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    Re: Practicing Bach during the lockdown

    After selling my MT2V I didn't touch a mandolin for two years......but now I've got this cheap, old Morgan Monroe.....working on this Bach piece, super challenging.
    It's not perfect by any means,...
  2. started playing again....some Bach.....

    After not touching the mandolin for two years....I picked it up again at the beginning of this quarantine after breaking my ankle in two places (lots of sitting around)....had to sell my MT2V and was...
  3. new duet: mandolin & Seaboard RISE (keyboard)

    The composer Max Richter describes this piece of music as “a place to think”. We hope you can find peace in this, as we have. Six minutes to just be free and let your mind float. This has not been an...
  4. Re: Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...

    Although I'm working hard on "tweaking" my technique by playing as much as I possibly can.....I'm not sure your theory holds evidenced by other lazy pickers who have scooped their...
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    Re: Practicing Bach during the lockdown

    I confess, I was not familiar with Sato....but I am grateful for your recommendation. Beautiful playing, great recording and production. Those are some lights! ; )
  6. Re: The virus, the economy, mandolins and you

    Hey All....and special hey to Bob Clark up the road from me here in South Jersey.
    It's hit hard in the Northeast. As a professional classical recording engineer this has shaken my company to the...
  7. Re: Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...

    Just curious, did you do it yourself or have it done? I had a luthier do that to my Weber Bitterroot F a few years back.
    Again, this was kind of down and dirty....just couldn't take the thing being...
  8. Re: Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...

    Thanks..I'm going to clean it up with a wood file and sandpaper to even out the angle at the end of the fretboard.
  9. Re: Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...

    Actually, and honestly, No......I just went for it. And proud to say not even a scratch on the top. I did use very thin cardboard to protect the strings as I was cutting "up" from underneath the...
  10. Re: Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...

    The Blue Chip coping saw will be $179.
  11. Just removed my "Florida"...myself..with a coping saw...


    You may have seen my Tone Experiment with the mandolin recently.....well with this much time on my hands I'm determined to make the best of this $350 instrument. I put on $54...
  12. Re: Are Thomastik-Infeld Strings That much Better?

    I used TI's always on my Collings MT2V (and love them) and then went to try them on my Weber 20" Octave Mando.....just as a heads up the way they are constructed with the green (I think it was green)...
  13. Re: Mando Tone Experiment (picks/strings) with YouTube video

    Thanks for listening and yes, that is basically my conclusion.....and yes, in person the difference is drastic but on the recorded sound it's not as apparent. But again, I'm using very good mic's,...
  14. Mando Tone Experiment (picks/strings) with YouTube video

    Two years ago, I had to sell my beloved Collings MT2V mandolin. I did not touch a mandolin for two years until this weekend after I fell and broke my ankle. Finding myself with nothing to do but sit...
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    Re: GIROUARD F4 Delivered Today !!!

    Beautiful Instrument.....LOVE the color! Enjoy!!
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    Re: Practicing Bach during the lockdown

    Nice job. Are you familiar with the new recordings of all Bach cello suites by violinist Johnny Gandelsmann?
    He is incredible....the's the violinist for Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble and is also a...
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    Re: Busking! who's gone and done it?

    Nice work DataNick! Didn't read through this whole thread but I think it's safe to say I'd be surprised if anyone beat your "hourly rate" : ) I actually have done quite a bit of busking for...
  18. Re: How do you approach a complex piece of music

    That's my latest....earlier this year.
    I'll jump in with my 2 most of this thread, skimmed some of it for sake of time....but thought...
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    bach g minor presto

    bach g minor presto
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Bach g minor presto....
  21. Not many people can "improve" on a Bach...

    Not many people can "improve" on a Bach composition......MM is awesome. Love this duo!
  22. Re: Article: Schertler GIULIA Amp Giveaway

    Hey Bob....very cool....maybe one day I can bring my wife to check it out.....we're straight down Rt. 40 in Mays Landing....not too far from you....small world!!
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    Re: Should one be swayed by nut width??

    Hey Jerry,
    The main thing is to enjoy this phase of the journey...seems like you're geographically in a location that doesn't allow you to test drive a lot of instruments in person...but of course...
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    Re: post a video of yourself h00410
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    Re: Post A Picture Of Yourself

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