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  1. Re: Tips for fairly new Mando players

    Thanks for all the advice! I actually just attended a jam at a local coffee shop this monday. There were a ton of exremely skilled mandolin players. They even put me on the spot and made me sing a...
  2. Re: Tips for fairly new Mando players

    I can chop to most songs, still working on the minors. Also, I can pick out Angeline the baker and thats about it.
  3. Tips for fairly new Mando players

    Hey everybody, I am just wanting to hear some advice on the best way I can go about mastering the mandolin. Every little bit helps!
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    New Mandolin Player

    I am wanting to add some new music to my arsenal. What oldtime songs are fairly simple to pick out on the mandolin?
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    Country Gentelmen Tab help!

    Does anyone have the mandolin tab for the song "Hallelujah Side" by the Country Gentlemen?
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