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    Re: a fleeting sighting....

    point of clarification..... a recent email from CMSA stated that members would also have receive BMG newsletters.
    at the time, a few did show up on the CMSA web site, but no longer....
    perhaps the...
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    a fleeting sighting....

    "As a member of CMSA, you will also have access to the British BMG (Banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar) Federation newsletters. "

    3 issues were at one point on the CMSA website (with one bad PDF), but...
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    Re: New Bickford Mando-cello Method

    what software are you using to do this?
    i have some of the Bickford already done in bass clef in Sibelius.
  4. stores with bowlbacks (Amsterdam and London)

    can anyone recommend stores in London or Amsterdam that
    have bowlbacks? CBOM bowlbacks even better!

    sheet music store recommendations also appreciated
  5. Re: 2018 Convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America

    does anyone have the name and/or email address of the gentleman who did the computer work to transcribe the En Masse orchestra parts for Santa Rosa? it was announced and I had a chance to chat with...
  6. Re: 2018 Convention of the Classical Mandolin Society of America

    I am registered for the mc section at the convention, and I didn't receive either via email.
    I checked my Gmail spam, and still no luck....
    can somebody help me out?
    i've been tackling measures...
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    Bracony Op. 24

    On MusicaNeo, there is a free download for Alberto Bracony's
    24 Studies for the Mandolin, Part 2, Op. 25

    Opus 25 is Part 1, the first 12.
    Anyone seen this in the wild?
  8. does anyone have PDF for this Calace composition?

    The PDF on the web site for
    14309 Ouverture Genova (trio for mandolin, liuto, and piano)
    appears to be corrupt

    does anyone have a good version of this PDF?
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