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  1. Thread: New tenor

    by mreidsma

    Re: New tenor

    Here's a YouTube review of the Recording King I spotted on one of the FaceBook Tenor Guitar groups:

    Looks like he had some quality control issues -...
  2. Campanella, Red Diamond, Northfield, Collings experience

    Everything about mandolins is subjective individual preference but decades of posts seem to demonstrate that members love to read and hear others experiences and thoughts on mandolins - so here is my...
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    Re: I don't like F styles. Anyone else?

    I'm willing to bet that if we presented people with 10 instruments built from the same woods by the same builder, same neck/body join, same soundholes with 5 being A shaped and 5 F shaped, no one...
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    Re: Native American With Mando-Banjo

    It's hard to make out but I believe that is a Stromberg-Voisenet banjo flange. Cool picture.
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    Re: Native American With Mando-Banjo

    I always liked your profile picture at the American Gothic house. In this case the mandolin was a good substitute for a pitchfork.
  6. Re: instrument an offensive weapon (no mando)

    As a bagpiper for over 15 years, I once had an "experience" flying with my pipes. I was flying from MA to WA for, likely to visit my brother or my nephew-both of whom were stationed at Lewis. This...
  7. Re: instrument an offensive weapon (no mando)

    Ahhh, Louise, while I am not in the least offended that you would list the didgeridoo as offensive, when played authentically and in the right context by an Australian Aborigine it is a very...
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    A piccolo tango banjo

    Haven't been on the forum for a long time (even lost track of my old account), but that's because my arthritis pushed me away from double- and triple-stringed metal courses onto nylon-string...
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    Re: instrument an offensive weapon (no mando)

    Some of my Lark camp buddies wanted to make an "offensive" band - their idea of an instrumentation was 5 string banjo, bagpipes (several types), hurdy-gurdy, accordions, steel drums, very loud rock...
  10. Lot of changes since this published this date...

    Lot of changes since this published this date last year. I actually had travelled to Surprise, AZ to write about Dennis's need for a double transplant but he decided he didn't want to get the word...
  11. Re: Unexpected things/benefits about playing mandolin

    This may be corny but its true: picking up the mandolin brought me here. I enjoy being here as much, but in a different way, as playing.
  12. Unexpected things/benefits about playing mandolin

    Starting this as a companion thread to the "why mandolin" thread.

    I started mando as an easier guitar with a unique voice, but over the years have had many unexpected and pleasant surprises about...
  13. Eliminating fret buzz on a couple of frets

    I'm not adding this to the free e-book, but here's how I cleaned up a few buzzing frets on my mandolin. The aluminum sanding block, along with a crowning file, was under $20.
  14. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    People will tell you that reading TAB, or reading notation, or studying music theory will “hurt your playing”. In fact, any of the three as tools used for their purpose can help your musicianship.
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    Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    First and foremost, let me dispel a canard: Tablature doesn't lack rhythm!

    Tab players might lack rhythm, but so, too, might players who are working from standard notation. In fact, rhythm...
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    Dennis Vance receives double transplant

    Very good news. Zach sent an email this morning that Dennis received his double transplant yesterday and is now in recovery but awake. Zach posted that here. I had received a call from Dennis on...
  17. Re: Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    I know dad hasn’t had much of a chance to acknowledge the thread publicly but he has experienced and been shown the warmth from this. At roughly 3:30Pm on Friday dad received a call from University...
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    Funk Mandolin - "Kiss" by Prince
  19. University of Iowa Library Database - deep diving mandolin info

    Looks like U. of Iowa has revamped their historical database. Lots of interesting data for anyone that likes deep diving into old information of all types. Today is of note, the 99th anniversary of...
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    New Big Muddy MW-0

    Hi all,

    Mike Dulak currently has a Big Muddy MW-0 (Walnut/Spruce) in the works for me. It has a standard neck (1-1/8″ nut, 13-7/8″ scale), standard body size (not jumbo), plus a few special...
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    Re: Chinese made mandolins (Northfield?)

    Posted May 19, 2020 here:

    Northfield is not an Asian import company. It is not a business entity that solely purchases items from an external country and separate business entity and then resells...
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    Re: If you jam . . . .

    Lucas, thanks for pointing that out. A couple of "pros" on the Cafe, as well as a local teacher, have checked my action and all say it's fine. I think my strings are fairly light. I'm aware I press...
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    Re: Late Night Trashy Mandolin Music

    Observing the 130th anniversary of Late Night Trashy Mandolin Music, unknown musicians with a special place in our heart.
  24. Gibson opposes Collings' headstock trademark registration, citing

    Read about it here, on

    From the sub-headline:

    "Gibson claims the headstock shape trademark, for which Collings filed last year, will “impair the distinctiveness” of three of its own...
  25. APM cancels Live From Here amid other layoffs and cuts

    Full news article here.

    Intro from the article:

    American Public Media Group has halted national production of “Live From Here,” the successor to “Prairie Home Companion.” It was the most...
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