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    Re: Jet City Guitars

    Jet City Guitars is Jim Brown. I have bought several '30s Martins from Jim. He's a real straight- shooter and a gentleman. He has extremely fine instruments coming to him. He's as honest as the...
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    Re: $200 to dress mandolin frets? Ouch!

    Br1ck, from the conversation, i read that there's more going on than the odd high fret. We were just given the abbreviated version of the entire conversation. "but there were so many little issues...
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    Re: $200 to dress mandolin frets? Ouch!

    Just a couple of comments and observations; 1st, as already mentioned....why would a two month old mandolin need a fret dress and a new nut, unless the work was not properly done by the builder? and...
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    Re: Does anyone have a case like this?

    Yes it looks like the non-vintage SAGA version of the redline case.
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    Re: Brentrup Mandolins

    Once a long while ago I saw a Brentrup F mando in Greg Boyd's place in Missoula. It was said to have belonged to Scott Tichenor. It was beautifully made and one of the better sounding mandolins in...
  6. Re: Curt Mangan Monel medium string price increase?

    That's the regular price Bill. The 20% shows up at the cart
  7. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    Well Lisa, That's easy "a great F-5 style mandolin can't spend more than $4500." You don't say what you're playing, or a sound you're looking for. Lots of used F5s will answer your dream. At...
  8. Re: Disappointed with the Nashville music scene

    "Does any body play bluegrass in Nashville anymore?" As has been mentioned, you've got to do your homework. Expecting to stumble on the Bluegrass scene or the best restaurant (for example) in a city...
  9. Re: Where can I find a tutorial for new camptown races?

    Youtube is your friend. Many videos of NC Races....some with tab...all can be slowed down.
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    Re: Show off your back side

    2011 Ellis A5 Special 180218
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    Re: broken case handle

    You should be able to get a replacement handle from Calton in Austin. If you're in Canada Michael McLeod will have some
    eod. A dremel tool & a little work & your...
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    Re: Flatt and Scruggs on Netflix

    In fact the King of Bluegrass himself played an F4 mandolin in this recording:
  13. Re: Who makes A-style mandos that sound similar to Givens?

    Greg Boyd always has Givens and at the moment he's got a Steve Weil as well. He's a real gentleman and a great guy to talk to about Bob Givens.
  14. Re: Mandolin Orange: Galdden House sessions 2019

    What's with the MC? "We were so thrilled to have him...... and "it's my true privilege to welcome him back...
    Either he's never seen them or he's reading off the script someone wrote that doesn't...
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    Re: What's up with USPS?

    " Sadly, I'm old enough to remember when the post office, in Canada at least, was efficient."
    There was no next day delivery & we were happy ordering books from the book store ....with a 3-6 wk...
  16. Thread: 1918 f4

    by doc holiday

    Re: 1918 f4

    They don't come prettier than that. And that case is the ne-plus-ultra! Icing on the cake.
  17. Re: RIP Al Williams, founder of Calton Cases

    Ray, I suspect internet abbreviating. Al was the founder of Calton Cases in Canada. He was responsible for taking Keith's product and bringing it to the Canadian and USA market. Al Williams was a...
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    Re: Collings Sampeling

    Archer..... the point i had issue with was your comment - about tap toning & shaving braces - " do it or have it done all the time on finished guitars."
    I've been the Collings shop many times &...
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    Re: Collings Sampeling

    "People do it"........ That's not Collings style on either guitars or mandolins. Time to fact check.
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    Re: Collings Sampeling

    As far as i know, Collings doesn't tone tap their tops. BTW what good would it do to 'voice/tone tap' after an instrument is completed.....?
  21. Re: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

    Kevin Briggs ..... I'll go along with you. For an F... that Pava satin is bound to be a killer. If you ever get over the -gotta-have-an-F & get to the it's-all-about-the-tone.... You'll be in good...
  22. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    Dang, The only 2 Nuggets i've seen (early ones) had big necks.... that might overcome your 'wide-nut' desire....
  23. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    Dang, It's great to have a very generous budget. In the end it doesn't matter what everyone suggests.....really it's what your ear hears & your heart wants. Enjoy the journey & let us know what ends...
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    Re: North Cascades Bluegrass Festival

    I hear you'll see Jim Faddis & Greg Boyd & crew there too
  25. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    Mark, You need to talk to Michael. He made guitars with small necks for Mark O'Connor that were fiddle-player friendly. A year or so ago he made an A style for a lady with small hands, who plays with...
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