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  1. Re: B & J Serenader Resonator Mandolin 1930s

    Right you are -- that'll teach me to rely on my aged memory.
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    Re: 1910 Mandolin

    OP started this thread in the "General Information" forum. Additional pix posted there.

    Threads could usefully be merged, but I'm not sure in which forum...
  3. Re: B & J Serenader Resonator Mandolin 1930s

    B & J is Bugeleisen & Jensen, big-time distributors, not manufacturers. "Serenader" was one of their common pre-WII nameplates. This one (which sold, by the way) is IMHO a regular wooden mandolin...
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    Re: Lyon an Healy?

    JR Rickard, friend of mine, worked at a local thrift store, the Opportunity Shop, which was run (I think) by the American Association of University Women local chapter. He was a folkie, played in a...
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    Re: "Refurbished Gibson"

    Listing's been revised to take out "Gibson" -- which might mean no deception was intended, the seller just thought Hummingbird = Gibson and, when told otherwise, corrected the ad.

    On the other...
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    Re: Gibson "F-3"

    Saw him in Cambridge MA in 1965; band was called Banana & the Trolls. He had one of those little troll kewpie dolls on the headstock of his guitar.
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    Re: Disappointment

    Now if the wood could speak, it'd say, "Thank you, Ranger Bob!"
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    Re: Resonator mandolin repair

    I have a Dobro mandolin, '30's vintage, that needed and got a neck re-set right after I acquired it. My repair tech, Dave Stutzman of Stutzman's Guitar Center in Rochester, said that the neck block...
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    Re: Fan-fret mandocello build

    tonydxn, let me suggest that you might want to discuss your project with Bernie Lehmann here in Rochester. He made me a fan-fret, five-course mandolin/dola that came out very well. Like you, he...
  10. Re: Add pick-up and strap to old Gibson C-1

    Thanx for the correction. I wasn't sure, Googled some C-1 pix, and saw what looked like an end pin in one of the shots..

    Could have been an aftermarket installation, or maybe, since the pic was a...
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    Re: We Honor Your Service

    I'm of an age to remember when the experience of military service was much more widespread among the (male) US population. I was drafted in the fall of 1965, served two years in an infantry company...
  12. Re: Add pick-up and strap to old Gibson C-1

    If you don't want to mic the mandolin, there are stick-on piezo pickups that don't involve drilling into it. Here's a Schatten for $140, though you may find you'd like to add an additional pre-amp....
  13. Thread: Framus

    by allenhopkins

    Re: Framus

    OK guys, check [a] the original date of this thread, and [b] Post #12, which summarizes the history of Sass and the Framus since 2009. Sass doesn't own it any more, its whereabouts are unknown, and...
  14. Re: Pono UL4-10 baritone uke/tenor guitar - intonation issues

    Intonation can vary with the diameter and composition of the strings you use. If the instrument's designed to be tuned one way, and you put different strings on it and tune it differently, you may...
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    Re: What's taking you so long in there?

    Remembering a long-ago 60 Minutes interview with Whoopi Goldberg, where she told the interviewer she was learning to play the hammered dulcimer (really!). Ms. Goldberg said she'd set up the dulcimer...
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    Re: Loar LM110A Mandolin Question

    "Whole house" humidifiers and dehumidifiers definitely have their roles, but it's important to check humidity levels in the place where the instrument's kept -- even within its case, if practicable. ...
  17. Re: 1939 Regal Custom Mandolin- Carved Top- Two Point- Oval Hole

    When I do most of my solo gigs, two of the three instruments I take are Regals: an eight string tenor ukulele ("taropatch") from the 1930's, and a flat-head resonator banjo, also '30's, with an...
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    Re: Suzuki Mandolin

    You got a deal. Can't go wrong for $50.
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    Re: just say no to a lone star

    Only seven years before this thread was started...
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    Re: 1925 Martin AK Mandolin

    Wasn't the AK all koa wood?
  21. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Remember that the introduction of the "long neck" F-5 didn't change the mandolin's scale length; the bridge just moved closer to the neck, more centered on the mandolin's body. Distance from nut to...
  22. Re: Gibson 5-string mandolin oddity on eBay

    I have both a c. 1900 Pollman "Mandoline Banjo" and a modern Gold Tone "banjola," both mandola bodies with five-string banjo necks. Difference from this one is that this is a carved Gibson mandola...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    The reaction to Ivan's death, underlines the fact that we really are friends here. A tribute to the nature of this site, the thoughtful way in which it's administered, and the general bond among...
  24. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    Most of my gigs are done with guitar, five-string banjo, ukulele and harmonicas. When I go to sing-arounds or jams, I usually bring mandolin and/or mandola (the latter more frequently recently),...
  25. Re: Gibson 5-string mandolin oddity on eBay

    Amazing -- like the Pollman instruments but with a carved-top mandola body. What does the label say, if anything? It's the "lyre" label which would make it early (Gruhn says 1902-08), assuming that...
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