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    Re: Reduce costs pleased

    "To be clear, I am not accusing the manufacturers of over pricing....But the reality is that the vast majority of people are going to be tightening their wallets and it may be wise to figure out how...
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    Re: Small diameter round braided strap source

    Jo makes beautiful straps. We corresponded and she made me one exactly to fit my Ellis A. For those wondering, they're smoother and smaller diameter than the cowhide type made by Lakota et al. A...
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    Re: Post A picture of your favorite "A" model

    2011 A special that Tom Ellis built for me , with the first Ellis double-flowerpot headstock inlay. Tom cut several and chose this one. Great sounding mandolin & a special one. Case by Bill...
  4. Re: What's Your Favorite Instrumental-Mandolin Album?

    Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza .... music by some of my fave mando monsters
  5. Re: Converting Right handed Mandolin to left handed

    Back in the day... I had a Collings MT while I was waiting for the one Heiden lefty F build. I ordered it with 2 nuts and 2 bridge tops. When my Heiden arrived, I sold the MT to a picking buddy. So...
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    Re: Jet City Guitars

    Jet City Guitars is Jim Brown. I have bought several '30s Martins from Jim. He's a real straight- shooter and a gentleman. He has extremely fine instruments coming to him. He's as honest as the...
  7. Re: Curt Mangan Monel medium string price increase?

    That's the regular price Bill. The 20% shows up at the cart
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    Re: Show off your back side

    2011 Ellis A5 Special 180218
  9. Re: Who makes A-style mandos that sound similar to Givens?

    Greg Boyd always has Givens and at the moment he's got a Steve Weil as well. He's a real gentleman and a great guy to talk to about Bob Givens.
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    Re: What's up with USPS?

    " Sadly, I'm old enough to remember when the post office, in Canada at least, was efficient."
    There was no next day delivery & we were happy ordering books from the book store ....with a 3-6 wk...
  11. Re: RIP Al Williams, founder of Calton Cases

    Ray, I suspect internet abbreviating. Al was the founder of Calton Cases in Canada. He was responsible for taking Keith's product and bringing it to the Canadian and USA market. Al Williams was a...
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    Re: Collings Sampeling

    "People do it"........ That's not Collings style on either guitars or mandolins. Time to fact check.
  13. Re: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

    Kevin Briggs ..... I'll go along with you. For an F... that Pava satin is bound to be a killer. If you ever get over the -gotta-have-an-F & get to the it's-all-about-the-tone.... You'll be in good...
  14. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    Dang, It's great to have a very generous budget. In the end it doesn't matter what everyone suggests.....really it's what your ear hears & your heart wants. Enjoy the journey & let us know what ends...
  15. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    Mark, You need to talk to Michael. He made guitars with small necks for Mark O'Connor that were fiddle-player friendly. A year or so ago he made an A style for a lady with small hands, who plays with...
  16. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    "Given what I have stated above, what would you be looking at?" I'd get a hold of Mike Kemnitzer. Nuggets are fine mandolins & given that you want a wider neck, you're unlikely to find what you're...
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    Re: personalised mando strap

    Mandolin straps of Montana. Alan G is your guy:
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    Re: Top three favorite Bill Monroe tunes.

    J, I've got some favourite Monroe tunes, like "Old Dangerfield", & "Evening Prayer Blues," (& many others) but for getting into the Monroe style of playing, i'd listen to the "Doc Watson & Bill...
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    Re: Prettiest Peghead Inlays Ever

    I think the Torch & Wire is about the prettiest ever. I love this one. Copied off Tom Ellis' F4.... this is the first double flower pot Ellis .179188
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    Re: James tailpiece on a Collings MT2

    JT, I haven't retrofitted a James, but in my experience Axiom has a high level of customer service. I purchased from them an unplated tailpiece which i sent to Weldon Lister for engraving. I would be...
  21. Re: Soliciting suggestions for my next mandolin (or not)

    Eric, I'd suggest trying a Pava A style. Used, they should be in your price range. A little different tonal character than the MT with a similar level of care and attention to build detail.
  22. Re: John Reischman & The Jaybirds, Deep End Sessions

    Soliver, Patrick Sauber ( has been playing guitar for John for several years now. I've also seen him playing banjo for Laurie Lewis. He's a wonderful...
  23. Thread: Ellis A5?

    by doc holiday

    Re: Ellis A5?

    If you've got your selection narrowed down, Austin is a fine choice too. Visits to Tom Ellis and Collings are well worthwhile....& an entirely different experience than trying mandolins out in...
  24. Thread: Ellis A5?

    by doc holiday

    Re: Ellis A5?

    That's a steal for a mandolin by a brilliant maker
  25. Thread: Ellis A5?

    by doc holiday

    Re: Ellis A5?

    ......but how do they compare with the Schmergl D ??
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