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  1. Re: Complete Bach 1st Cello Suite - ukulele in 5ths tuning

    Nice! :mandosmiley:
  2. Re: Brac In the mandolin Family. Balkan Instrument

    Unfortunately, that link is for Facebook people only. :( It won't work for the rest of us, as it requires Facebook log-in to view the page. I have no intention of ever becoming one of the Facebook...
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    Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    My understanding [1] is that Google Analytics gender data is dependent on user-supplied info which may or may not be accurate, depending on whether the user chooses to supply their real name, real...
  4. Re: Does anyone like the new green blue chip picks?

    Perfectly safe if you use the Shmergel Coin currency payment system, now with patented Fraud Punishment System (TM) which automatically detects frauds and then takes the money out of the scammer's...
  5. Re: Does anyone like the new green blue chip picks?

    :grin: Speaking of green edible pick-shaped things... the animated series "Sherwood" (S1E2) has a whole tray full of freshly-baked jumbo pick-cookies which seem to feature some sort of anti-slip...
  6. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    As near as I can figure out from skimming through a bunch of stuff today, it looks like bombarde and oboe are all related to a family of instruments called "shawm", and - if I'm reading this stuff...
  7. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    :)) Lol I had to look that up. Yeah, a bit shrill, reminds me of other types of similar-sounding instruments from other countries.

    Here's a guy on YouTube describing one (I like his voice) :) and...
  8. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. :)

    Especially for trombone-playing 4-legged felines. ;) :)) (It was the least-boring clipart I could find.) But yeah...

    You're welcome. :)
  9. Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Never thought I'd see the day when usually-calm mandolin players take to protesting and rioting in the streets, but here we are. Video:

    (or direct...
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    Re: Tied notes in TablEdit - How?

    Yeah, those typed of curved lines are called slurs, not ties. They look the same though.

    So the OP's question, then, would be: How to write slurs in TablEdit? I don't know, I seldom use TablEdit...
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    Re: On holidays. Forgot my pick!

    Funny you mentioned combs. I'm usually ok on picks, but recently I misplaced both my capos, [1] no music stores around, no time for mail-order, so I looked around the house for something to make a...
  12. Re: Makes me long for the old "Photoshop This" threads

    A little video, with mandolin music! :grin:
    (or direct link)
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    Re: Merry Christmas (Davy Stuart Mandola)

    Very nice! :mandosmiley:
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    Re: Tuner...not Tuners

    I use both of these brands:

    1. Peterson StroboClip Hd. I have two identical ones now, because I lost the first one, but liked it well enough to eventually buy an identical replacement. (Then,...
  15. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    Yep! :mandosmiley: I agree completely. :grin: Anything tuned in fifths, and (for me) preferably an octave lower than mandolin, for a more mellow sound. GDAE, or GDAEB, or even CGDAEB.

    And I...
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    Re: Help Finding Song

    Any chance it might have been "Father's Hall"? :confused: I found a couple of MandolinCafe posts about that tune, with recordings posted by Chuck Naill in 2010, here and here.

    I don't know if...
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    Re: Instrument swap?

    Yeah, but only with old friends I've known forever, *and* where we know each other well enough to know how we are likely to treat the instruments.

    Not just for obvious harmful things such as...
  18. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    That's fun, :grin: I love it! :mandosmiley: :cool: :) Here's the embedded video:
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    Re: Bass guitar stays quiet !!!

    :) Depends on how far back in banjo history one goes. The old gut-string predecessors of modern banjos aren't likely to be anywhere near as loud as modern steel-string banjos of the last 120+ years...
  20. Thread: Tab Software

    by JL277z

    Re: Tab Software

    I hadn't heard of Flat, but here's what I found out...

    According to the Flat website pricing page:

    "Flat Free includes:
    Create and store 15 scores"

    So apparently you get 15 songs for...
  21. Thread: Tab Software

    by JL277z

    Re: Tab Software

    I use MuseScore. They added tab-writing capability a few years ago. I didn't much like MuseScore at first, but either it's improved or I've gotten used to it. :whistling: Although I wasn't impressed...
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    Re: Youtube and Ookpik Waltz ownership

    I'd say there's a possibility it's copyright trolls trying to make money off of *your* videos. :( Here's an older MandolinCafe thread about others' experiences with this sort of thing.

    You can...
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    Is this the tune?
    (or direct link)

    If so, for written notation, I found these three options:

    An older MandolinCafe post with music...
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    Re: beside the mandolin.

    The following is just my perspective from what I've seen in earlier years. Might or might not be relevant today...

    In the circles I grew up in, the term "frailing" was generally considered to...
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    Re: Combination sound hole and a special carve?

    Cool! :mandosmiley: :)

    I'm one of the (probably) minority who is *so* weary of the same-ol' same-ol' traditionally-accepted designs, grew up with that, way too many decades of unwitting...
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