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    Re: Sawchyn for a newb?

    The thing about the f-hole vs round-hole, carved vs flattop suitability argument is that is that it doesn’t go both ways. There is definitely a bluegrass sound achieved easiest with a carved-top...
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    Re: Seagull S8 Owners Thread

    The bridge is so specific and unique to the instrument, not to mention firmly glued in place, it is hard to conceive of a replacement unless there was a warranty-covered issue. The saddle (which you...
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    Re: First Mando - Eastman 304

    One of the neat things about a 304 is that while you treat it with care and respect, you can do little custom touches like a strap button install on the heel yourself without killing the value. You...
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    What’s the difference between a ukelele and a mandolin?

    A ukelele is a small fretted instrument which thousands of people enjoy playing.

    A mandolin is a small fretted instrument which thousands...
  5. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    Hi Zak. Looking at your music choices and disinterest in volume, you are a pure Celtic music dude. (Canadien comme moi?) Thus I would say, not only are you a candidate for an oval soundhole,...
  6. Willie’s Diamond Joe—on tenor banjo

    CBOM content...I got this Ludwig Kingston tenor banjo in Halifax last year. Holy cow is it ever loud, Especially compared to my previous one. Anyway an old friend who now lives in Western Australia...
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    Re: Seagull S8 Owners Thread

    I’ve had one for three years and still play it quite often. It’s my favourite for casual living room picking or learning a new tune on. I find the tone quite warm and it’s comfortable to play. I...
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    Re: Nash The Slash documentary

    Thanks for that JH! We should get together for tunes sometime, I’m near Lanark. Bill.
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    Re: Ottawa Mandolin Club Starting Up

    I guess I missed this, but I’d be interested in getting together any old time during the half of the year when I’m in Ontario. Please put me on the list. I’ll PM my email. Thanks for taking the...
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    Re: Mandolin (Violin?) Music Resources

    This isn’t quite what you asked for, but it might be part of what you are -looking- for.

    In Cape Breton a very flashy piano style has been developed alongside their fiddle tradition. The catch is...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Your wit and wisdom is much appreciated in this forum, Ivan. Here’s to you and your loved ones.
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    Re: Mandocaster?

    I bought one of the new Fenders about five years ago. Haven’t played it in two or three. The price was right, and it’s simple and sturdy and cute. I had a lot of fun trying effects and had some...
  13. Re: So... They seem to think I'm starving and homeless?

    Jeff, I must beg to differ on your all-caps “Uninvited” declaration. Many enlightened cities and towns have public spaces where busking and other informal commercial and artistic activities are...
  14. Re: So... They seem to think I'm starving and homeless?

    That was me, Ranald. Aack!

    The thing is, a lot of seasoned performers continue busking as part of their income stream. If you fond a way to make it work, it’s fresh air, honest work, low overhead,...
  15. Re: Tenor Banjo suggestion for beginner Mando player

    Definitely specifically go for a 17-fret tenor. Open-back might be a good starting point too if you’re not too concerned yet about having lots of volume. These two form factors will bring you closest...
  16. Re: So... They seem to think I'm starving and homeless?

    I was going to say “don’t confuse busking with panhandling, or buskers with homeless people”, but location and context are everything. It’s interesting that people responded as if they were being...
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    Re: Question about Playing in Cold Weather

    I’m not sure why my hometown (O-town)’s climate becomes the centre of this thread but -40 is where C and F are the same. We haven’t seen actual -36F in years and years—that would include the...
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    Re: Not much of a mando culture in my area

    I’ve never really thought about “mandolin culture” though it’s been my primary instrument for many years. Winter and spring I live, like Ranald, in the Ottawa area. Rest of the time I’m in one of the...
  19. Re: Observations from my first festival parking lot jam

    As your confidence builds, so does your volume. Might not be your forever instrument (or it might be) but there is -Definitely- enough potential volume on your The Loar.

    Work that right hand....
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    Re: Problems we like to have ...

    “Which session am I going to this week?”
    “OMG I’m tired after last night out, am I really going out two nights in a row?”
    “OMG I’m tired, am I really going out three nights in a row?”
    “I guess...
  21. Re: An incredible evening of Cape Breton music and dance

    Have we met, jshane? I’m guessing we are both here the same 6 months ;)=

    I hang around the Sydney scene, generally Governors Wed, Blue Mist Thurs, and more oft than not Breton Brewing on...
  22. Re: Would really appreciate some help choosing between these 5 ma

    To my mind it’s between the Eastman 805 and the Ratliff. I would go Ratliff except I strongly prefer a radiused fingerboard, so if that is the difference I would go Eastman.

    I have a rule of...
  23. Re: Need help identifying this mandolin. Bought at yard sale.

    No label inside? This is an average quality turn of the century commercially made bowlback. Pretty sure it’s a Regal, since I found a near-identical one with a two-click search:...
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    Re: Help identify wood

    Wikipedia tells all:

    You can spot it in the log, sometimes even with the bark on. I sometimes find curly maple pieces in my firewood pile, which causes...
  25. Re: Mandolins travelling at 10,000 kilometres above earth

    Hello fellow rural Canadian. Here’s some things I know from experience. I’m going to save some time and give you my unparalleled wisdom on your choice-of-instrument question here while I’m at it. ...
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