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  1. Re: Sierra Hull's version of the "Tennessee Waltz" (lesson and ta

    Tab is always available! It might take me a few days to see an email if I'm on the road but I'll get it to you!
  2. Re: Sierra Hull's version of the "Tennessee Waltz" (lesson and ta

    Okay, thanks for the advice!
  3. Re: Sierra Hull's version of the "Tennessee Waltz" (lesson and ta

    Sure thing! I've really enjoyed making these videos!
  4. Sierra Hull's version of the "Tennessee Waltz" (lesson and tab)

    I did another transcription/lesson video! This time with Sierra Hull's version of the Tennessee Waltz, and it ain't your granny's version either! If you'd like the tab and sheet music then email me...
  5. Re: Shadow Ridge by Chris Thile (Video and Transcription)

    Nice! If that's the case then that mandolin lived at my house for a few months, they are both really great instruments! Maybe we'll cross paths someday and have a mando reunion!
  6. Re: Shadow Ridge by Chris Thile (Video and Transcription)

    Please feel free to give feedback on the video/transcription as this is my first time filming something like this! And make a post here when you figure the tune out!

  7. Shadow Ridge by Chris Thile (Video and Transcription)

    I recently transcribed this Thile tune called Shadow Ridge. I've been studying Thile for a long time, and figured I'd go back to the beginning and learn some tunes off his first album. This is a...
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    Thoughts on Recording Mandolin

    Hey all, Been doing some work on pro tools lately and wanted to find out how people best love to mic the mandolin in the studio, I've been working with both mono and stereo setups but I know people...
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    Re: Essential mandolin listening

    John Riechman is some good fiddle tune-y stuff to get into! especial his album "walk on john!"
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    Re: Any fiddle players?

    Fiddler right here! As both fiddle player and mandolin player I will say once you know one, it will be easier to get the other. The drastically different thing is the right hand, it will probably be...
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    Re: Why use capo?

    If I'm correct, Sierra Hull said in an interview one time that she used a capod octave mando on her new album. I think capos can be used to give the mandolin different sound, sometimes the ringing...
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    Re: Had this thought the other day

    Being a player of stringed instruments who recently started playing keyboard (electric rock keys) I tend to think of the Mandolin as a more versatile instrument, in that notes can be found in...
  13. Re: Which hard case will fit an Eastman 515 with Tone Guard?

    TKL Zero Gravity (which is semi-hard + backpackable) and Heirloom both work with tone guards! the Zero Gravity is cheaper but still has really good protection (it's light so if you drop it theres...
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    Re: Great Sound Thanks to Cafe Advice

    Also check out Mini-Flex microphones, Ken Donell Makes them in CA. They get a really clear sound and almost never feed back!
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