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    Re: Northfield F style strap

    I think Banjo Ben Clark sells them.
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    Re: Punch brothers

    A bit dated (2015) interview with NB in The American Interest. He seems to be a fan of the Punch Bros., generally.

    PG: Do you have any advice for young musicians who are playing bluegrass music?...
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    Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5

    I’m always impressed with not just the design of this headstock inlay, but the artistry of the material placement within it. (I.e. different colors in the cattails, etc.)

    Obviously, sound and...
  4. Re: Focal Point Presents | Mike Compton + Joe Newberry

    From a 2010 Mandolin Cafe interview with MC:

    “I almost forgot with all this talk of F5's that I also own #565, a sugar maple and red spruce Gilchrist F4. It has the same V neck shape as the F5's...
  5. Re: Focal Point Presents | Mike Compton + Joe Newberry

    Indeed it is. Between the “muse” that visited him during the pandemic and newfound inspiration from “Red” I am very excited to see where he takes things during this next chapter in his career. I...
  6. Focal Point Presents | Mike Compton + Joe Newberry

    Bumped into this on the interweb the other day. Not nearly enough views, so I figured I would share here. Just some great old and new tunes picked by two aces.

  7. Re: Dead Sounding Strings - Do I have a bridge issue?

    Is it possible the new bridge had pre-cut slots and was put on backwards?
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