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  1. Re: “Free” vrs “metered” tremelo

    I also thank all the participants and their interesting comments ... being the mandolin cafe a forum on mandolin, it is obvious that the issue of tremolo has been dealt with countless times. I...
  2. Re: Cherokee Shuffle feat. The pickin' critters

    Some musicians make hundreds of videos with dull and boring music ... with a few videos and this one in particular, you show so much talent and especially musical joy! Thanks! :mandosmiley:
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    Re: Hector the Hero

    excellent music and excellent mandolin playing Crisscross...Martin Jonas, excellent video as always...:)
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    Re: French ABC tunebook

    I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but in this site there is quite a lot of Asturian, Galician music, etc.:
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    Re: How do you speed up the left hand?

    I'm working with The Complete Mandolinist, by Marilynn Mair. It has a section devoted to the technique of the left hand: a lot of exercises with fingerings, etc...then a section dedicated to the...
  6. Re: Playing classical mandolin on a modern instrument

    there is no "bluegrass type mandolin" can play any type of music on any type of mandolin... Chris Thile plays Bach on a F mandolin.

    A type mandolin with a good setup it's an excellent...
  7. Re: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet mu


    Taking advantage of the opportunity, it would be possible to post the directory of mp3 archives again? the one that has the recordings of Vicari and others?

    Thanks :mandosmiley:
  8. Re: Amado Mio (tango), from "Gilda" (1946)

    I like this version so much, that if I listen to it one more time, I will lose my hair ...:mandosmiley:
  9. Re: My trip to Madrid and Toledo's Paco De Lucia's home.

    Toledo is, imho, the most beautiful city in Spain...and Paco one of the greatest guitarists!!! thanks for sharing the videos of your trip...:mandosmiley:
  10. J. S. Bach BWV1004 - Ciaccona Transcr. Eduardo Egüez

  11. Re: Giacomo Sartori - Free scores in the Petrucci Library (IMSLP)

    Al mare march, Crisantemo (Chrysanthemum waltz), Sempre con te waltz and First kiss waltz are available in the Italian 'ballo liscio' thread...:mandosmiley:
  12. Re: Article: Bach: Harpsichord Concertos Transcribed for Mandolin

    Here is a fantastic sample
  13. Re: Going Electric - what do I need to know?

    I suppose that low-cost mandolins need some updating. I have a Mandobird Viii and I've replaced the nut; the bridge and the pickup with new almuse pickup and bridge. No week E, no bad intonation...It...
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    Free Greek Music Book

    I found on the web a free greek music book by Ricardo Sánchez Alférez, 10 melodies with sheet music and mp3 files. This is the link:

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    Re: Italian Mazurkas Anyone?

    "Mio Dolce Sogno" by Giovanni Vicari it is one of the most beautiful waltzes I have ever heard...:mandosmiley:
  16. Re: Who goes on Mandolin Mount Rushmore?

    Vinaccia - Loar - Apollon - Monroe...
  17. Re: June Jazz tune of the month: Swing 42

    Pete Martin, always a Maestro! and David, you're not afraid to use the tremolo, when I hear you, I hear a mandolinist playing jazz with a mandolin...I love it!:mandosmiley:
  18. Re: Fado: Dudu Maia, Douglas Lora, Irene Atienza

    It's not a is a cuban bolero sung by a spanish singer with two brazilian musicians...
  19. Re: The great 440 Hz conspiracy, and why all of our music is wron

    The Earth is not flat, the earth is sharp...
  20. Re: Best Beginner Book for Learning to Read Music

    Free Tab Reader's Guide to Standard Notation in the attachment...

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    Re: The Last Rose of Summer

    In the Cristofaro Mandolin Method I, this song appears as Romance de la Rose (3rd Recreation) from the opera Martha (In the wikipedia link for The Last Rose of Summer: Friedrich von Flotow: aria...
  22. Re: Picaflor from Five Songs of the Cuzco Indians by Mark Davis

    Bravo Maestro!

    The bowlback versión sounds more authentic to my andean ears...
  23. Re: Italian Waltz: "Mio Amico" (F.L. Grossi, 1917)

    The same picture is used in the artwork of the cd Les Galanteries: Mandolin Music from 18th-Century, by Artemandoline.

  24. Re: How to determine the beat on songs you've never heard?

    I have the book...I only have to add to all the comments, that in the book the speed suggestion for the tune is above the first measure. In the song 110, The Drunken Sailor, is LIVELY.

  25. Re: English Translation of Leone's Method?

    I found a pdf with an explanation of the theory in Leone's method (Gervasio, Denis, etc.), but it's in spanish. It's a work of Pedro Chamorro, with a foreword of Magda Wilden-Hüsgen.

    This is the...
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