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  1. Re: Help with terrible sounding K&K Twin Mandolin Pickup

    Cheryl, I have K&K pickups in both my mandolin and guitar and both sound great without the need of any kind of preamp or fancy EQ. I strongly suggest you give their technical service department a...
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    Re: snark picks-anyone tried these

    I love the Snark picks. There is a noticeable improvement to the sound. Just received a dozen .94mm for the guitar and a dozen 1.07mm for the mandolin.
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    Re: D R mandolin strings

    A most interesting discussion regarding strings. I may be a newbie on the mandolin but I've been changing acoustic guitar strings for more than 41 years. Here's what I've learned:
    1. ...
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    Re: Hiscox Mandolin Case

    Well, I ended up purchasing two Gator cases in lieu of the Hiscox Mandolin case. Both Gator cases exhibit the ABS plastic outer shell and aluminum molding strips. One is for my Lakewood guitar and...
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    Re: New Mandolin

    Welcome to the party rklepper. I'm a new member of this forum and this is a great place with lots of helpful people. I just bought a new Eastman 515 that's about a week or two old now. Like...
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    A Really Great Mandolin Stand

    Greetings All
    For all those in need of a good (REALLY good) Mandolin stand, I highly recommend the Hercules Autogrip stand with the backrest, model #GS412B. It's perfect. I think Musicians Friend...
  7. Re: Yet Another Newbie with a New Eastman Mandolin

    Good advice allenhopkins. I'm thinking about the tailpiece because I bought a K&K pickup for this mandolin. To install, I must drill out the tailpiece and mandolin so that the input jack fits. I'm...
  8. Yet Another Newbie with a New Eastman Mandolin

    Hi all! My first post. Today, I received a very nice Eastman 515 mandolin from the good folks at Backstage Music in Mississippi. I live in New Hampshire. Prior to this morning, I never even held...
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