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    Re: Bryan Sutton on mandolin?!?

    Bryan plays mandolin on this fantastic track from Tim O'Brien's Chicken and Egg. Really musical and tasteful playing.
  2. Re: Post A picture of your favorite "A" model

    182429182430 Nugget 272 Art Deco A style
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    Re: Campanella Mandolins

    Wow, I bet it is a beautiful instrument, but I'm sure I couldn't afford I guess I'll stay a part time six string player. :)
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    Re: What's The One That Got Away?

    The first mandolin that ever gave me first-date-wobbly feelings inside was a Collings MF with a cherry red sunburst. I didn't know an instrument could play that easily...that was many years ago and...
  5. Re: Of your favorite instruments that qualify for this site...

    It really depends on the day. I'm blessed with two beautiful mandolins, but the one that feels the most like home is my Nugget. My hands seem to conform to its shape and its shape has changed with...
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    Re: New Mandolin Day - Ellis

    Really beautiful! Congrats.
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    Re: Campanella Mandolins

    I've played a few at the Music Emporium when I used to live in Boston. They had a used F style that had more of a Monteleone shepherd's crook than a scroll for a while. That was a beautifully...
  8. Re: Thoughts on starter fiddles/transitioning to fiddle


    I don't really personally play fiddle, but I purchased one a few years ago as my wife wanted to learn and I knew enough to help her get started until she had a decent teacher. I recommend...
  9. Free Online Improvisation Workshop Tonight

    Hi fellow musicians,

    I'm holding the second online workshop tonight at 6:30 central. We will be covering elements of improvisation tonight and how to develop different musical ideas. Please feel...
  10. Re: Free Online Mandolin Workshop - Brainstorming

    I'll be hosting the first free online workshop this Thursday at 6:30pm central time. Please PM me if you would like to tune in and join!


  11. Re: Free Online Mandolin Workshop - Brainstorming

    Hi Gina,

    Thanks so much for your input. I think that your subject of tone production is the perfect topic for the workshop!
  12. Free Online Mandolin Workshop - Brainstorming

    Hi fellow mandolinists,

    My name is Davey and I would like to host a free online mandolin workshop for our community as a way to introduce myself to you as a music educator. Iíve taught for many...
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    Re: Prettiest Peghead Inlays Ever

    I'm quite partial to the inlay on my instrument...a little biased I guess but it's certainly unique! Here's a picture from the mandolin archive 179598
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    Re: Mandolin art (drawing)

    Nice work folks! I love to draw too. This is a self-portrait/mandolin drawing that I did for my recital in grad school.179531
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    Re: Pricing of pre Loar A style Gibson

    Thanks for the help. Most of the prices at quoted were also from brick and mortar shops. Iíll relay this info to him and see what happens. Chances are heíll fall in love with another 8 stringed...
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    Re: Pricing of pre Loar A style Gibson

    Hi folks,

    Thanks for the replies. I believe it's from a brick and mortar shop and all told, it looks to be in the $1900-$2000 range. From what I can see in the photos he sent via text, the...
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    Pricing of pre Loar A style Gibson

    Hi mandolin hive mind,

    One of my best friends is primarily an Irish bouzouki player (and an excellent all-around musician!) but seems to have acquired a classic case of MAS. After checking out a...
  18. Re: Kickstarter for Duo Album - mandolin content

    Hi everyone in mandolin world,

    I just wanted to say thanks to those of you that have checked out our Kickstarter. We are 33% of the way to our goal with 42 days left until our campaign concludes....
  19. Kickstarter for Duo Album - mandolin content

    Hi fellow mandolin fans,

    I haven't posted on the forum in quite some time, but I wanted to share a passion project from my wife and me. We are a folk duo under the name The Boston Imposters. For...
  20. Benefit for the Ostroushko Family

    Hello mandolin family,

    I just received word of this benefit concert in Minnesota for Peter Ostroushko and his family. Peter Ostroushko is one of my musical heroes and I wanted to pass this link...
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    Free Concert on Concert Window

    Hi mandolin community! My duo the Boston Imposters is playing at Club Passim in Cambridge tonight starting at 7pm Eastern. We are opening for a good friend and colleague Rob Flax. There will be...
  22. Re: New Gilchrists land at Carter Vintage Guitars

    I completely agree about the Model 1's from this era! I acquired one from the original 2009 batch this year and it is a spectacular instrument. Hope you enjoy your new Gil!!
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Hi friends! Thought I'd post a quick video of our quartet from Joe Val this year. It's an original tune written by our Fiddler/Band leader Rob Flax called "Alpaca Noir". Cheers!...
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    Boston Bluegrass Boatride

    Hi mandolin world!

    If you are in the Boston area and would like to have a unique concert experience, my band is playing a series of concerts on a ship in Boston harbor. The first concert is...
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    Re: Chris Thile / Bach Trios Gear

    I saw him in Boston with Yo Yo and Edgar last week. It was indeed his Lawrence Smart mandola! :)
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