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    Re: How low (temp) would you go?

    I have two pairs of fingerless mittens, suitable for below-freezing temperatures, though not for long! I've done outdoor peace and union rallies in mid-winter, though only for three-four songs. For...
  2. Re: Mandolin recommendation for new player

    OK, the Beatles broke up 52 years ago, am I right?

    I know this is a beside-the-point hijack, but I have often wondered over the past few years about the persistence of Beatles (and others, Stones,...
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    Re: RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    Just saw him on a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band PBS special; of course Bojangles was the NGDB's biggest single. He kicked the song off, then the band came in (modulating to another key) on the second...
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    Re: The Myth of Perfection

    Geez, I'm still striving for adequacy.

    I think a musical life spent with folk music, has taught me that what we might call "imperfections," whether physical, acoustic, or intellectual, are part of...
  5. Re: Help..problem with strap and looking for ideas.

    There are also the little plastic tabs used to seal bread wrappers. Free, and fairly effective. Perhaps less esthetically pleasing than some of the alternatives mentioned above.
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    Re: Advice on a Mandola?

    And just to mention, we do have a CBOM Forum devoted to larger mandolin-family instruments, including mandolas.
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    Re: Advice on a Mandola?

    Having a bunch of mandolas, I'm not the typical owner Jimmy P apparently runs into (Post #10). Right now, my most-played mandolin family instrument seems to be a Stahl mandola from around the...
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    Re: Ortega RMFE100AVO yes or no

    All solid woods, built in pickup (I presume piezo), F-model mandolin. Doesn't say "carved" in the specs, so don't know if it's carved or pressed. Here's a Reverb listing for $900.

    The obvious...
  9. Re: on Reverb: When a scroll isn't a scroll, or is it?

    Or the "lump scroll," one of Gibson's less inspired ideas -- the F-model silhouette without all that expensive actual hand-work. At least this one pays a little respect to an actual scroll, by...
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    Re: 1906 Gibson F-4 "tree of life" mandolin

    "Fair market price" is what some buyer will pay for it.

    Not many 3-point F'4's listed as for sale that I could find, and none near the asking price for this one. To be fair, none as nice as this...
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    Re: What is this amazing-looking instrument?

    Looks like a Portuguese guitar (or guittar)
    to me:

    Can't vouch for all the historical facts in the video, but some useful info.

    On the other hand, it's smaller than the instrument in the...
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    Re: Il Globo mandolin

    More than a half-dozen Il Globo mandolins currently listed on the internet, almost all bowl-backs and almost all in the UK (although one from British Columbia where the seller's asking $1.1K for...
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    Re: An evening with the Martin harp mandolin

    I agree it's not a part of the tailpiece; it's not attached, and it doesn't seem to have a way to attach it. It somewhat resembles the Lyon & Healy "lyre" tailpiece covers, though not exactly. ...
  14. Re: A4, A5, F4, F5--what do the numbers mean?

    And the Florentine Controversy marches on!

    1928 Gibson Florentine tenor guitar, with all the Venetian fretboard inlays, rhinestones all over the headstock, etc., etc.

    Gibson Florentine Les...
  15. Re: Looking for a Sweet Sounding Roundneck Resonator Guitar

    I tried one of the Johnson Chinese-made brass-bodied tricones. Had it for a year, and swapped it. I wouldn't go there, though it was a decently made guitar.

    One of the most interesting resonator...
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    Re: Ecuadorian Bandolin

    I'd contact Joe Todaro at WorldFrets in Landsdowne PA and see if he has any suggestions.
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    Re: Merrill Aluminium Mandolin

    I have a fancier Merrill, also purchased on eBay perhaps 20 years ago or so; think I got it for $150.

    Merrill instruments were manufactured by the Aluminum Musical Instrument Co., which Neil...
  18. Re: A4, A5, F4, F5--what do the numbers mean?

    Mike, right about the banjo, but wrong that it was "the only thing" called "Florentine." For no apparent reason Gibson called its EM-200 electric solid-body mandolin, introduced in 1954,...
  19. Re: A4, A5, F4, F5--what do the numbers mean?

    Gibson listing above omits "LG," which was assigned to some smaller acoustic guitar models. I once heard it was for "ladies' guitar," but that might be just a rationalization by those crazed...
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    Re: I don't like F styles. Anyone else?

    One of the many dumb decisions by Gibson over the years, was not patenting/trademarking the "F" silhouette -- which they surely could have done. How many gazillion F-models have been churned out by...
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    Re: impulse purchase - non-mando

    Quoting from the OP, Post #6:

    I have known several bass players who have said they took to bass because they felt overshadowed by better players on "lead" instruments in jams, but noticed that...
  22. Re: We've said it before, we'll say it again.

    So's Sydney, Australia, I guess...
  23. Re: A4, A5, F4, F5--what do the numbers mean?

    There are also Gibson "A" mandolins with f-holes, the A-40 and A-50 being the most common. The A-50 had a solid, carved back; the A-40's back was laminated. There were also A-0 and A-00 mandolins...
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    Re: impulse purchase - non-mando

    1. Bass players always seem to be in demand.

    2. Many of them claim to have taken up bass after being frustrated in learning a "lead" instrument. This, of course, doesn't apply to "lead" bassists....
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    Re: Eddie Van Halen RIP

    Regarding Van Halen's smoking habit (Post #8): listening to a morning "talk" show (Rover's Morning Glory, if you must know), I heard him quoted that his throat cancer was not due to smoking (although...
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