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  1. Re: Weber no longer producing octave Gallatins.
  2. Re: NEW Kentucky KM906 - end pin fell out (only owned it 3 months

    Personally, I apply a very small dab of glue to the endpin then push it in snug and give it a slight twist, maybe 10-15 degrees. My view is that the potential for catastrophic damage due to an...
  3. Re: Renaissance lute and baroque guitar I've built

    Thanks! The sides are sapele and the back is London plane.
  4. Re: Source of bone for bandolim bridges

    Sterilized cow bone from the pet store. Should be under $3, and one will be enough to make many bridges, or at least a few if they need to be taller. Cutting them can be a challenge. I usually cut...
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    Re: Support you Local Lumberyard

    172297 I've also really liked searching for local lumberyard wood. Attached picture is birch, not maple, but there is a strong precedence for mandolins with birch backs, thanks to early Gibsons. I've...
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    Re: Support you Local Lumberyard

    Not to take anything away from your beautiful instrument, but big box stores charge 2-4x more for basic maple than a real wood supplier does. They make it seem cheap by listing it by the linear foot,...
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    Re: Support you Local Lumberyard

    A really, really long maple fret board with very "light" frets?
    Couldn't resist. :whistling:

    Wow. Picture shows some fine figuring, I know, photos of bare wood can't do it justice, but wow.
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    Re: Top plate: Exposing the scroll block?

    I think you are referring to the practice of using a "riser block". It is a piece of wood, usually the same species as the side wood, that is glued directly to the head block and the top wood meets...
  9. Re: In need of help identifying recent library donation.

    Mick -- fine, it's not a Larson.

    However, I really do resent the tone of your reply. I did a bit of research, found that "Champion" was a brand identified with Robert Maurer of Chicago, who was...
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    Re: Monroe doesn't swing!

    Chris Henry has put a lot of study into Monroe's style. He has his own style of course, but is quite adept at replicating Bill's. I think this short video (which has been discussed here dozens of...
  11. Re: Breakdown in communications - oddball response - am I nuts?

    ...or tuning a mandolin :mandosmiley:
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    Cumberland Acoustics - much praise

    Well, I spent this past Saturday with Steve Smith at Cumberland Acoustics, and wanted to share how great the experience was. I've had my Weber Bitteroot-A for a while now, and always suspected it...
  13. Re: Breakdown in communications - oddball response - am I nuts?

    On my grandparents gravestone is the family motto: Love each other and be brave. I always interpreted "love each other" as to respect everyone, not matter how crazy they are, and apply the golden...
  14. Thread: Tin ear

    by John Flynn

    Re: Tin ear

    I am 64 and have been playing guitar for over 45 years, mandolin for over 25 years. First, if you are actively playing music, if you can hear when something is out of tune, if you can tell one tune...
  15. Principles of Shape Lesson 1: Surface control

    Principles of Shape

    Lesson 1: Surface Control

    For Becky

    The notion of surface control came to mind while shaping the nut on a Lafferty mandolin this afternoon. This is natural to my hands...
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    Re: More bark anyone?

    I don't find any of these punsters to be criminal. I guess I can now consider them to be "imMaturin".
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    Re: New Forster Session King Tenor

    Cedrela is what they make the necks of good Spanish guitars with - it's somewhere between a softwood and a hardwood. Perfect for the sound I want from a tenor. This is the guitar:

  18. Bryan McDowell on A Mendel Octave, with Claire Lynch

    Ian Gray, Claire Lynch's husband, sent me this video of Claire and Bryan McDowell doing "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" with the octave they got from me a couple of years ago. I had the opportunity...
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    Re: Who's your favourite CBOM player???

    Donal Lunny of course, but there is Daoiri Farrell previously mentioned. A great singer as well and will be out here in Australia around Easter. The fascinating thing about the bouzouki is that there...
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    New Tom Kimber video - Session King tenor

    Tom Kimber went around to see Ian Stephenson today to record a video on the new SK tenor which will be on its way to the US in a day or two.

  21. Tenor Guitar category added to Classifieds

    We felt the time was right to open up a dedicated Tenor Guitar category in the Classifieds. Not a lot of action there but in looking these over they were appearing either in Guitars, Other, Wanted,...
  22. Silverangel #359 Redwood vs. #363 Adirondack Spruce (Video)

    I decided to put together a little "side by side" comparison video of my two Silverangel F's. The first is about a year old and has a Redwood top. The other, is a recent build that is only a few...
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    Re: Reverse curl mandolins

    Yeah I thought it made a lot of sense too. Kind of like how Henry Ford turned all his wood scraps and crates into Kingsford charcoal, making use of what would otherwise be trash.

    I found a few...
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    Wayfaring Stranger Mongolian Throat Cover

    Maybe bluegrass has some Mongolian roots...
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    Kala tenor guitar

    Have picked up a Kala Tenor guitar and played it for a few days now. Really enjoying this instrument. I come from baritone ukulele, so I have it tuned DGBe. The instrument is well made, I did not...
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