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    Re: Faux Resonator Regal made Artistic

    Hello Everyone! My name is Aimee Ellis, I am the Great-Granddaughter of Mr. Aaron Burdwise, proprietor of Burdwise Musical Merchandise company, which stopped operating circa 1930. I can tell you as...
  2. Re: Should I file a claim for a Prize Burdwise Mandolin?

    Hi Everyone,

    Wanted to weigh in as I am the great-granddaughter of Mr. Aaron Burdwise, proprietor of A. Burdwise Musical Merchandise. Here is an article about some of the history of the company:...
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    Re: Unusual Pick

    Hi Everyone!

    Sorry this response is years late but I am the Great Granddaughter of Mr. Aaaron Burdwise and wanted to share more info (including links to interviews with him in trade journals)...
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