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  1. Re: U.S. Trademark of Fern Inlay Awarded to Gibson

    To Steve Denver ands a few others, the reality about "patents" is the same for most disagreements, whoever has the most money wins.
    In 1970 I was just out of college in Ohio and basically a leather...
  2. Nonsense

    Corporations just love flexing their "stuff" don't they?
    Anything you can do to make it harder and harder for the small, independent builders
    in this country to earn a living. I say "phooey"!
  3. Replies

    My 1981 f-5l

    Here's a photo of my Sept. '81 F5-L in Amazing condition. I bought it from the original owner. What a joy. It was signed off by Richard L. Doan, the Gibson man Charlie Derington chose to repair the...
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