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    Re: Piece in lute style
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    Piece in lute style

    for the mandolin.

    I play this on a Brescian "Cremonese" mandolin, made by Albert & Müller in 2008, that I have tuned down to approximatly E for a bit richer sound. Of course I could have used...
  3. Sitting and listening: Trio Vesuvio - Ballabili Italiani

    This LP was probably recorded in the mid to late 50s and was released on the tiny Edgina label, and likely distributed out of Rossi's shop in Little Italy. Most Edgina records I've seen are of...
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    Walsh, Forty Select Duets

    Some time ago I noticed a volume published by John Walsh in London from 1757 which mentions the "mandelin" as an alternative instrument (likely the volume was intended mainly for the English guittar,...
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    Purcell: The Golden Sonata (Z. 810)

    Henry Purcell (1659-95): The Golden Sonata (Sonata No. 9 in F Major, Z. 810)
    1. Largo - 0:00
    2. Adagio - 1:50

    These are the opening two movements of Purcell's "Golden Sonata". This trio sonata...
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    Re: Work done on the Rybka mandola

    The Great Grand nephew of Joseph Rybka auctioned this mandola and I stepped up.... I have been in contact with him since the auction, and he was most pleased that it went to someone who loves old...
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    Duetto Op 38 No 1 by James Hook

    First of a set of 6 duetts for cellos transcribed and transposed to be played on two mandolins (or mandolin and mandola as in this recording)

    In two movements -

    Allegro ma non troppo
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    Re: Work done on the Rybka mandola

    After a day or so of string tension I checked the neck for straightness and found that some bow had pulled into it. The truss rod easily adjusted it straight, and I was able to adjust it for a slight...
  9. Concerto Grosso In Em by William Boyce 1710-1779

    Concerto Grosso for 3 soloists and string orchestra, transcribed for mandolin orchestra of

    Solo -

    Mandolin I concertante
    Mandolin II concertante
    Mandocello (or guitar)

    Orchestra -
  10. J.S. Bach: Bourrée from French Suite #6 (BWV 817)

    Johann Sebastian Bach: French Suite No. 6 in E Major (BWV 817)
    6. Bourrée

    This is the Bourrée from J.S. Bach's French Suite No. 6, played as a duet on mandolin and tenor guitar (in GDAE). The...
  11. Jazz improvising using thirds on dominant seventh chords

    Just posted a video on this topic for those looking for some Jazz improv information. Hope it helps.
  12. Re: My exxperience with TI Flat wounds and Blue Chip picks

    No. I there are few that like it. I should try it. I have kept my RM-1 with the John Pearse 2100M silvered steel bronze wound. I really like the wrangle jangle they provide. Has the jolly character I...
  13. Re: My exxperience with TI Flat wounds and Blue Chip picks

    I think of strings as more of a commodity than picks. I don't have to change my picks regularly, and I never lose them. Cost is more of an issue with strings, as it adds up over time.

    But my...
  14. Re: My exxperience with TI Flat wounds and Blue Chip picks

    Things of quality are a joy.

    Currently i have starks on my Brentrup, mittles on my fern.

    I enjoy the ease of play, balanced tone, tuning stability, and, ability to withstand tuning changes (get...
  15. Re: My exxperience with TI Flat wounds and Blue Chip picks

    I agree. While TIs are still more expensive even when you factor in multiple string changes for phosphor-bronze strings, it is worth the extra cost to me. I have played a lot of hours on my current...
  16. Italian mazurka: "Amore è follia" (1919)

    G. Caropresi (arr. Luigi Canoro): "Amore è follia" - Mazurka
    Published in New York by O. Di Bella, 1919

    This is an Italian-American mazurka, written for the Italian dance band circuit of the...
  17. Vivaldi: Largo from Spring -- The Four Seasons

    Antonio Vivaldi: Le quattro stagioni - Primavera (The Four Seasons - Spring), Op. 8 RV 269
    2. Largo

    This is the Largo from Vivaldi's Spring concerto, played on three mandolins and mandola. I'm...
  18. Re: "The Greatest Mandolin Performance Ever"

    For something quite different, let's not forget the late Indian musician U Srinivas.
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    Re: "The Greatest Mandolin Performance Ever"

    Here's a favorite of mine:

  20. Telemann: Concerto for 4 violins (TWV 40:201)

    Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767): Concerto à 4 violini No. 1 (TWV 40:201)
    1. Largo e staccato

    This is the opening largo from Telemann's Concerto For 4 Violins in G Major, played on four...
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    Re: Calabrese 'folk' tunes

    I ave played a Tarantella Calabrese some time ago:
    you ca get the sheet music for two mandolins for free at musicaneo
    Tarantella Calabrese
    but you can also find the...
  22. Oscar Straus (1907): "Ein Walzertraum", Viennese waltz

    Oscar Straus (1870-1954): Ein Walzertraum (A Waltz Dream)
    Mandolin arrangement by Luigi Canoro, c. 1920
    Published by Di Bella Music, New York

    Oscar Straus was a Viennese composer of operettas...
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    Re: Date of Monzino Lombardic (Milanese) mandolin

    Oh dear - I suppose I should have known someone would say that. OK here's a link to me trying to play a simple tune:
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    Re: Date of Monzino Lombardic (Milanese) mandolin

    Update: I contacted Aquila Corde in Italy and they worked out string gauges for me. They recommended these strings: 145D 108D 88NNG 66NNG 52NNG 42NNG. These are Nylgut strings, for the traditional...
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    The Great Scottish Composers

    I have compiled a small booklet looking at twelve different Scottish composers from the past 300 years, giving musical examples and a brief biography of each. I have chosen musicians who have,...
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