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    The Ger Mandolin Orchestra

    It is 75 years to the day since Auschwitz - which is in Poland - was liberated. I visited it in September 1989, just a few weeks before the Berlin Wall came down.This is a performance by The Ger...
  2. Re: Andrew Marlin "Cody Road" Artist Session at GMBR

    Very good. Great sound and filming.
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    Re: Position playing or shifting?

    Good points all round.

    I also mainly play Scottish and Irish.

    In regard to using the pinky to reach the high B, Foldedpath is absolutely correct.
    Most of the sessions I go to tend to stick...
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    Re: Light vs. Medium vs. Heavy Picks

    I use a Dunlop 88 for mandolin and tenor banjo, and a White Sharkfin on guitar and octave mandolin.
    I'm afraid I can't really get along with thick picks - in fact I find anything more than .88 too...
  5. Re: New Steve Cooney guitar album of harp music

    Yes thanks for putting that up Sean.
    I watched it yesterday - really enjoyed it.
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    Re: Playing Solo..

    Exactly. David Benedict has gifted us an incredible selection of solo mandolin playing.
    I really look forward to Mondays!
  7. New Steve Cooney guitar album of harp music

    No mandolin content, but I'm sure many of you will be interested to hear that the Australian/Irish guitarist Steve Cooney has just released a guitar album of Irish harp music. Good news!
  8. Re: Accompanying a guitarists who tunes down

    If you are mainly accompanying songs, an octave mandolin capoed wherever you want is very effective.
    I use the octave much more for song accompaniment than mandolin.
  9. Re: Ebay Ratliff Mandolin Ads - Why is there little interest?

    For lots of people an inexpensive Eastman would be plenty good enough, if you are mainly going to use it for simple chords in a sing-song situation or something like that.

    If you get good enough...
  10. Re: Nordic/Finnish/Swedish folk music recommendation

    And since it's nearly Christmas, you might enjoy this thread which features some of the top Swedish players and singers doing Christmas music. It's full of really lovely performances.
  11. Re: Nordic/Finnish/Swedish folk music recommendation

    Magnus Zetterlund is a very good Swedish mandolin player. I enjoy his Nordic trio line-up.

    I've always liked their 2009 performance at Urkult Festival. Great...
  12. Re: Nordic/Finnish/Swedish folk music recommendation

    Vasen from Sweden
  13. Re: sad news, Arty McGlynn passed today...

    Bad news indeed. RIP

    Arty (along with Alec Finn who died about the time the programme was first shown about a year ago) was one of the subjects of TG4's Se Mo Laoch series about legendary...
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    Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

    Mick Moloney does tours. Legendary Irish mandolin player himself.
  15. Re: mandolin same tuning as a tenor banjo?

    I have had a Windsor tenor banjo since the early seventies - the only one I've ever owned and I play it at most of my gigs.

    It has quite a short neck which makes it ideal for Celtic music. I buy...
  16. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    John, I'm so sorry to hear about your wife. I'm afraid I hadn't heard.
    Kindest regards and deepest sympathy,

  17. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    Sounds great. The eating together aspect is quite important I think.
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    Re: Titi Robin playing bouzouki Youtube

    Here is a video of the great collaboration between Titi Robin and Faiz Ali Faiz which I hadn't seen before. I was lucky enough to see this line-up in Glasgow in 2012, but I have to say this...
  19. Re: Going out of the country...personal item/carry-on?

    I always travel with a mandolin as a carry-on, and if necessary check whatever else I'm travelling with. I virtually never fly without a mandolin.
    I have never once had any questions asked about it....
  20. Re: Swedish Christmas Youtubes. Moller, Tallroth etc.

    Cheers Steve. Hope you're well.
  21. Re: Swedish Christmas Youtubes. Moller, Tallroth etc.

    Annual plug for my favourite Christmas music. Delightful.
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    Re: cretan mandolin

    Here is a short film of Zacharias Spyridakis talking about the influence of Ross Daly, with some more good music clips.

    It looks like the interview and performances...
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    Re: cretan mandolin

    Giorgis Xylouris on lauto and Zacharias Spyridakis on lyra. They seem to be in the workshop of Stelios Petrakis (who briefly appears). These guys are actually pretty big names in Cretan music.
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    Re: cretan mandolin

    This is what Cretan music sounds like. Lyra and lauto. Magic.
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    Re: Natural talent vs practice

    In my experience being with or around other people who are motivated can be very productive.

    I know that when I was young I had a couple of friends who were very keen guitarists and we played a...
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