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  1. Re: Article: D'Addario X Mandolin Strings Giveaway with 10 Winner

    Congratulations to our winning entries. Emails have been sent to the following selected at random.

    Dean B.
    Buddy M.
    Robert A.
    Vernon H.
    Scott A.
    Rebecca M.
    William D.
    Andrew S.
  2. Registration has ended! We'll be in the process...

    Registration has ended! We'll be in the process of selecting our 10 winning entries now and then the process of contacting them. May take awhile.
  3. Re: MP3 of the Day - Girl I Left Behind

    Damn, that guy is a pretty good mandolin player.

  4. Re: Article: The 1978 Bob Givens Interview from The Guitars Frien

    User elephantrock sent this MP3 of Givens talking about mandolins and guitars.
  5. Re: Stan Jay, Pioneer of Vintage Instrument Fame Fighting For His

    Always sad to see the anniversary of this article roll around. Stan and that experience of making the pilgrimage to State Island and Mandolin Brothers is a fond memory for so many.
  6. Re: Article: The 1978 Bob Givens Interview from The Guitars Frien

    Here is the interview elephantrock put together for Bluegrass Unlimited. Not sure if Bluegrass Unlimited will have issue with this but I'd think since those issues are no longer in print nor for sale...
  7. Re: Article: The 1978 Bob Givens Interview from The Guitars Frien

    This was a really, really interesting project I felt strongly about and there was so much that could have been included here, but if you even read the two PDFs attached it's a lot of content. Ostrow...
  8. Article: The 1978 Bob Givens Interview from The Guitars Friend

    You can view the page at
  9. Re: Ad bumping up - standard practice now?

    No, everyone is not engaging in this. Some do, most don't. But you make it sound like it.

    Being online at any place where instruments are bought and sold takes a bit of patience. It's not there...
  10. Article: Acoustic Disc Set to Release Dawg Trio Plays Tunes & Sin

    You can view the page at
  11. Introducing Duo Mantar, guitar and mandolin duo

    Received this from Jacob Reuven and Adam Levin who don't frequent the Cafe in person as much and am sharing for them.

    I want to take a moment to formally introduce the mandolin community...
  12. Article: Amid Constant Change The Mandolin Store Flourishes

    You can view the page at
  13. Re: Mia Mandolins in Greenbrier, Arkansas.

    That's a good find. Had not heard of her work so just added her to the builder database.
  14. Re: Article: Waterloo Mandolin Giveaway Registration Start Date A

    OK, we've made contact. Tom S. is definitely in Massachusetts, said he's badly in need of a backup mandolin. Thanks to everyone that joined in. Sorry there couldn't be 6,586 winners. Look for another...
  15. We have emailed the winning entry. Congrats...

    We have emailed the winning entry.

    Congrats Tom S. who appears to be in Massachusetts. Yes, there are about 5 other Tom S. entrants, but only the one we emailed is the winner of course.
  16. Alan Bibey is 2019 IBMA Mandolin Player of Year

    Title says it all. Big congrats to Alan!
  17. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    For those watching you are seeing Bill Malone speaking. We did a big feature article on him just last year which you may enjoy:

    Bill Malone is Still Digging in the Roots of Country Music
  18. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Only $9,995 on Reverb and it can be yours.

  19. 2019 National Mandolin Championships from Walnut Valley Festival

    1st Place Winner: R. Wesley Carr
    City/State: Rochelle, IL
    Prize Instrument Selected: Collings MF5 Custom Mandolin provided by Collings Guitars, Inc. of Austin, TX

    2nd Place Winner: Luke...
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    Re: Thank you!

    Daniel, my thanks for having me. Now I get why so many people complain about my phone connection from within my house even though I have a fairly new iPhone 7.

    This feels really weird being on the...
  21. Re: The Soul of Epirus - Petroloukas Halkias & Vasilis Kostas

    Facebook video. Click image below to start.

  22. The Soul of Epirus - Petroloukas Halkias & Vasilis Kostas

    A new recording just hit the Cafe's mailbox that merits our attention. It lands a little outside of what we normally publish as news (possibly my own limitation) but the music is so brilliant it...
  23. Re: 10 Questions For Christopher Acquavella

    Noting the anniversary of this interview from 2010.
  24. Noting today's anniversary of this feature...

    Noting today's anniversary of this feature interview.
  25. Replies

    NOTICE: regarding GoFundMe projects

    Please note that we have removed an entire GoFundMe thread at the behest of the person it was set up to benefit. I do not personally take this kind of action lightly. The person it was to benefit I...
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