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    Re: 1963 Gibson f5 custom mandolin

    They can be great mandolins with some modifications, such as re-grad if one can get it cheap enough? They were pretty heavy in those years "wood and lacquer" Most all sound thin if that makes sense,...
  2. Re: Help comparing Kentuckys for upgrade!

    I've heard some recent Kentucky A models-I believe they were the 900's with varnish and other with lacquer and they were actually outstanding! Way better than a KM-1000 I had years ago but mine I...
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    Re: Jeff Austin Health Fund

    That's a bummer, take it from someone that has had major health problems! All no fun. Lets hope he gets whatever help he needs.
  4. Re: Inherited and no manufacturer markings on this 2-point mandol

    Very Nice depression era mandolin! So these were inspired by Albert Shutt's earlier teens mandolins correct? I believe he was the first one to use F-holes and the elevated fretboard right? Never...
  5. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    All this really doesn't bother me, I love all my old Gibson mandolins and the like even a modern Harvey signed mandolin. I'm more into the old stuff anyway but as far as their newer mandolins, I...
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    Re: My first mandolin

    Nice for a first build! You should've seen mine! Not pretty, terrible sounding did I mention very UGLY! Its scrapped now, the neck was the best part as it was a Stew-Mac kit neck-that's still good at...
  7. Re: Levin Mandolin Model 335 10 year warranty on eBay

    I'm not sure but the quality of some of those Levin's look a wee bit better than the Stradolins that I've seen anyway? Plus I sure do love me some pearl block inlays! Also don't those Aristokrats...
  8. Re: Skagg's former Gilchrist F-5 for sale - NFI

    I think it was in the classifieds here a few weeks ago?
  9. Re: Levin Mandolin Model 335 10 year warranty on eBay

    There are a few nice F-hole Levin Mandolins on Reverb? I never played one but they look great to me!
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    Re: Show off your back side

    Here is my Dec. 1st 24 Loar F-5.


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    Re: Show off your back side

    Here is my mid 30s Fern


  12. Re: Gibson Shipping Ledger - November 29, 1951

    That's Monroe's 1936 F-7 in that photo Mike. I don't know where the Epiphone is but F5-Loar "Tom" and myself have talked about it and its in the wind or destroyed? Very neat info thanks to Joe S.
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    Re: Man....I had a blue guitar...

    Well didn't Buzz Busby or Frank Wakefield spray paint a Loar F-5 Blue once upon a time? This is something I heard through the proverbial Bluegrass grapevine?
  14. Re: Article: Stephen Moore and G.T. Keplinger Release John Duffey

    It's a great book, but will take me longer to finish it than expected as my Dad drove up about 900 miles to stay for two weeks so unless I get some free time, we usually just watch stupid movies late...
  15. Finally got it in the mail yesterday and read...

    Finally got it in the mail yesterday and read about half last night, its great, written with quality! And love all the other peoples quotes and takes on John! This is a must have for any Duffey fan!...
  16. Re: For Family. For Country. For Freedom.

    That was one tough generation! My one Grandpa was at Pearl Harbor when we were first attacked and luckily it was on a Sunday as he told his mother on every Sunday morning he would go to church! Also...
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    Re: 2006 a Golden Year for Webers?

    Thanks for the info, I needed $ at the time for getting my property ready for a house etc...Mine was gorgeous! Had very nice all varnished woods-bluegrass mando for sure, all maple and spruce topped!...
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    Re: 2006 a Golden Year for Webers?

    I had a Custom Elite from around then, it was very nice but not my sound so off it went-MontanaMatt did you get your Elite from me?
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    Re: Vega Repair

    First I thought he meant that one of the string tines on the base was busted off-there are many for sale on evilbay but just the missing bottom screw, easy repair, just follow the above...
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    Re: Older Find

    NickR-I've bought many of those Waverly tuners that came on budget banjolins-they are the same for say 1923-24 Gibson mandolins just change out the posts with period posts! A lot of those banjolins...
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    Re: Brought home a Buckeye!

    Those are some mighty fine horns man! I love the looks and the ones I've heard are awesome! Another great builder, no doubt about it and from what I've heard they are very affordable and well worth...
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    Re: Ellis A5?

    Yes that's so true, working with a builder is the best until I remember when I had 2 birdseye blonde MT2-V's and wanted an F-5 but I hated the necks! Well Collings wouldn't do a neck to my specs back...
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    Re: Lyon and Healy, Washburn????

    All it takes is one sucker to pay the price and there are many out there that don't do their homework! Bowlbacks aren't any interest to me so I wouldn't pay much for any of them unless I could get...
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    Re: Ellis A5?

    Your right a guitar show is no place to confirm a mandolin or acoustic instrument! Thank god they usually have a room somewhere where you can go and try something out and not hear people beating on...
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    Re: Gibson A-50

    Its very common that those buttons of that era disintegrate due to time and heat!
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