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    Re: Thomann review: From Germany to US

    Thomann had a problem early on, mainly because the UK government didn't publish the new tax and customs rules until the last minute. I've bought from Thomann since and no problem, Thomann collected...
  2. Re: The Dilemma of Motivation, Attention Span, and Practice Regim

    Two suggestions:

    1. Record a tune you think you know and listen back to it. Spend 5 or 10 minutes working on just the parts which the recording showed weren't played well. Do this as part of most...
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    Re: Spruce for kerfing

    I've made spruce kerfing, but it's very brittle so tends to snap rather than bend. Hardwoods tend to behave better.

    Solid spruce linings work well though.
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    Re: A case, because I needed one

    I've made cases for ukuleles and guitars (I build oddball shapes). I've settled on 3.6mm hardwood ply, which is lighter than birch but still strong enough. With care it can be bent over a hot pipe to...
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    Re: My First Mandolin- A Keeper or keep looking?

    I'm only an amateur builder of ukes and guitars, but what you show seems pretty trivial.

    The crack at the F hole is tight - I'd just work in some hide glue and call it good after clean up. Should...
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    Re: Tenor ukulele

    Give Mim a call and tell her what you want and a budget - she's really good at suggesting options, plus she sets up the uke before she ships it.

    She's a friend, but I'm basing this on what I've...
  7. Re: Laberte et Magnié mandolin of uncertain vintage

    I suspect what you see at the edge of the soundhole is a patch - probably rectangular and butting up against braces. If you feel all round inside you might find an edge, or be able to feel that at...
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    Re: Case hardware

    Split rivets lie flat inside the case, under the lining - worth investigating them (I get mine cheaply in lots of 20 or so via eBay).

    Open up the rivet inside the case using a blade, press each...
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    Re: tenor action height?

    If you want to lower the action at the 12th you need to take twice as much off the saddle.

    So, guessing that your action is 0.75 mm too high, 1.5 mm needs to come off the saddle.

    Check that...
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    Re: Question on "tiers" of instruments

    Let me try to answer your 'surprised' point. You come from guitars, which is a useful starting position.

    With acoustic guitars, the big step up is a solid top. You can buy one of those somewhere...
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    Re: Repairman for National Mandolin in Europe ?

    In case it helps, this is the inside of the soprano ukulele resonator I built a few years ago.

    Your mandolin cone, biscuit and saddle should look very similar.

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    Re: Repairman for National Mandolin in Europe ?

    The saddle is just a piece of maple, notched for the strings.

    It fits into a 'biscuit', which is a circle of mahogany (probably) attached to the top of the cone, slotted to take the saddle. It's...
  13. Re: Banjo tuners - Grovers - friction washers replacement

    One more thought - friction comes from the base of the tuner knob bearing on the washers. If the base isn't flat, you get less friction. Knobs can wear or distort over time, even if made flat to...
  14. Re: Banjo tuners - Grovers - friction washers replacement

    I'm guessing these are 1:1 tuners? My 1931 tenor has 2:1 ratio 'pancake' tuners, and tension on those is adjusted via the tuner button screw.

    On my 20s tenor banjo I improved the friction using...
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    Re: More than a screw loose, it's missing

    The UK version of eBay has those screws, nickel plated from China at less than $2 for 10. I'd guess that they'd sell them to the US as well.

    Search terms = M2.3 wood screw pan head.

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    Re: A string breaking...often

    CGDA on a 23" scale tenor has worked for many players over the years, so it's certainly do-able. I have no problem with CGDAE on my 23" tenor banjo.

    However, as others have said, that A string is...
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    Re: buzz from old gibson pickguard

    All my tiny piece of cork needs are satisfied by cutting up wine bottle corks.

    I was about to sneer at you for not realising you had a waste bin full of cork, then remembered that NZ has mainly...
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    Re: Unknown banjo??

    Best I can tell you is that it's a tenor banjo, traditionally tuned in fifths CGDA.

    Probably 1920s/early 1930s. Probably made in Chicago by Regal/Harmony, or another of the big volume makers.
  19. Re: I have an open mike on Saturday and I'm scared to death

    I did my first public performance at a group like that, and have persuaded newcomers to overcome their fears and have a go.

    As it's a bunch of people you know, and you know they are supportive,...
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    Re: Cracked neck block

    Could you fill the dovetail either side to make a straight mortice, then cut the dovetail on the neck to a tenon, and then make it a bolt-on? I think this is what John was suggesting. As a mere...
  21. Re: buzzing - truss rod, setup, or fret leveling?

    From your description, I'd start by slackening the strings and then adjusting the truss rod until the neck is as flat as you can get it. Ideally, your straight edge will contact all of frets 1-12,...
  22. Re: Fret buzz, Trinity College octave, not sure where to start

    rcc56 gives the most likely explanation.

    The other possibility is that you have too little relief, again because of humidity changing. Capo at fret 1, fret the lowest string at the body join, and...
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    Re: Pucker in top

    Raising the bridge increases the down force on the top, so it changes shape.

    Visible dents don't sound good, but small ones might not be a problem - pictures could help. Dents which keep getting...
  24. Re: The "legitimate classical instrument" thing..

    I'm actually a lawyer, not a biologist, but I read about evolutionary biology for fun. I enjoy the cladist/non-cladist taxonomical debates because those at the extremes put their positions forward as...
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    Re: A Question on Setup and Action Height

    Yes, you've muddled height above the 12th with height over the 1st.

    Height at the 12th is set to match the player's needs. So if the instrument plays nicely, and you can get all the notes cleanly...
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