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    Re: On-Line Jamming Apps?

    Yes. JamKazam seems to be the only one that has addressed the problem. Their videos explain, for example how their software checks the latency of your ethernet connected network, headphones, mic and...
  2. Torrafied is actually an ancient Jewish process

    Any young boy, age 12 or 13, can tell you that the right of passage called Bar Mitsve is an intimidating process. They have to learn enough Hebrew in order to read a part of the Torah in front of the...
  3. Something I'll remember for the rest of my life

    I was talking to a band mate the other day. This is how our conversation went.

    Did I tell you about my teacher?

    Oh, yes many times. He's very famous. A world renowned performer and highly...
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    Re: Practicing Bach during the lockdown

    Brooklyn Rider, I knew I'd seen him somewhere. Right now my favorite is a guy named Sato. Check him out here.
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    Re: Eva Scow - After You've Gone

    She is, without a doubt, one of the finest jazz musicians on mandolin. It certainly is tasty! Hot Fudge Sunday and chocolate chip cookies TASTY!

    She is a great advocate for the mandolin. Here's...
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    Re: Practicing Bach during the lockdown

    Very nice Xavier. The dramatic lighting has great emphasis on the head stock. Wonderful.

    I'm working on the Gigue from suite #3 in D major BWV 1068. It is part of our orchestral set of tunes...
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    Re: Shout out to Collings

    So the question is, "When is Collings going to make an Octave Mandolin?"
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    Re: Shout out to Collings

    Lane Pryce is buying some Monels. I prefer flatwound strings for the type of music I'm playing. And I'm very happy with EFW74's and Thomastik 154's. GHS N250's are my top pick for wound strings next...
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    Re: Social Distancing

    You guys are a tough group. However I know now that there is a reason my only contact with most of you is through the internet. :whistling:
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    Re: Gigs Cancelled - Health and Safety

    I was asked several questions at the retirement home before entering on Monday night. They wanted to know if I had been in any crowds larger than 50, knew anyone who just returned from some...
  11. Re: Bach BWV1007, an interesting experience with an unusual audie

    As a former art student and as a mandolin player, this seemed quite natural. I am sure everyone listened because there were few distractions aside from cell phones and a cold window.
    My best...
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    Re: mike for fiddle uses needs no power

    I've been using a
    Audio-Technica PRO70 Cardioid with a little gooseneck that clips onto a mount made from a chin rest clamp.
    They used to come with the gooseneck but I've had to get an...
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    Re: I'm beginning to want to play classical

    One starts by 'learning how to read'. If you are reading this, I assume you know how to read English. There was a time when people did not know how to read but could talk very well. This is my...
  14. Re: Recommendation? Light/Medium Strings for CGDA 16.5" scale man

    I use Thomastik 174 (weich) light strings on my Collings mandola (string length 15.9"). 14, 19, 28, 45
    I tune CGDA though the package says GDAE.
    These strings are 45 cm /17.5" long.
    I remove...
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    Re: Octave and Mandola

    Very nice. I think it is hard to keep the tempo going with the Octave Mandolin so that it does not 'lag' and 'lose interest' for the audience. This worked for the most part. The harmonics were a bit...
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    Re: NK Forster Parlor King


    Yep, a beauty for sure.
  17. Re: Mike Compton+Norman Blake Live performance video Gallop t Geo

    The video's source may have blocked the 'sharing' of the video.
    But you can go to youtube and see it there.
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    Re: Playing Mandola - Tips & Tricks

    In classical music the viola does the harmonies and often the rhythms with the cellos. And in singing, the alto has the supportive middle voice. This has been developed over a few hundred years. So I...
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    Re: The straps I ended up making

    Moms are always right. You want to keep thoes fingers. ha, ha

    You could do a tune while we wait for the pictures.
    Or talk more about the music scene in Africa...Banjo Ben camp? Got a link?
  20. Re: Nordic/Finnish/Swedish folk music recommendation

    Traditional music is in good hands if this band is any indication. The only difference is that this generation removes their shoes!
  21. Re: Nordic/Finnish/Swedish folk music recommendation

    Here is another of my favorite Swedish music videos. Gabi and Jamie really know their 'give and take' in ensemble arrangements.

    Actually I started on fiddle, playing Scandinavian music at the...
  22. Re: Nordic/Finnish/Swedish folk music recommendation

    Thanks Dagger for that fine gift of music. Vassen is just amazing.

    Here is another tune from a less well known band and it shows how a mandolin fits into the mix.
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    Re: Eastman MDA815 mandola is here...

    Please clarify an issue for me. I thought an 800 series was 'better quality' than other model numbers of lower figures e.g. 400 and 300.
    From my very limited experience with Eastman instruments the...
  24. Some fine musicianship and check out that Tenor guitar

    I'm moving this to the Tenor guitar page because these guys are really fine musicians and deserve to be heard.

    Skip the talk and start at 00:15
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    Re: Thijs van der Harst Octave Mandolin

    Bob has such a nice collection of instruments. I would hope he would 'showcase' each one in a video.

    And Olga. I knew I'd seen that OM somewhere. (Mandolin Mondays).
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