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    Re: Solo Recordings - 1 Mandolin

    It's not that I don't like to hear singers. I just find solo mandolin more inspiring, plus I'm not a very good singer. That being said, I hate guys like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and Vince Gill...
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    Re: Eddie Van Halen RIP

    I still say that George Harrison is actually the most influential guitarist the world has ever known. His playing is what initially lead millions to put down the accordion and pick up a guitar. ...
  3. Thread: Why Mandolin?

    by Woyvel

    Re: Why Mandolin?

    Covid hobby turned to obsession. Started getting rid of guitars. No guitar jones for the first time since I was 13 (43 years).
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    Re: 5 string in jazz combo question

    In a school jazz band, i think the mandolin would be great. Way back when, as a guitar player, I'd ask the band director for alternate chords on a lot of chords. The answer I'd usually get would be...
  5. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    I finally stuck with guitar at age 14 after several fits and starts. About 40 years later I picked up the mandolin. It's been 4 months and I'd like it to be my primary instrument, but, heck, I...
  6. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    Try something totally unfamiliar, like playing, or just listening to, music in different genres, maybe not even usually associated with mandolin. If you're accustomed to learning by ear, maybe try...
  7. Re: Sierra Hull playing as half the audience walks away.

    You might also try to learn some Kenny G tunes on mandolin. That'll clear a room.
  8. Re: Hello All. I'm new here, first post. Loving the mandolin.

    Jetson, I'm similar to you, aging rock guitarist. I had some shoulder problems in the past few years and thought the mandolin might be a little easier on them. I bought a Mitchell mandolin for $59...
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    Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    Thanks for all the input. I've solved the problem, at least temporarily, and with a stroke of luck. My wife found an Oscar Schmidt electric at a garage sale this morning, so for $40 I couldn't go...
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    Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    That's what I've been saying about guitars for 40 years, the last 30 to my wife.
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    Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    The Eastman's I played were at a reputable shop where they do great setup work. I just didn't like the tone and they seemed rather quiet, with the A being a few db above the F's.
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