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    Re: Monel strings

    The discount code for 20% off anything you order at Curt Mangan is "WISEMAN20" (all caps).
    These are the same Guages as the D'a ECP74CMs... I like the 11.5 E and the 16 A's
    Curt Mangan Monel...
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    Re: Adventures in Clip-On Mics

    As promised... here are pics of the magnetic mount I explained above. Easy, cheap and it works great. Been gigging with this set up for a couple weeks now and it works great. Also, the magnetic...
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    Re: Adventures in Clip-On Mics

    I actually found a perfect way to mount these clip on mics to a mandolin with a tone guard. you need to purchase a little magnetic phone mount like the one made by Schoche. 178389 these come with...
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    Re: Northfield Airloom Recurve review

    Awesome man! Good video and I bet it will be nice at festivals and camps for sure... The lighter the better is some cases (pun intended). We only really need that Calton/Hoffee level protection...
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    Re: Swannanoa Gathering 2019

    LOL.... I might be good looking but you would make us all sound bad... lol
  6. Re: what kind of glue for sound board transducer?

    When I put my K&K in, I just used a small amount of gel superglue. The double sided tape that came with the pickup didn't work so well playing outside in the heat and humidity. I was at a festival...
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    Re: Trying out Curt Mangan strings...

    If your using, or want to try out some Curt Mangan Strings, use promo code "WISEMAN20" (all caps) at checkout and you'll get 20% off your entire order. This code does not expire and can be used...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    What the heck... here are a few videos. 2017 and 2018 Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp with Wayne Benson and Emery Lester then one of just me. Be kind... don't judge... lol

  9. Re: All of your instruments - how do they sound together?

    With today's equipment it's not too difficult to play around with stuff like this. Here are three of my instruments being played together. Basically...
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    Re: Tascam Portastudio vs Zoom H4N Pro

    Honestly, for what your describing, either will work just fine and both a great products. The Zoom is more leaning toward a recorder to go out and record some live bands playing, jams and things...
  11. Re: Baggs Radius-M versus K&K Twin pickups

    I use a fishman loudbox with the redeye and have no problems at all... you are right though... The redeye will have a button that is either on or off... when off your playing is at one level and when...
  12. Re: Northfield Mandolins "Deluxe Airloom" fiberglass Cases

    That should have you very well covered then. BTW.. I looked and I've had my case since around April or May 2016 so it's been well over a year.
  13. Re: Northfield Mandolins "Deluxe Airloom" fiberglass Cases

    I've had mine for probably close to a year and have taken it everywhere. It's a great case and as mentioned above... the storage is great. I did end up getting a Hoffee for taking to festivals and...
  14. Re: Baggs Radius-M versus K&K Twin pickups

    Like above, I use the red eye effects out loop to go into a TC electronics polytune When you turn on the tuner, it mutes everything and you can tune, unplug etc. without a "pop". The TC tuners can...
  15. Re: Baggs Radius-M versus K&K Twin pickups

    I second the K&K with a fire eye or red eye preamp. K&K is very easy to set up and dial in no matter how what you seem to plug into. I have had literately no issues what so ever with any situation...
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    Re: Any Zoom Q8 users out there?

    I have the Zoom Q2n video camera just for that purpose and it works great!! I have several gopro cameras and a DSLR but nothing beats this thing for music recording. has several field of view...
  17. Re: Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp and Ocean Lakes Bluegrass Festival..

    Well, the 2nd annual Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp is over and were all back home. Just wanted to say that this camp was a blast!! Very well put together and ran. The instructors were all great and the...
  18. Re: Marshall As50D vs Fishman Loudbox Mini

    Fishman Loudbox is the most natural sounding amp for mandolin I have every tried. Love mine. Light, loud, plenty of features and built very well.

    Can't go wrong with this amp.
  19. Re: Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp and Ocean Lakes Bluegrass Festival..

    You will not be needing to "bump down"... lol.

    If your interested we could ride together.... hit me up if your interested.
  20. Re: Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp and Ocean Lakes Bluegrass Festival..

    Thanks AlanN!! got the list.
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    Re: NMD - Skip Kelley Vintage F-5 #54

    Great mano Drew!! Enjoyed getting to play on it a few weeks ago!!
  22. Re: Alan Bibey and Danny Roberts mando camp, Myrtle Beach, SC Aug

    I was at the Ocean Lakes bluegrass festival a few years ago and hooked up with Alan while I was down there and picked a little. He is a great guy and one of my favorite players. He has a unique...
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