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  1. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    As near as I can figure out from skimming through a bunch of stuff today, it looks like bombarde and oboe are all related to a family of instruments called "shawm", and - if I'm reading this stuff...
  2. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Yeah the video project kept me busy for awhile. :grin:

    But now, I'm between projects again :( (hate that), need to decide what to work on next.

    Options include the usual more-normal music...
  3. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    :)) Lol I had to look that up. Yeah, a bit shrill, reminds me of other types of similar-sounding instruments from other countries.

    Here's a guy on YouTube describing one (I like his voice) :) and...
  4. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. :)

    Especially for trombone-playing 4-legged felines. ;) :)) (It was the least-boring clipart I could find.) But yeah...

    You're welcome. :)
  5. Re: Article: Introducing GreenChip Picks by BlueChip

    Excellent! :mandosmiley:

    And Wikipedia says there actually is a "Research Triangle" :disbelief: in North Carolina... of course, given the date, I looked up that little detail :whistling: before...
  6. Re: Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    :grin: :)
  7. Mandolinists RIOTING over unfair String License fee

    Never thought I'd see the day when usually-calm mandolin players take to protesting and rioting in the streets, but here we are. Video:

    (or direct...
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    Re: Baroque Lute music for Ukecello

    Nice! I especially like it from "Balleto" starting at 01:40 and onwards. :mandosmiley:
  9. Re: Do you know of an easy, safe program to convert wav files to

    Well, unless something has changed...

    You can't upload audio-only files to YouTube, whether mp3 or wav or whatever other audio-only format.

    To upload to YouTube, the file has to be in a...
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    Re: Different Plectra

    Same here. Lighter-gauge strings too. Seems like a good combination.
  11. Thread: Who?

    by JL277z

    Re: Who?

    Going back a ways...

    A guy in a jam once thought I was channeling his deceased friend and, not only that, but from a few thousand miles away, because I was playing a particular tune in what he...
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    Re: Tied notes in TablEdit - How?

    Yeah, those typed of curved lines are called slurs, not ties. They look the same though.

    So the OP's question, then, would be: How to write slurs in TablEdit? I don't know, I seldom use TablEdit...
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    Re: On holidays. Forgot my pick!

    Funny you mentioned combs. I'm usually ok on picks, but recently I misplaced both my capos, [1] no music stores around, no time for mail-order, so I looked around the house for something to make a...
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    Sticky: Re: Thread for Social Group MP3 posting

    For Song-A-Week 512 The Liffey Banks, midi experiment:

    Attachments for above audio player:
  15. Re: Makes me long for the old "Photoshop This" threads

    A little video, with mandolin music! :grin:
    (or direct link)
  16. Poll: Re: Poll for Song a Week Social Group Week #512

    Another fine version of Liffey Banks, with mellow 5-string: :mandosmiley:
    (or direct link)
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    Re: Merry Christmas (Davy Stuart Mandola)

    Very nice! :mandosmiley:
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    Re: First mandolin orchestra performance

    Cool! :mandosmiley: :)
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    Re: Tuner...not Tuners

    I use both of these brands:

    1. Peterson StroboClip Hd. I have two identical ones now, because I lost the first one, but liked it well enough to eventually buy an identical replacement. (Then,...
  20. Re: What's the weirdest MUSICAL thing you've ever done?

    Great replies in this thread! :mandosmiley: Thanks everyone! :)
  21. Re: What's the weirdest MUSICAL thing you've ever done?

    Lol! :)) That sounds like fun! :grin: :)
  22. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    Yep! :mandosmiley: I agree completely. :grin: Anything tuned in fifths, and (for me) preferably an octave lower than mandolin, for a more mellow sound. GDAE, or GDAEB, or even CGDAEB.

    And I...
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    Re: Hacked, Dude construction pages down

    Not necessarily. (I'm certainly no expert, but this is what I've read over the years on security-related forums.) Many hacked websites are just randomly targeted, via automated processes looking for...
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    Re: Help Finding Song

    Glad that's the one! :)
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    Re: Help Finding Song

    Any chance it might have been "Father's Hall"? :confused: I found a couple of MandolinCafe posts about that tune, with recordings posted by Chuck Naill in 2010, here and here.

    I don't know if...
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