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    Re: Bending Cherry Sides

    Hi John,

    Bear in mind that I am new to building instruments, but I have no trouble at all bending cherry. In fact, other than black walnut, cherry is my favorite wood to work. I have worked with...
  2. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    To the OP's question, in a word, no.
  3. Re: Two more Piccolo Mandolins- Cherry and Black Walnut

    I sure do, Don, that's what started me down this path. I think they called theirs a Sopranolin and I was immediately smitten. Eva Holbrook recorded a Bach piece on one and it was just so cool I had...
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    Re: Where are the ' Big guys ' ?

    And let's not forget that John Hamlett (Sunburst) is on here all the time offering invaluable building advice, Graham McDonald likewise frequently checks in, and Mike Black is here now and again. ...
  5. Re: Two more Piccolo Mandolins- Cherry and Black Walnut

    I had trouble uploading the photo of the headstock overlay on the Cherry mandolin, and I just figured out the problem and fixed it. I needed to shrink it a bit. So, here it is. It looks a bit more...
  6. Re: Two more Piccolo Mandolins- Cherry and Black Walnut

    Hi Billy,

    These are tuned Cgda, a fourth above a mandolin, an octave above a mandola. The scale length is 10.35". They are small and a lot of fun to play. Sort of like driving a two seat...
  7. Two more Piccolo Mandolins- Cherry and Black Walnut

    Here are the latest Piccolo (Sopranino) flat-top mandolins off my bench (Barn Cat Mandolins Kitten model). One has local cherry back/sides and the other local Black Walnut backs/sides. Both have...
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    Re: To look at the mando or not?

    Sometimes when playing out, I will need to sight read a piece of music, make eye contact with another musician, or interact with the crowd. For these reasons, my fingers need to know where the frets...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    While I favor listening to and playing slower pieces of music, I think the slow pieces can often be played best by players who have the technical ability to play fast, but make the decision to play...
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    Re: What's in your case?

    I'll take what is in your case over all the others posting here thus far. What a sweet expression on your cat's face!
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    Re: Bridge foot marks/resale value

    Just my two-cents worth, but it wouldn't diminish my enthusiasm for a mandolin I was considering purchasing at all. Floating bridges are that way to allow fine adjustment of intonation. The mark...
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    Re: Shim for Bridge Insert.

    I have used thin flat shims of maple and bone. Both worked fine and I didn't hear any difference between the two. I have made a couple of these bridges and the shims make them quite adaptable.
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    Re: How Many Like Blonde Mandos??

    I must like blonde mandolins. Here are two blonde-top piccolo mandolins on my bench right now awaiting tuners, TP, nuts and bridges. One is Cherry, the other Black Walnut. What I really like is...
  14. Re: Thinking about learning fingerstyle on a tenor

    I chuckled at the anti-six string comment, and really enjoyed your playing. Now is not the right time for me to give a tenor a try, but you have convinced me that when the right time arrives, I...
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    Re: What’s going on with my finish? (NMC)

    Congratulations! That sure is good news.
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    Re: What’s going on with my finish? (NMC)

    Hey Don, sorry to hear about this problem and I sure hope you can resolve it. Have you thought about contacting Martin directly to ask whether it is a problem they are aware of and if so, how to fix...
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    Re: Types of Mandolin Collections

    Anything the cat finds fascinating is worth doing!
  18. Re: Looking for a nice neck rest for re-strings...

    My lap for re-stringing. A new, unused, unopened bag of kitty litter for any major work like installing frets. The bag conforms to the shape of the neck and holds it securely in place. Plus, I...
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    Re: NMD: Pulled the trigger on a Collings A

    Good choice of both instrument and store. Congratulations and best wishes for many years of happy picking.
  20. Re: Great quote about instruments from Gordon Lightfoot

    That is a great story, thanks for posting it. I, too, have seen the impact of in-person acoustic music on people and it has brought to my mind just how unusual it is for a large segment of our...
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    Re: New Build: 13 inch scale Flat-Top

    Wow Don, that's gorgeous. Perfect book match, too. For a minute, I thought I was seeing a face in there! You have me chomping at the bit to get working with my piece. Thanks very much for posting...
  22. Re: Article: Acoustic Disc To Cease CD Manufacture

    I agree, it might not feel quite right, but I can think of a few 'performers' who's CDs might find their most appreciated use on a string, not in a player!

    We used to get those AOL CDs in the...
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    Re: New Build: 13 inch scale Flat-Top

    Hi Jeff,

    You are absolutely correct, even if, or maybe because ;) , you started the eggnog early. Mind you, I am very much if favor of starting the eggnog early and if we lived nearby in a COVID...
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    Re: New Build: 13 inch scale Flat-Top

    Hi Brian,

    I find I can switch back and forth between a 13" and 14" scale length with no problem at all. These flat-tops are also made for light gauge strings which keep tension low. Have a look...
  25. Re: Article: Acoustic Disc To Cease CD Manufacture

    OK, I'll admit I am old school and still listen to CDs. But my other main use for them is stringing them up, maybe 4 or 5 to a string, with a weight on the end, and hanging them in the open doorways...
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