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  1. Re: Is is possible to increase neck mass by buiding it up somehow

    You may be able to accomplish much of the feel you are after with a new fingerboard. It could be left on the thick side to increase the overall neck depth, and also flared on the edges a bit to...
  2. Re: Banjo tuners - Grovers - friction washers replacement

    I have replaced the washers on several sets of Grover pancake style tuners. I found perfect size/thickness black fibre washers in a hardware store. They were used for repairing old style faucets. Go...
  3. Re: Strap button coming out on my Sam Bush model Gibson

    What I do is apply medium viscosity CA glue to a artist brush or Q-tip, then lightly and evenly coat the endpin hole and then hit it with accelerator. Then I check the end pin fit and use a tapered...
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    Re: A string breaking...often

    Hi Joe,

    I have played tenor guitar most of my life and owned many Martin tenors. The key to reducing string breakage is making absolutely sure the instrument is set up properly. This includes:...
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    Re: Digital Mixer Advice!

    Thanks for the helpful relies everyone! Mando-Bob - in regards to the QSC Touchmix, is there anything you would consider a down side? Same question to Beanzy about the Presonus AR16?
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    Digital Mixer Advice!

    I am ready to bite the bullet and buy a new sound system. It's time to retire my still working Mackie 6 channel powered mixer that I bought used for $200 over 20 years ago! Most of our gigs provide...
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    Re: Reducing chrome Grover F tuner shine.

    If you are just trying to knock the shine off the chrome, Micro Mesh can do a good job - I would try 2400 to start and see if you want to go smoother, or more coarse (1500 - 1800). Work slow and...
  8. Re: Favorite Electric Mandolin Albums or Artists?

    Check out "Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys - For the Last Time". It's a two record set (also available on CD and download) - Johnny Gimble's electric mandolin playing is stellar. Also - check out...
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    Re: Tiny's amp?

    When I was a kid I played quite a bit with Tiny. At that time he used a Peavey and also used a battery operated Pignose amp on small gigs. He would carry the Pignose around and play in campground jam...
  10. Best source for pre-slotted ebony mandolin fingerboards

    I am getting ready to replace the fingerboard on a very nice F-5 style mandolin made in the 1970's by George Smith of Portland Oregon. Looking for good quality ebony with accurate slotting and not...
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    Re: string gauges

    I use 34-24-16-10 on my old Martin and Gibson tenors which are tuned in standard tenor guitar tuning C-G-D-A. I buy D'addario singles and make my own sets using phosphor bronze for the wound strings....
  12. Re: Looking for 1" x 6" silicone heating blanket for bridge remov

    Wow - that didn't take long! Thanks so much for the info Robert and Mike. Any idea if these are made by Watlow? Also curious if they have have some kind of plug or do I need to wire something up...
  13. Looking for 1" x 6" silicone heating blanket for bridge removal

    I am looking for a 1" x 6" heating blanket for removing guitar bridges. So far all I can find are 1" x 5" blankets that are too short to reach the ends of a 6" bridge. If anyone has info or a link I...
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    Re: Marantz PMD671 Field Recorder Question

    Thanks so much for the replies.... I'm happy to hear positive reviews for this machine. I pulled the trigger and bought the Marantz and am looking forward to trying it out this weekend!
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    Marantz PMD671 Field Recorder Question

    I have an opportunity to buy a very clean Marantz PMD671 field recorder for $75. Just wondering how this older high end unit would compare to newer digital recorders - is it kind of a dinosaur or...
  16. Re: Repair suggestions for Lyon & Healy Style A Mandolin

    Hi Darren,

    While I can certainly understand your desire to re-shape the neck on your Lyon and Healy to more suit your personal preference, I would ask that you reconsider and not permanently and...
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    Re: Cool old F2, but ouch!

    I think that may be an F-3.
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    Re: 1920-21 Gibson F4 value?

    What Darryl said.... Looks like a nice straight F-4 that needs mainly hide glue and clamping up. Probably lived in a hot attic for a while. If a good repairman does the work it shouldn't be over $500...
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    Re: Loar F5's and the FON?

    The pilot hole is drilled and the screw cuts it's own threads - right?
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    Re: 1927 Martin Tenor guitar

    This tenor guitar is a style 5-21T.
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    Re: Stew-Mac lacquer sticks

    Lot's of options here for sure, but I have had really good results drop filling with medium CA. A toothpick (one of the plastic ones with the angled end if you got it) is easy to control the fill....
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    Re: String Preference for CDGA

    I generally use D'Addario phosphor bronze 34-24-16-10
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    Re: Tg-50 tuners

    I have several late 20's to mid 30's Martin and Gibson tenor guitars with the Grover banjo style tuners like you have on your TG-50. I found black fiber washers at an old school hardware store that...
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    Re: Tail Pin falls out! What to do?

    I find that if I slightly dampen the endpin and endpin hole, then lightly coat the endpin with powdered/crushed rosin it usually does the trick. Usually a twist and very slight tap with a mallet...
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    Re: Harp Guitar (Gibson) up at Heritage

    I recently bought a 1916 Gibson Style U harp guitar in really fine condition with a clean and solid case, cool original brass harp tuning key, and a wonderful teens era Gibson catalog that most...
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