length of the neck. It also had a 1/4" ebony fingerboard.
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    Re: Weber Bridger mandolin

    Weber oval hole mandolins are the best they made in my opinion. Much better than F holes regardless of the model. We have an Absaroka that is killer good sounding.
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    Re: My lovely new Morris A5

    I've played at least three of his mandolins and they all sounded good and were easy to play. Great place to start.
  21. Re: Jams and Music Stores in/around Boone, NC?

    There used to be a small shop called Appalachian Music or something like that in a small strip mall, but I haven't been to Boone since before the pandemic.
  22. Re: Song Breakdown for Chinquapin Hunting - Bluegrass Version

    Nice job. I've played more fiddle than mandolin over the years and I've loved this tune for its special atmosphere. Glad to see you spreading the wealth.
  23. Re: What's the best way to dust my fretboard?

    I just reverse the airflow on my shop vac and blow it all the heck off! Seriously, I use a clean, soft, cloth regularly.
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    Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    Hadn't seen Mick in many years. played some tunes with him and his old fiddling buddy, Eugene O'Donnell many years ago and out paths crossed more back then. May he rest in peace. The angel band just...
  25. Re: Musical Scrapbook from the Golden Age

    Fun to look at. It would be just a few years after the latest date I saw in this scrap book that my grandfather was playing the mandolin. While probably no virtuoso, he quit to go into the Navy in...
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