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  1. Re: Best exercise source for fast accurate picking?

    Just wanted to add that one could use the flat 3rd over the major chord, something that Bill Monroe did frequently...
  2. Re: Best exercise source for fast accurate picking?

    Yay, glad you got it and yes should be a 4 not 3...
  3. Re: Best exercise source for fast accurate picking?

    Yeah, he calls it the skipper - not in this video but in others he’s done. He goes over it at 4:37

    It crosses strings, here it is in notes and frets - keeping in mind you have to go up to the...
  4. Re: Best exercise source for fast accurate picking?

    He doesnít do tab, what exercise are you talking about? He does what he calls the skipper which is skipping a note so...132435465761...etc (talking scale tones not frets) YouTube has a slow down...
  5. Re: Best exercise source for fast accurate picking?

    Folded scales and a metronome help you work on accuracy and speed. 1231 2342 3453, etc.

    This video gives alot of ideas, start slow and then mix it up with double picking, triplets, and 16th notes...
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    Re: I Hate Playing Chords

    For D7 good ol’ 545x is not a huge move off the C chord and you can always do a diagonal 7th chord, in this case for D7 it’s 5432 or just use 3 of the notes...the mando generally doesn’t have to be...
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    Re: Down Up help

    Try this article...

    I would also check out the Beg. Mandolin course at Peghead Nation as it probably goes over this and itís not very expensive. I...
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    Re: Pandemic Reading

    The Bill Monroe bios by Ewing and Smith are good. The book “Come hither go Yonder” by Bob Black was good. The Ralph Stanley and Louvin Bros books are good too. “Will you miss me when I’m gone” is...
  9. Re: FedEx ó wow ó canít follow directions; fakes receipt signatur

    Good luck, a strongly worded letter didn't do much before a global pandemic and holiday season. It's taken 3 weeks for some stuff to get to me that would have normally been 2 days with no updates to...
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    Re: Bedbugs And Mandolins

    So sorry you have to go thru this JB. Prob wonít make you feel better but we found some in hallway and LR...if u can, get the vacuum and go over everything then throw the bag out. Just gotta keep...
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    Re: Bedbugs And Mandolins

    The bugs generally are in places where they can feed. I know they were in your mando case and mando but they will leave those areas to seek out meals. I would guess they are not in the tapes,...
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    Re: Bedbugs And Mandolins

    The company that does the heat treatment can advise what can survive the treatment, oil paintings, alcohol, instruments, etc can’t go thru it. I don't think they do tenting like they do for...
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    Re: Bedbugs And Mandolins

    Tough, tough problem for sure. We had to deal with this a year ago at my MIL's house...did the heat method several times and what a pain to move all the things that can't be exposed to the high...
  14. Re: Whiskey Before Breakfast - Interesting Approaches?

    A fun tune for sure! I don't have anything particularly flashy but I find I play it different every time.
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    Re: Not all is bad about Covid :-)

    Glad you 2 got Covid-lite, a friend of mine would say it's pretty bad but she's in a coma on a ventilator for the 2nd time so can't speak right now.
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    Re: Mandolin player crossing over to guitar

    Check out Banjo Ben's site, if you join it's like a 2-fer as you can access mando resources as well.
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    Re: Bill Monroe Solo Transcriptions 1936-1996

    Can you post it? I’ve been wondering about the book myself and watched a few of his YT videos. Looks like a nice resource for Monroe tunes.
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    Re: RIP Charlie Pride

    Oh no! :(
  19. Re: In search of a resource for learning about Double Stops

    John Resichmann is doing a wks thru Peghead Nation on double stops tomorrow (12/12/20)
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    Re: Time to humidity?

    The only way for you to know this is to get a hygrometer and keep it in the room you use, I have one and keep my humidity between 40-50% all year.
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    Re: How Long do your J74Strings last?

    As everyone here has said it depends but I usually go about 3 months....except for this year, I put a set on in January and they lasted until about a month ago...
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    Re: On Line Lessons

    If you're a beginner beginner I'd recommend taking a few in-person (Zoom, Skype these days) to get started off right. Listen to some players and contact the ones you like for lessons. Also, Matt...
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    Agree Barry, I’m sure it will be good but I’m going to wait for the reviews before I sign up...I’ve spent too many hours in wks that either go off-topic or it’s all about picks and strings.
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    Re: Strategies for learning without teachers?

    I would find time in your week to take a lesson with a teacher that plays mandolin - many of them have 30 minute lessons. May as well get started off on the right foot so to speak, picking a mando...
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    Re: Building Speed with 16th Notes

    Hours on end of practice is not required to advance, practicing exercises in small segments is still practicing and sometimes just play and have fun, it doesnt have to be all practice all the time. ...
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