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    Re: Changed back to nickel-silver frets

    My favorite 'cafe thread subject...again!!! A bunch of half deaf old geezers arguing about what they can & can't hear! Loar fairy dust and unicorns will be next!

    "No difference in weight."
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    Re: D'Addario picks?

  3. Re: Keep Rigel or learn on different instrument?

    1000s of people with hands your size play the upright'll be fine with a slightly thicker mandolin neck.

    Once you decide you like the mandolin and want to stick with it, Pete Langdell...
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    Re: A Successful Failure

    +1000 for letting it go rather than spending another 400 hours on it!

    Don't forget the final step:
  5. Re: Rib re-flexing: How much is to be expected?

    "Somehow I got the idea in my head that the pros bend their rib wood in such a way that it never flexes back, and so the blocks just naturally fit without any pressure."

    That's the goal.
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    Re: Mandola string heights?

    Level and dress the top of all frets to remove any micro height variations. Put a capo on the first fret. Adjust the truss rod until you have approx. .007" relief at the 7th fret measure with a...
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    Re: Garcia guitar Grisman mandolin

    I had a bootleg cassette of that show right off the board back in the day!
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    Re: Side bracings?

    The ribs can also sometimes compress and buckle when gluing the top and back plates on from too much pressure on the clamps. When you look at the finished rib garland with both the top and back...
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    Re: Fret Files and Other luthier tools?

    Starrett piano wire cutters- a very nice one for the obscure tools pile! Those look like the larger set with the adjustable cutter insert. I have one that came from a Steinway repair shop years ago....
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    Re: Fret Files and Other luthier tools?

    A strong mentor of mine always said the most important thing in a luthier's shop is a wife with a good job!
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    Re: Fret Files and Other luthier tools?

    There are many different variations available in almost every shape and size you want readily available for reasonable prices.

    Here is one for $3!
  12. Re: D'Addario's new Chris Thile signature mandolin pick

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    Re: F5 peghead tuner holes a la Siminoff.

    Properly aligning the tuning machine holes is one of the most critical parts of any mandolin build; even people with very nice workshops and decades of experience still struggle with it. One of the...
  14. Re: Stew mac -- waverly f-style mandolin tuners

    Manufacturing ease and efficiency has nothing to do with consumer price point, especially when your company was recently sold to a giant investment firm looking to turn a $$$ profit!
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    Re: Fret Files and Other luthier tools?

    The big Stew Mac diamond fret file: I have one and it is a very important tool in my shop that I would instantly replace if needed,and has been in constant use for almost 20 years, but....

    If you...
  16. Re: Nitro as sealer on distressed build HELP!

    The best "relic" jobs have a perfect finish to start with and then the distressing is done.
  17. Re: Can I reuse strings I use for "in the white" stringup?

    If you are stringing it up for a tension check on the neck joint, no problem. If you are stringing it up in the white as part of the continued voicing process, I'd want the best strings possible.
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    Re: Time to build?

    ^^^^This from one of the best folks in the country who is an absolute jedi master with a cnc!

    The irony to me is that when confronted with these numbers, most people would run from the idea of...
  19. Re: Stew mac -- waverly f-style mandolin tuners

    Waverly are NOT made in China.

    All of Stew Mac's business enterprises were sold to a giant corporation last year; everything was consolidated and moved under one roof to the old historic building...
  20. Re: What Do You Think About This Unique 1 Pc. Back?

    That person needs to either adjust the cut speed or get some new router bits!
  21. Re: Making a Brass Hammer (from plumbing parts)

    I own a $2k+ lathe and I can tell you that is not one of them!

    He did not make a hammer; he made a new tip for an existing hammer.....;)
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    Re: Replacement Tuning Machines

    Nicolo Alessi will make you anything you can dream up with holes that will be an exact match for how your headstock has been drilled so there will be no need for more modifications.

    Why all the...
  23. Re: The dreaded black A2Z question. With a possible answer...

    Anything is possible with a factory produced instrument.

    I will occasionally intentionally make a black faced mandolin that has a burst back or neck. For those instruments, I burst the initial...
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    Hi Hank!

    I could come up with plenty of fairy dust and unicorn theories, but mainly I try to not overthink the process too much and let it happen. My mandolins already exist inside a nice piece of...
  25. Condino Brazilian rosewood mandolin #164

    I've been pleasantly suffering through the quarantine enjoying a new mandolin: #164, the 4th in sequence from my favorite Brazilian rosewood log. 1989 Ted Davis red spruce, 1950s Brazilian rosewood...
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