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  1. Re: The dreaded black A2Z question. With a possible answer...

    Remember the mandolin was intended for classical music. The musicians wore formal dress, and it was not uncommon for them to request the Gibson respray their instrument black to be "more formal". I...
  2. Re: The dreaded black A2Z question. With a possible answer...

    Yes, thats is one of the identifing characteristics
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    Re: Info on Tucker mandolin requested

    Thanks Barry
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    I use triangular picks I find in old guitar cases. I'm a fan of thin, stiff, and pointed. As for modern picks, a Fender heavy triangle will work in a pinch.
  5. Re: Are All Lloyd Loars Dropping In Price?

    HI Bernie,
    Violins are designed to be taken apart for repairs. Thats why all violin luthiers use hide glue. Also, its been going on so long it is now considered acceptable. Mandolins,on the other...
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    Info on Tucker mandolin requested

    I just bought a Tucker A5. Serial number is 008a87. Is this number 8 made in 1987, or number 87 made in 2008?
    Thanks for any assistance!
  7. Looking for a case for a bowlback mandolin

    I know this has been discussed before, but most of the old links no loinger work. Does anyone have a source for a bowlback case? I have a nice Martin Style 6 and it needs a case.

    Does Eastman...
  8. Re: threaded rod size on teens Gibson pickguard mounts?

    Thanks for all the replies. I bought some 5/40 all thread rod on Amazon and it fit perfectly.
  9. threaded rod size on teens Gibson pickguard mounts?

    After 1914 or so Gibson used a threaded rod to connect the pickguard clamp to the pickguard. I am looking for a replacement rod - I have the clamp, the acorn nut and the pickguard with the threaded...
  10. Re: The Flatiron F-Festival in Mandolin Cafe Classifieds

    [QUOTE=Greg Allen;1759269]I am wondering where this was built.

    Greg, this is a Chinese import. The giveaway is the big fleur-di-lise inlaid in the peghead. That peghead inlay was never used for...
  11. Re: Advice sought about 1917 Gibson H1 Mandola

    Play it as a mandola. If you want a mandolin, then buy a mandolin. They are less money as well.
  12. Contact info for David Griffin, mandolin luthier?

    Looking for contact info for David Griffin. He build this most unusual two point mandolin.
  13. Re: Charles Johnson - Mandolin World Headquarters

    Thanks <blush>

  14. Anybody with info on Dave Griffin mandolins?

    I just bought a two point mandolin with a label that indicates it was made by Dave Griffin. Serial number is 803-19. I cannot find any information on the builder. Can anyone assist? I'll post a...
  15. Re: 1996 Gibson A-5G with 3 signatures on the label

    According to a discussion I had with Bruce Weber some time ago, the Bozeman MT plant went to a team system of building mandolins in the late 1990s. Not sure if all or just some of the mandolins were...
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    Date for Rigel Mandiolin?

    I just bought Rigel A+ Deluxe #2234. I tried Facebook, calling and emailing Pete Langdell but no response. Does anyone on here have an approximate date of manufacture?

  17. Looking for a mando repair/setup person in Grapevine TX or near

    Suggestions welcomed. Thanks Charles
  18. Re: Anyone know the difference in Stelling S1 and S2 Mandooins?

    I tried that. Geoff is a nice guy but does not remember the difference. He thinks it was something about different binding or trim. Stelling quit selling these many years ago.
  19. Re: Passernig two point in the classifieds

    Hi Pops1,
    This is an excellent mandolin with a strong powerful sound. I love the look; I get tired of the same old tobacco sunburst F5. As to why itís for sale, Iím a dealer🙂. Thatís what I do....
  20. Anyone know the difference in Stelling S1 and S2 Mandooins?

    I known the F5 Style is called a S5. The earlier two points were called S1 or S2, but I do not know the difference. Can anyone help?
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    Re: Tennessee Prodigal A-5 by Mark Taylor

    I owned one of the Prodigal A5 mandolins. Nice mando but I thought overpriced by the market at the time, as it was selling for the same price as a Gibson F5. The one I had did not have the sound of a...
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    Re: O'Dell F5

    I sold a blacktop Odell F5 in 2017. It was a very fine mandolin with a good sound. i was told at the time I purchased it that this Odell I was awarded as first prize in the mandolin contest at...
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    Back seam repair needed on F4

    I have a really nice 23 F4 that has the back seam open about 4 inches behind the tailpiece. I know sometimes they can just be glued, but this one will probably require a caul, some steam and some...
  24. Post 1988 Gibson Mandolin Serial Numbers

    I just bought a F9 with the seral number 7090502. Since 1988, the 3rd and 4th digits indicate the build year. This one was built in 1990.
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    F Style Tuners Satin Finish

    I seem to reall Giubson used some satin finish F style tuners that were not Waverlys. Can anyone supply the brand?
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