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  1. Seattle Mandolin Orchestra: Virtual video of "Yes Yes Honey"

    The Seattle Mandolin Orchestra jumps on the virtual bandwagon with this version of "Yes Yes Honey" by Lennie Niehaus, arranged for mandolin orchestra by our own Tom Hudon. Our friends in Alaska and...
  2. Carlo Aonzo's The Migrating Mandolin - I Viaggi del Mandolino
  3. Re: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet mu

    Please visit my new Dropbox folder: Alessandro Morelli: A Monograph of his famous waltz "Speranze Perdute".

    The PDF...
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    Ranieri recording of The Swan

    My YT comment:

    Wonderful, Ralph, the find and the video, and of course the performance most of all. He plays it as we would expect a performer of his era would have...
  5. Out of solidarity we will observe Blackout Tuesday

    Since inception this site has attempted to serve as an oasis, a respite from the rest of the world, a place to relax, let down and get away from a lot of complicated news, hot button topics, and many...
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    10-15 Minute Theory Practice

    I've been working on Chad Mannings theory for fiddle and mandolin on peghead nation and I think his 10 minute theory practice routine is great. In short, you pick a key and;
    1. Run through the...
  7. Re: Play with backup tracks, sing with mp3s. Looking for new sour

    If you are on Facebook, look up Tyler Grant Music. He has been hosting playalong jams every monday night at slow, mid, and fast tempos. And they are all archived on his page. It is pretty fun.
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    Some new backing tracks

    Hi, everybody. I started a blog when I was preparing for some flatpick and mandolin contests years ago, to share the tools I was using to practice. I recorded a lot of backing tracks to practice...
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    Re: Greek mandolin music

    Kemal - a great song by Manos Hadjidakis, this is my version with guitar and mandolin:
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    "J'attendrai" Gypsy Jazz

    Just stumbled upon this trio, nice stuff...
  11. Thile Fingering for Bach's Corrente (B Minor Partita)

    Another week has flown by and another one of these is fresh off the press (and my press I mean my computer). This time around we have the Corrente from the B Minor Partita for Solo Violin.
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    Free PDF's of Technical Exercises

    In the spirit of helping each other get through this period of increasing downtime and decreasing income, the pdf's at Mando Scales are now free.

    (And, if you get a few down enough that you want...
  13. Danse des Filles de Joie (Quarantine Mood)
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    James Oswald: Divertimento I

    Pretty often is easier to play a tune, than to describe after that, what is this I have done. So it is now. Just my version of James Oswalds Divertimento I.
  15. Thread: For John Prine

    by CarlM

    For John Prine

    Joanie has still got it!
  16. Re: Forty progressive studies for the mandoline, Op. 50 - G Hucke

    Although there are already two versions of those exercises available I have made a 3rd scan and uploaded it to the Petrucci Library
    This is a 600 dpi bw scan from a reprint of the studies, good to...
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    Re: Eva Scow - After You've Gone

    She is, without a doubt, one of the finest jazz musicians on mandolin. It certainly is tasty! Hot Fudge Sunday and chocolate chip cookies TASTY!

    She is a great advocate for the mandolin. Here's...
  18. Purcell: The Fairy Queen, Z 629. Second Act Tune: Air

    Many beautiful songs and dances are put together in this wonderful semi-opera or masque “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell (1692). I’d like to play them all.

    I got at least one of them arranged...
  19. I'll See You In My Dreams - Django transcribed for mandolin

    Hey Friends, long time no see, hope you all are well. Transcribed this last year for Steve Smith's mando camp, made a youtube video after and have had a few requests for the transcription. Thought...
  20. Jazz mandolin/violin duet from Aaron Weinstein

    When the band doesn't show for rehearsal
  21. New ideas in playing two voices on one mandolin.

    I started playing two voices on one mandolin in september 2019. Then it was music for two violins. Later I found that this technique suits perfectly for playing choir music for two voices. Here is a...
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    Guilty - Aaron Weinstein

    I suggested to Aaron awhile back this might be a good tune to learn some day. One of my all-time favorite jazz numbers. I love what he did with it, hope you enjoy! Thank you, Aaron.

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    Love Theme by Morricone -Video

    Performed by Italian mandolinist Tiziano Palladino, arranged by Giuseppe Torrisi.
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    Duo Mantar , Mandolin & Guitar

    Duo Mantar
    Contemporary Israeli Music
    Jacob Reuven - Mandolin
    Adam Levin - Guitar
    is described as “viscerally and imaginative” and “transcendental and exuberant,” respectively. Levin and...
  25. Re: Score for Slavator leonardi: Souvenir de Sicile?

    I have a rather rough, barely readable copy from the now-defunct Nakano site FWIW. Too bad, because it is a nice mazurka.
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