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    Re: Tag on Mandolin Cafe Hats

    I just did and received a prompt and direct response with the requested information.
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    Tag on Mandolin Cafe Hats

    I'm interested in a good hat mfr for an organization I'm involved with. Would someone please post what the tag says on their mandolin cafe hat? I know it is (or was) a company in Hanover, PA. ...
  3. Re: Article: ZETA Announces Launch of the "Stage" Model Mandolin

    Sounds exciting. I haven't stumbled across any prices yet.
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    Re: Odd problem with treble pairs

    In addition to reading glasses, those smart phones we carry around are also excellent at magnifying things. Take a good in-focus close up photo, then look at the photo on your phone and zoom in on...
  5. Installing a K&K internal with a James tailpiece

    I wanted to add a note for folks installing a K&K internal pickup on a mando with a James tailpiece. I did the research here before the install and I saw conflicting info on whether or not you have...
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    Re: Sold my Collings and got a Pava

    I have a Pava and a Weber. I enjoy playing both, but for some reason the Pava makes some shapes easier for me to do. I am going to add a k&k internal pickup to one of them. I hate to risk a ding...
  7. Thread: Pava

    by Canoedad

    Re: Pava

    Congratulations Greg! I'm just up the road in Franklin Park. Glad you won. I already have my Pava :mandosmiley:
  8. Re: Article: Pava A5 Pro Mandolin Giveaway Starts April 13

    Hope I don't get kicked out. I accidentally hit "back" and then "refresh" (trying to get back to the main MC page) after i registered and got a big stop sign saying I had already registered. I...
  9. Re: Just add it to your cart......and don't ask questions!!!!!

    Back in 2011 when I first started looking at mandolins I was on The Mandolin Shop’s website. I accidentally put a mandolin “in my cart.” I didn’t know how to get it back out and ont the sales...
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    Re: John Prines mandolin player.

    I'm a Prine fan who has lost touch with him a bit. But watching that video, well he's older now. Aren't we all. But I liked the mandolin accompaniment. No, it didn't make my socks go up and...
  11. Re: Early 10,000 Maniacs show with 2 mandolin songs (video)

    Thank you so much for posting this! What a treasure they were!
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    Re: What do ya'll call your mandos?

    If I built a mandolin I guess I'd call it something. But as it happens, mine come pre-named.
  13. Re: Estate of Bill Monroe Offers Rare Ownership of Prized Possess

    You mean I can buy the right to chase people around and sue 'em for using Bill Monroe's name and likeness? Sounds expensive.
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    Re: In Defense of F-Styles

    JeffD, seems you were saying, "you don't know what you don't know."

    Yesterday I was looking for the best price on a steering rack for a Toyota Sienna. Someone could have pointed me in that...
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    Re: 23' Loar at Norman's Rare Guitars

    What if the instrument is "all there" and it remains there?
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    Re: New (used) Smart A5!

    I'm a A style lover and yours pushes my buttons like crazy! I'd love to see more pics. And it sounds incredible. Congratulations!
  17. Re: Case question for Pava / Ellis A-style mandolin owners

    I have a Pava in a custom fitted Calton. I did not have the Calton made to keep a Tone Gard on because I didn't use one at the time. But it fits just fine with the TG and I keep it on.
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    Re: Stiver F5 in Buffalo NY Craigslist ad

    Here you go ....
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    Re: New-to-Me Pava F5 #198

    Mike, The first one they had, I emailed to suggest a correction. But every one gets listed the same. Must be something in their computer.
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    Re: New-to-Me Pava F5 #198

    She's a beauty! I've got a question though, why are these models being referred to as Pava "Player" Fs? The binding, tailpiece and headstock inlay are that of the "Pro" model for the Pava As. ...
  21. Re: Ideas to get a replacement pick guard for Pava #14

    Nick, I don't know. There is no visible hardware or screws attaching it. Pins?
  22. Re: Ideas to get a replacement pick guard for Pava #14

    Pavas can come with pick guards if so ordered. At my request, Dennis at the Mandolin Store ordered my number 46 with one. It is an Ellis pick guard and I love it.

    As someone above mentioned,...
  23. Re: Stolen 10 years ago, on craigslist today - what can I do?

    Maybe it's time to let this thing die pending an update from the OP.
  24. Re: Stolen 10 years ago, on craigslist today - what can I do?

    One thing is odd ... if the person who stole it is now the person selling it 10 years later, why would he be so freely giving out the serial number? You'd think he would try to avoid doing that.
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    Re: Who's the most fetching?

    This reminds me of the Seinfeld "Merv Griffin Set" episode.

    Kramer to Newman: "Ok, we've officially just BOTTOMED out."
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