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  1. Re: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet mu

    Greetings to everyone who has sustained this thread with your interest and enthusiasm. This should be the ultimate post in terms of Italian mandolin trios, mandolin & voice (Neapolitan & macchietta)...
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    Re: Lake Dore Waltz (Mac Beattie)

    I was just reading This Ottawa Valley of Mine, the autobiography of Mac Beatty, whose country & traditional (though he wouldn't have used the term) band played the dance halls, bars, seniors homes,...
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    Musical Scrapbook from the Golden Age

    Many years ago, I bought this scrapbook on eBay of musical brochures and concert programs, most of which are for mandolin or other plucked instruments. A few months ago I scanned it (to try out my...
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    Mandolino & Theorbo Duet.

    This is rather lovely, there are two other videos in the series.
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    Andy Irvine is 80

    Hard to think of him as an 80 year old, but there was an 80th birthday celebration gig for him in Dublin last night.

    I am absolutely certain that many of us would not be on this site today, or...
  6. Re: Display style changes after Google search

    Yes, that change to Google results was announced some time back. I'm under no illusion everyone saw that, should have seen it, or knows about it and I'm sure plenty don't care.

    The change in...
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    Orchestral arrangements

    I was answering another thread about sources for folk tunes in Asturias which reminded me to share a link I found for orchestral arrangements which have made available the Archivos de Manolo...
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    Re: Two dances by J.S. Bach

    Thanks, as always, for the fine performances. I have to say that the Rinaldi has a lovely sound!
  9. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    OK, I was going to tell you you're wrong and that they sounded like different tunes to me, but it appears this is a variation on "Broken Strings": The most recent US Orchestra recording includes this...
  10. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    This is a great thread. I thought 'Waltz from Rashivka' sounded familiar - I think it is also known as as 'Broken Strings' waltz (here with lyrics): ...
  11. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Thanks for posting these: my sorties into European folk hasn't got past the odd Scandinavian or Breton tune, so I shall enjoy learning these.

    For those that need it, here's the tab for Nevil'nyk:...
  12. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Martin, "Waltz from Rashivka" is especially beautiful. I tried to figure out the chords you are playing for accompaniment but several just dont sound quite the same- could you possibly share a...
  13. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Martin I've seen a number of your 'performance videos' here and I appreciate your candor in sharing and perhaps bravery in risking comments from insensitive viewers. We all could talk about respect...
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    Music for banjo mandolin

    Or mandolin banjo, or banjolin, or etc.

    In a current thread sporting a Brahms waltz arranged for mandolin, Martin Jonas's post from 2017 references an arrangement of this waltz for 2 banjo...
  15. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    And here's the "better" version of the first tune I posted, thanks to Andy.
  16. Re: Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Many more Ukrainian Tunes here, recordings and music notation:

    Andy Alexis
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    More Ukrainian tunes staff w/ TAB

    Hey gang, here are the other 3 Ukrainian tunes that I learned at Lark camp in the 80's.




    they don't show up well, but they download as a pdf.
  18. Ukrainian Tune #1 Waltz in Am staff notation w/ TAB

    Hi mandolinists,

    In sympathy with the Ukrainian people, I wanted to share a Ukrainian folk tune, a waltz in Am, with staff notation and TAB.

    The TAB is just the most basic version, I often...
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    Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    THANK YOU for sharing these, Martin. It is such a gift to be part of a world community of music, and music-makers.

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    Marenariello ( Roberto Murollo )

    This is my cover of Roberto Murollos' beautiful rendition. Thanks for the Listen!:mandosmiley:
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    Matteo Casserino Tune. Name?

    Hi folks. I have a tune I learned from a Matteo Casserino file I got here a while back. My file is named La canzone dell'amore. BUt I'm not so sure. Any help would be great! Thanks! :mandosmiley: ...
  22. Re: Just arrived: Bumgarner Selmer-style Gypsy Octave Mandolin

    That's pretty darn cool. Deserves to appear here for posterity.

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    Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    Thank you for the recording and for the connection to Paul Hardy's Concertina book--a wonderful collection of tunes.
  24. Luigi Paparello, "Bells of Night" for Unaccompanied Mandocello

    In his 1913 method for mandocello, Zarh Myron Bickford briefly discussed unaccompanied performance on the instrument which, he noted "at the present time, is to a great extent an unexplored field."...
  25. Re: Shostakovich: Waltz No. 2, for mandolin quartet

    while the two seemed as at odds with each other for the most non musical of reasons, to me Bartok and Shostakovich are the two 20th century giants of music that I admire most. I have toyed with the...
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