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  1. Re: High end Northfields versus other $8-12k mandos

    To my ears, the answer is yes. Also: nobody's forcing Mike Marshall, Adam Steffey, or Emory Lester to play Northfields.
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    Re: Disappointment

    Not to mention potential need for at least a refret to bring neck relief back into line on a 40-year old instrument without an adjustable truss rod. Sounds like a good buy for a luthier.
  3. Re: Tonedexter wavemaps for mando and mic position...

    I got the most realistic results using small-diaphragm condensers located in front of the headstock, aimed straight down the neck at the mandolin body. I tried out quite a number of mics, many Shure...
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    Re: Headstock Scroll repair?

    Joe Glaser. Glaser Instruments
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    Re: Gibson “Black Night” at TMS

    It may have simply been a case of the dealer custom-ordering it with that finish.
  6. Re: THE FEARLESS FLYERS /// Daddy, He Got a Cessna (feat. Chris T

    That jumpsuit is legit.
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    Honky Tonk Happy Hour

    Here's something sorta western-swingy for your enjoyment - original music by my friend Ben Benedict.
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    Re: 2 Fret Questions

    This is not true - a quick look here will bear that out. While it's true that most saws commonly used for fret slotting will work OK with most fretwires, one still needs to understand if they're...
  9. Re: How to safely remove K and K pickups from archtop guitar.

    Well that's easy enough - you don't! It's more like you hook your finger in there to lay the blade against the inside of the top next to the transducer, then push the blade in with your fingertip.
  10. Re: Grace Design Felix - internal settings and piezo maximization

    The output level of a Feather is definitely less than that of a K&K. And they are less easy to install than a K&K. Everything adds up here! But hang on to that Feather if it's intact, I think...
  11. Re: How to safely remove K and K pickups from archtop guitar.

    You should be able to carefully remove them by insinuating a single-edged razor blade in between pickup and top. Take your time. Observe and make sure you're not digging into either the top or the...
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    Re: 2 Fret Questions

    You are doing a refret at that point and refrets always require making sure the fret slot is repaired of chips from fret removal, cleaned out, and sized appropriately to the new fret.
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    Re: Stationary mic vs. clip on

    No kidding. As others have mentioned, one of the great things about a stand-mounted mic is you can back away when you want to be back further in the mix. Although having to recreate that with a...
  14. Thread: Tonedexter

    by Andy Miller

    Re: Tonedexter

    I just got a Tonedexter and finished making a few wavemaps with it using a few different mic positions. I only had one condenser mic available at home this afternoon, a Shure KSM109, but I work for...
  15. Re: How to Protect the Truss Rod cavity during a mando neck repai

    What I have around came from Stewmac, they sell it as "pickup spring tubing," but I'm sure something similar could be had on Amazon.
  16. Re: How to Protect the Truss Rod cavity during a mando neck repai

    After removing the truss rod nut, I usually cover the exposed portion of the rod with a piece of surgical tubing, it fits tightly and keeps glue and finish off the threads. If it's possible to wad...
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    Re: Show your Mando "Gig Rig"!

    I've had great results with the GLXD16. As others have pointed out, results can vary in tough RF environments, and/or with poor line-of-sight. In the pedal form factor, keep in mind that receiver...
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    Re: Show your Mando "Gig Rig"!

    Pictured here are two alternative rigs:

    1. Preferred, whenever it makes sense - just play into the KSM8 mic!
    2. When plugging in is required, my board here contains a Shure GLXD16 wireless,...
  19. Re: taller frets makes it sound better, more sustain.

    Another thing that will improve tone/sustain is having frets better-seated than the originals were, and perhaps even sealed in with glue. And maybe even a little stiffening of the overall neck...
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    Re: Painting powder coat

    I've sprayed Krylon over a lot of powdercoated pedal enclosures. I usually buy them powdercoated even if I'm painting them because it saves me a lot of surface prep. Scuff it and spray it.
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    Re: Titebond 'hide' glue..

    That product is widely regarded as "not fit for instrument-building." That's debatable, and has been debated here on the Cafe. But it's a fact that it's not the same thing as fresh hot hide glue. ...
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    Re: Mandolin Shops in Chicago?

    In Chicago proper we've got Chicago Music Exchange on Lincoln, and Different Strummer also on Lincoln. In Evanston, Guitar Works. In Frankfort, further out, Down Home Guitars.
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    Re: F Styles uncomfortable?

    At last year's Marshall Mandolin Summit, Mike Marshall advised the F-players to put their left foot on a footrest like a classical guitarist so the leg is elevated for the mandolin to rest on. Or to...
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    Re: Tailpiece replacement

    I'm pretty sure I once purchased a replacement Rigel tailpiece directly from Gold Tone. I don't know whether it's currently possible to do that, but you could probably find out in one phone call.
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    Re: Smart Phone Microphones

    If you've got an iPhone, check out the Shure MV88. (disclosure: I do work for Shure so I'll not say more than "check it out!")
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