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  1. Re: Andrew Marlin's awesome new instrumental album

    Rather than create a new thread, I thought I'd give this one a shot in the arm.

    Andrew has announced a (short!) series of West Coast dates with the BIAC crew this December.

    Tickets are on...
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    Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    Might be able to find a Nugget in your range or, as Hank mentioned, there're Givens' out there, too.

    I wouldn't rule out a new instrument from one of the builders you mentioned. I thought a new...
  3. Re: Article: The 1978 Bob Givens Interview from The Guitars Frien

    Heh. Probably the first time I've heard of a Gil F5 being used as a backup...
  4. Re: I think something's wrong with my mandolin.

    Can't believe that someone hasn't mentioned this yet, but you clearly need to buy another mandolin... so you can A/B them and find out what's wrong with the first one.
  5. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    Agreed. Not all that interested in the Alabama/Garth Brooks/Lady Antebellum destination...
  6. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    Great start. Good to see the Carters and Jimmie Rodgers getting their due.
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    Re: Should I pay for damage caused?

    Yes. At least offer, sincerely.
  8. Re: PBS documentary on the history of Bluegrass

    Heads up for PDX OPB watchers:

    This is on the schedule for Sunday Sep 29 at noon til 2.
  9. Re: For the timid: simulated jam to wet your feet

    There's also this:
  10. Re: Mandolin Orange and NPR's tiny desk concert

    As much as I love them with the full band, this is the format that first drew me in and will always be my fav.
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    Re: Andrew Marlin's Gilchrist F5

    That's the mandolin Andrew used on 'Buried In A Cape.'

    Good to hear it's the hands of another player who can do it justice!
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    Re: Eastman MD-305

    Your previous experience playing guitar will make your ear much more attuned to the tone improvements over your beater mando. That A9 linked above is a really sweet deal, if the instrument is in as...
  13. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    I would recommend signing up for the Traveling Pick Sampler. It's a couple of big bags of different picks that are making their way around the Cafe community. You'll get a chance to try out a bunch...
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    Re: Montana mandolin field trip

    Great trip report, Hank!
  15. Re: Trigger Pulled - Eastman 304 on it's way!

    Another vote for Baron and Work your way through all the beginner lessons and then start on the tunes. Do donate if you find them helpful!
  16. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    Congrats! You are going to love it!
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    Re: Mandolin orange tab search?

    I've been using the Amazing Slowdowner for this purpose, and it works great.

    Andrew doesn't impress me as a 'write-down-the-details' kind of guy, so I would not expect to find any "official" tabs....
  18. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    With your guitar setup experience and Rob Meldrum's e-book, you would be totally fine setting up your own mando. My guess is that you'd read through Rob's book and say to yourself "oh, that's pretty...
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    Re: Practice Regiment Questions

    Sounds like you have a good set of mechanics going. I'd suggest learning as many standard fiddle tunes as you can. At, Baron has tons of lesson vids, where he breaks each one down...
  20. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    It is a choice for every business entity (large or small) to follow this path, or not. Doing nothing (as they have for decades wrt design rights) is a choice. Litigation is a choice. Threatening...
  21. Re: Which higher priced F style models have solid wood scrolls?

    Here's maybe a better illustration:
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    Re: Mandolin Orange Information

    My guess is that it was an early version of Quiet Little Room, which they self-produced about that time. You could ask Andrew on his site He also pops in here from time to time.
  23. Thread: Ellis A5?

    by Kevin Winn

    Re: Ellis A5?

    Here's my step-up story:

    I went into Fiddler's Green thinking I would walk out with one mandolin (based on YouTube listenings), played everything they had (including the Ellis A and F) and kept...
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    Re: Leon Redbone - RIP

    The world is a little less cool today....
  25. Re: How much does a Northfield actually cost to make?

    There's a reason it's called "disposable income".....
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