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    Re: Daughter's New Mandolin!

    What a nice story and thanks for sharing. Looking at the pics I said to myself this looks too familiar. It was about 15 years ago I was unpacking a box with my Ratliff R5 (exact same reddish sun...
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    Re: Where did you find your last mando?

    Because the question is "the last mandolin" it would be my Mid-Mo M2 spruce top / maple body. I have the bluegrass related instruments I wanted but I had been getting more into Irish / Canadian...
  3. Re: Do you take your best or most valuable mandolin to gigs?

    I guess I'm going to amend my first response to this discussion. I'll bring the instrument that I feel most comfortable with depending on conditions and safety.
    We used to have a gig where we...
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    Re: Mandolins as a work of art

    Sblock, that is too funny! Even the humble bed pan can become a recycled mando machine.
    If I replaced the mando neck with an over sized Kazoo I could have a blaster to finally over power any banjo...
  5. Re: multi-instrumentalists: how do you manage your time?

    One of the greatest benefits of being retired is be relieved of the need to be managed by the clock. i wasn't managing the clock, the clock was managing me. The day I retired I came home and hung...
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    Re: Mandolins as a work of art

    Yes I swear this to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I have an acquaintance who has a collection of over 200 bed pans. He apparently sees something that pleases his artist...
  7. Re: Do you take your best or most valuable mandolin to gigs?

    Yes I do. In fact if I will be playing on stage (an actual show) I will bring a backup instrument. Much easier to grab the backup in the event of a string break. Trying to change a string in the...
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    Re: Thoughts on a Big Muddy MM-8?

    I have a Mid-Mo M2 spruce top maple body purchased through the classifieds about 3 years ago and I really believe it is a great instrument, especially based on dollars spent. (Granted it was like...
  9. Re: I have MAS and check the classified hourly…

    It's part of my daily routine, usually as I'm finishing my morning coffee. Log on, check the classifieds, then go to the forum. And I have no intention of buying another mando. Between having all...
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    Re: Doc Watson - Blackjack County Chain

    Yep, it's on their CD "The Cold Hard Facts" 1996. Of course now that I found it I have to go ahead and listen to it. The whole CD. oh look it's snowing outside! Pour another cup of coffee. Not...
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    Re: Doc Watson - Blackjack County Chain

    Didn't Del McCoury and the boys record that song? Oh yeah, I just heard that part about killing the sheriff. Now I know they did!
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    Re: only been playing a short while

    Good advice from Fred. I'll add that the mandolin will require more noting accuracy than the guitar due to the closer fret spacing and string spacing. Common sense really, but it took me a while to...
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    Re: When you get injured...

    First and foremost I hope you have complete recovery and get back to playing soon. Your attitude seems great and it should serve you well. I (we) have enjoyed your contributions and perspective...
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    Re: Sonny Osborne - The River of Death

    Funny I had been listening to a lot of Osborne Brothers since Sonny's passing recently. I have the Early Recordings of Sonny Osborne 1952 - 1953 Vol. 1 & 2 originally recorded on Gateway Records. ...
  15. Thread: Vinyl!

    by Bob Gnann

    Re: Vinyl!

    I have about two hundred albums on vinyl, half of which are bluegrass. The Seldom Scene, Doyle & QS, Newgrass Revival, Osborne Bros, etc. Most of the stuff those groups put out back in the 70s and...
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    Re: Two mandolins from the same maker

    Ok Demetrius the gig is up! We know you're working for the MAS marketing people getting all of us who seem to have this MAS thing under control lose their will power.
    Sure show us not one but two...
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    Re: Astroturf Noise

    Sorry, but definitely not for me. My musical mind runs on a more simplistic path. If I can't grasp the melody, the timing, etc it just doesn't click with me. It would be interesting to know the...
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    Re: Workshop Topics Suggestions

    Best of luck with your workshop. Sounds like you have this well thought out. Please let us know how this endeavor went. We'll all take credit for your success!
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    Re: Workshop Topics Suggestions

    Wouldn't hurt to mention some basic music theory. Time signatures, major vs minor, what playing in a key means. I'd keep that very brief but it is beneficial to know there is some basic language...
  20. Re: First instrument(s) suggestions - mostly Irish/celtic/folk

    Welcome to the Forum. Lots of good folks here to give advice and insight to the mando world.
    Not wanting a bluegrass sound I would eliminate the f-hole option. Eliminate the fancy scroll strap...
  21. Re: Concert with the legendary Ray Legere and JP Cormier!

    Oh yeah that's great! Ray is a really great player . Saw him years ago at Pickin in the Pasture in Lodi, NY. Never heard of him back then, but he was amazing that much I do remember. Thanks for...
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    Re: Strap Button Washer

    At first I thought why does any one need to clean the strap button? "Never Mind". (Emily Littela)
    Waiting for the coffee to kick in.
  23. Re: Tips on getting more volume out of a 3 week old Mando?

    Agree with Jim Garber above. Playing and practicing with proper tone will be more beneficial than banging away for more volume. If it's volume you want amplify it with a pick up, mic or whatever. ...
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    Re: My MAS is cured.

    But you did look, right?
  25. Re: Epiphone MM-30: Should I Improve It, Or Upgrade?

    I have the exact same MM-30 but mine is all black. Bought it 15 years ago as my travel mando in my salesman days and it served me well as I was able leave my better instruments safe at home. Still...
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